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  1. ark cluster

    can anyone explain how to do this on ps4 to enable the cluster im clueless tbh with this
  2. i dont understand why this happens if i get hit instead of defending me when on neutral. they seem to fly off miles away instead of staying to defend me this makes no sense in no way should the wyvern be flying away miles when i get hit instead of defending. this has resulted in people on my server losing their wyverns. luckily im on a dedicated unofficial so i can get them some more no problem. but do i want to have to go out of my way doing this no. next time they will have trackers they make. but this should not be an issue in the first place @Jat them flying away for no reason. any feedback or anything on whats going on why this is happening?
  3. backing up server

    ok so if i want to switch to ragnarok will it automatically back up the island and all dinos bases storage etc etc. without over writing so if i reverted back to the island the save state would be the same? i do not want to lose all progress of building tames nor will my tribe members on the server either. any ideas anyone?
  4. this is no truer statement the whales are beyond stupid. heres a prime example. minus all the lag and crashes or roll backs from official servers. this just added to the icing on the cake. tribe member casually going through the ocean on his raft. what comes along like jaws dun dun dun. oh the lovely big prick of a whale. destroys his raft. guess what? he quit that server came on to my dedicated lol. thats how laughable the whales are to drive someone to quit an official server and the other issues.... so yeah they do need to fix the whale or change something. i remember i was on a pc dedicated it wrecked my raft in 2 hits lol .... so yeah they need an overhaul a rework these things. so nitrado get wildcard to change something for us on dedicated servers please and thanks
  5. press start and then press L1 R1 triangle square together i forgot this as well
  6. Wild titans

    yeah on aggressive they attack anything. its in the name aggressive lol. not going to be placid and sit their and be like oh hello titan im on aggressive but i wont bite you or hit you
  7. is it just me or is command logging no longer working? on my own dedicated server i cant enter commands any more or even input the password to login
  8. one thing i think we should not have to do to enable cluster is disable the password. i have this on to prevent people building who i dont know or causing chaos on my server. if i turn off the password to do exchanges with the cluster then surely i risk this happening. i dont want to deal with griefers or trolls or unwanted people on my server
  9. you would have to create a cluster. but to use the cluster the password has to be turned off according to the general settings of the nitrado control panel. i dont know all the details but then you can switch between maps with your current character or dinos i think
  10. PS4 kill lag

    it will get worse. it certainly wont get any better .... this is why alot of people resort to renting their own servers. im one of them. the lags atrocious on officials
  11. Unlimited respecs

    ah i know how to make a mindwipe but if it doesnt work well then thats just stupid lol
  12. Unlimited respecs

    i have it ticked as well im pretty sure this doesnt work but i dont even know how to activate it truth be said but in game i havent seen an option anywhere
  13. lag LAG on ALL servers

    yep it is bliss but i do like the public side of it as well. example i helped someone earlier on officials they was near my base i logged in he was taming a raptor and a trike dropped him some meat and berries. i only logged into feed my dinos because the lag was that bad. so did that logged out. i had little interest as well idk why. people would have free reign to build where they want as long as not blocking spawns or drops etc or caves. but its whatever. yeah the connection is atrocious it makes my blood boil. someone i play with in our tribe got kicked five times while i was on my dedicated. we didnt get kicked once. oh good god the lag from the bats etc would kill you on an official. i remember way back it was laggy. i wouldnt attempt it lol. or you rubber band back to where you started from fall off an edge in the cave no thanks
  14. lag LAG on ALL servers

    i learned one thing about official servers. i think that they can not handle so many bases or a count over 30 past a certain point. another possible issue is they never restart the servers every so often. that could help alot. i rented a server 10 man slot currently 1 and me other play on it. ive built a minor base atm. more people hopefully will be joining. but the ping is 20!!! it even goes too 19. it made me question where in the hell the servers are located for the ping to get this high. i learned way back a year ago. official servers will never be lag free. and if they do then il bow my head or cap too wildcard but i wont hold my breath.
  15. yeah you are right i added one in it doesnt show up when i login or anyone else for that matter