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  1. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us make a ticket and good luck submit request at the top
  2. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/categories/202563177-Report-Abuse pretty sure this is where good luck. you will need it hopefully they can or do help! or here then the category that pertains to you https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us click submit a request at the top on either of the links
  3. yep didnt think about that. thats a thing too? even with offline protection? smh lol honestly
  4. how high up is this ocean platform which map genesis?? doesnt make sense as offline protection kicks in instantly now 10 seconds. theirs no way they could die that quickly unless they fell through the platform rendering issue? i suppose the lesson of this as much as it sucks 1 make a ticket and 2 cryopod your dinos in future especially if on an ocean platform?? i dont have much experience with genesis or being on an ocean platform. also you on pve or pvp?
  5. well when offline im pretty sure they go into offline protection now within 10 seconds?? so im told and how high up is this platform? also got any allies because allies with whips can whip your dinos not saying its them or they would do that but other than that ive no clue. who knows in this game or ark ....
  6. all servers down?!! or issues? well this is not good could not retrieve address and someone from my server tried others same issue. also apparently server just came back up anyone else had this issue got disconnected then could not get back in??
  7. submit a ticket this is happening too on the valguero server i play on as well .... seems a common thing or that came from this patch .... good job lol.
  8. yeah its stilll the same gotta fly right up their i found that out during a fight i was invited to join in on the team and we all held off till everyone was close enough for it
  9. yep same ... went to go place a transmitter definitely isnt happening
  10. your damn right the part that baffles me the most is it says the bog is easy lmao! anyway safe to say i stay away from the bog now ... lol
  11. yep i had tamed a berry gatherer .... i tpd back to the bog it didnt end well. it was cryoed in my inventory i was mauled and murdered by a wild pack of raptors this is pve btw i couldnt get back to my bag due to it spawned me in a random spot so i took the loss. but this due to loading in before i can even move and just be murdered is dumb as anything beyond me. its stupid because our spawn points literally share the raptoring dino spawn points it seems like! cant do anything as the server and console is loading in except be mauled. also another quality of life thing needs to happen hlna allow us to teleport to our bed without dropping our gear in our base for some protection and extra safety. least i can transition into my own base without being mauled lol .... im sure alot of people will agree a quality of life thing
  12. yeah that explains it im abandoning the bog .... just make weapons and stuff their. move to the volcano then other places. its insane or insanity and i went to the volcano and it was safer than the bog lmao!
  13. crop plots not producing crops so i placed some crop plots to grow narcoberries mejos etc and they was seedling then the plots wasnt seeded ... tried a few times same result im not the only one who had this problem so it seems crop plots are bugged .... so basically unable to have berries for easier taming or possibly make kibble
  14. oh the experience of this map well where to begin? so il start off with the bog .... categorised as .... "easy" i mean raptor me. no offence or disrespect to wildcard or anyone but do you even know what easy is or means? example kaprosuches sarcos baryonx constant swarms x raptors i have well had its dead now a 200 plus x raptor and some how a level 15 or 85 was able to do mass damage even though i checked the stats with the hlna i scanned it with what i was fighting. and its stats was way lower than mine. dragged off my raptor by a kaprosuchus another one drags my raptor away into the path of a paracerethium obviously their is nothing i can do about this. so a hatchet or a metal pick can do more damage than my pike ... and kill it. pike is useless. its as if all the damage of wild dinos vs tamed is too high based on the actual values listed? and to top it off a sarco able to clip its way through my stone walls damaging my fabricator bare in mind this is a level 150 sarco. someone tried to help me pike it i tried to crossbow it. plus i had knocked out a stego and it was in the mission area. now its beyond me why you cannot place spikes round your tame too protect it in this area?? 70% tame a sarco comes along and eats it. great job all because im unable to put spikes round to protect it .... this map is really not suited to solo players. if the bog is designed to be well "easy" then holy poop. make it abit easier because it sure as hell is false advertising or misleading at the very least. if you are a solo player well good luck getting by. also another thing the mission areas transitioning like loading. sometimes im being chased by a dino and due to transition lag i clip into the dinosaur. i was enjoying it at first but now after this no just leaves a sourt taste and pure utter irritation and anger the constant bug swarms. im not expecting an easy ride .... but to be royally raptored at every turn in a zone thats suppose to be easy ... no. and yep im tired and pretty irritable after grinding it out. so thats me done for a couple of days because as a person solo to die this many times too such bs its intolerable. even back in the days of the beta i didnt die this much. ive died well over 50 times and im a level 61 from a level 1 with 300 plus hp and quite abit of melee and i still can do very little the overall scaling of wild dinos damage is insanity. this is more me venting to how botched this feels and the lack of balance to fending off swarms and teleport to a random area you are frozen most of the time and you end up dead to something you cant even see .... lol. i have to vent my frustrations and then the release of tames but unable to be flown but to be enabled on unofficial that people can use flyers. the bog aka the easy area needs some fine tuning not to be such a stupid difficulty. unless you are a team of even 2 or five you literally get royally raptored being a solo player. all in all i feel so far its not suited for a solo experience and ive played since the very beginning of ark. thats my opinion or piece on this map or release
  15. genesis wild dinos inflicting more damage than they should?? so i tamed a raptor it came out at 191 has now 300 melee about 1000 hp cant even kill a baronyx level 25. tried kill a frog nope .... a level 130 ran off so it could not lick or torpor it too unconsciousness this has to be a bug surely on the damage multipliers?? lol
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