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  1. do you know how expensive it is to make that thing? i dont play pvp but this is a break down of the resources. hell no wonder its powerful i would expect so too for what it costs .... tek is end game its meant to be powerful be no point making it otherwise .... 455 × Polymer, Organic Polymer, or Corrupted Nodule 2350 × Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot 325 × Crystal 75 × Element 185 × Black Pearl
  2. the best way to deal with this is ask people on the server to help if they can kill it BUT before you do ask them to wait 15 minutes so the offline protection kicks in if anyone is upto the job .... lol. other than that idk
  3. i hope you didnt fight it lol 600 health is not even close to enough the melee sure a rex is your best bet the dilos would die probably
  4. funny because valguero got brighter .... also they raptored up the temperatures too on the map flying along randomly you get the flame on the right of the screen as if your in scorched earth lol ....
  5. cannot retrieve address again .... raptor me this again 2 days in a row what the hells going on? and all xbox core services are running properly or as normal .... i checked to be sure. so what now wildcard? honestly
  6. yep broke again .... raptor me lol. same issue cannot retrieve address
  7. oh well thats a good change. doesnt explain then if the other person killing the titan and some how it murdered his dinos so ive clue. wouldnt surprise me if a patch did break that. atm ark is a mess since this recent update
  8. its been like that since the beginning .... a titan will stomp the hell out of your dinos regardless of who attacks it .... the guy clearly knew what he was doing or idk .... 3 years back we was offline legacy days or before that someone dragged a titan through our base aggroed it and it killed everything .... was not fun. you need behemoths to keep a titan out
  9. yep but in my case removed from inventory ones bred from an egg .... annoying considering they was boss rexes ....failed to spawn never had that
  10. well the game in its current state is raptored .... extinction no osds no veins invisible corrupted dinos .... parts of bases not snapping properly from what i was reading. being unable to level i was 104 i had to mind wipe i lost 3 levels. probably other issues ive not encountered. so all in all the game atm is a raptorfest ... doesnt give me much hype or hope or faith for genesis .... after how they managed to botch this from the wonderland event smh
  11. yep i mindwiped it pushed me back 3 levels to 101. not to mention it reset my extinction engrams to craft element .... from unstable. so need to go back over their. literally no point though as corrupted dinos are invisible they are working on a fix but no osds .... or veins. always something with this game lol. its like raptor
  12. levelling broken so since the winter wonderland event i have been stuck at level 104. gaining no xp .... i read someone telling me i had to mind wipe. surely that cant be right?? and a patch should resolve the issue anyone got any insight or ideas??
  13. hmmm idk tbh. i was going to build on extinction for drops etc but no point now as the map is broken lol
  14. up for 30 hours damn ... yeah take a break and if you just keep getting wiped like that id try pve .... yeah i would not want to put up with or deal with that. pointless pvp seems like if you just get wrecked constantly
  15. think you need to take a break for a little bit get some fresh air .... wind down abit. if its that stressful pve might be the way forward. no game is worth such anger or irritation
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