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  1. yep happened to me when i was dismounted from my giga and it auto podded destroyed my gigas inventory my ascendant flak armour and my bog spider fun times .... luckily didnt lose anything else too valuable
  2. that is absolutely dumb get stuck in a bunch of mantas anyway they will mess up your day. raptor you up ... lol target riders yeah and get dced under the sea because we all know it happens regardless of the mount you are on. yeah they implement this and you and everyone else would be pissed off and never step foot in the ocean because of a broken mechanic. if this happened with the mantas you would be dead almost in an instant in the ocean. theirs challenging and flat out dumb and broken and this is one of those that is a dumb idea. that is all. before you have time to react what was you think
  3. this. i agree with this also on teleporting into the map. i just wish she would stfu ... lol. i remember in the beginning of genesis this intro would get you murdered. so all in all. stupid intro lets hope they do not implement this into genesis 2.0 and they learned. wont hold my breath but can hope. right? lol ....
  4. can confirm deinos are the way forward i had never done this fight and i was lucky too get a free spot and a deino lent too me made a tribe allied up. the fight was over in less than 5 minutes it was a massacre combined with yuti buff lol plus a daedon for healing the dragon stood no chance!! hands down i dont think anything compares too the deinos for this fight at least
  5. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/categories/202563177-Report-Abuse submit a request but i wouldnt hold my breath. good luck
  6. playing abberation got dashboarded. ie game crashed. log back in jump on drake blood spurting from my drake flying off animation trying to attack back. being hit by a basically invisible ravager while the server registers me being hit by it but me not doing any damage back or able to hit like it was invisible by the time the server caught up half health on the drake just another day in ark .... bring an ally from another server over to come to my little outpost to make metal runs easier for us both to get and farm ..... gets dashboarded too not so far from my base. so strip his body of all gea
  7. good stuff im lucky ive not hit any antimesh false positive yet .... but it will probably happen down the line and il be like well $hit lol
  8. post it their screenshot etc or info from the tribe log
  9. hmmm i just logged off a valguero server im on was no issues plus travelled between a few other servers
  10. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform make an outage report its probably all you can do really
  11. same on all servers ..... raptored up again. something always breaks with this game
  12. well. i already refunded genesis season pass and so did another tribe member. if most people did the same. talked with their wallets wildcard might communicate more or think oh poop people are refunding instead of all these raptor ups .... every time a patch with an event is released seems they broke it the turkey event and now this
  13. still thats bs 5 minutes on top of the timer for items in your inventory .... sigh smh
  14. raptoring clowns .... they really did this? what about when we get dced constantly and need to relog oh five minute timer? man 2 steps back i swear with these updates
  15. i remember 3 years ago they was on scorched earth and the island so they will be on valguero too? wouldnt make sense if they wasnt
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