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  1. you are trying to play on eu servers what do you expect? pick a north american server it will say NA. ark lags anyway no matter what might just be the servers your on idk
  2. i imagine it went something like this. people flag spammed the map and claimed the land as they came across it as they saw fit?? .... i never played atlas let alone watched any game play. but i picture it like pillar spam in my head. so no thank you lol
  3. this sucks but next time go to the shore put all your stuff into your tames inventory and on login next time doubt it will save you but could spam b it might. or wear tek suit for when or if you fall from the sky. i know you shouldnt have to but in ark to prevent things like that on extinction for example you have too.
  4. you forget people play pve as well. also its been out on pc for years. the odds of them changing this probably next to none. so i dont think they should change this as it affects pve when it comes out i doubt most people me being one of them want some little tunnel ....
  5. servers having issues constant rubber banding trying to fix it so i relog then it too tell me character is still connected but it isnt. struggling too transfer my allies having the same issue or people i play ark with having it too. i gave up trying to raise my squids because of the rubber banding. anyone else having these problems?
  6. yep happened to me when i was dismounted from my giga and it auto podded destroyed my gigas inventory my ascendant flak armour and my bog spider fun times .... luckily didnt lose anything else too valuable
  7. well. im from the beta days when cryopods wasnt a thing having to trek all the way from the snow on the island with my newly tamed mammoth when i had no flyer with my rex behind me and the cold almost killed me only thing that saved me was an egg i picked up and ate it ... lol. the point is ark was far too time consuming no joke you couldnt even rest properly imprint every 4 hours for wyverns. the rates was crap it was a literal grind fest. i dont mind a challenge but that was the equivalent of a full time job when its meant to be a game know what i mean? lol .... me i prefer to do boss fights
  8. nobody wants their newly tamed dino rex or not to start eating their other tames ... DILO lol. we play pve for a reason. that would be unhealthy for the game and overall community. be more careful with op flyers? its pve .... the casual mode not a hardcore game if you want hardcore then play pvp. or go play genesis with literally no flyers they introduced it in that map. sounds like you want them to strip it down too barebones and have not much variety. the wikis having all the info is because the games been out for years what else do you expect? im from the beta days plus most caves tend to b
  9. in all layers. they cant do that. because the map is literally a layer of mesh water and some times due to how the terrain is weird even clip into the map slightly and it would kill your tame or go near an area and you. what happens when you clip into a part of the map by accident and or even slightly touch it constantly killing you? and everyone else think about it .... or you get pushed about by dinosaurs etc trying to get back on your tame and get pushed even abit under. arks too buggy to have mesh layers on every bit .... in my opinion anyway
  10. all pin locked? maybe someone guessed them no other way i think someone could get in them randomly. moral or lesson of the story dont randomly pin lock them. if you think it wasnt an inside job
  11. make an outage report https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform good luck hopefully back up sooner than later
  12. inside a building or outside? if outside maybe someone guessed the pin? either that or someone in your tribe is robbing you. and what do you mean admin abuse you on official server or unofficial?
  13. that is absolutely dumb get stuck in a bunch of mantas anyway they will mess up your day. raptor you up ... lol target riders yeah and get dced under the sea because we all know it happens regardless of the mount you are on. yeah they implement this and you and everyone else would be pissed off and never step foot in the ocean because of a broken mechanic. if this happened with the mantas you would be dead almost in an instant in the ocean. theirs challenging and flat out dumb and broken and this is one of those that is a dumb idea. that is all. before you have time to react what was you think
  14. this. i agree with this also on teleporting into the map. i just wish she would stfu ... lol. i remember in the beginning of genesis this intro would get you murdered. so all in all. stupid intro lets hope they do not implement this into genesis 2.0 and they learned. wont hold my breath but can hope. right? lol ....
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