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  1. it gets old hearing that its just an alpha. they released a dlc. its not an alpha any more ffs lol. you need to get this through your head they released a dlc its not a raptoring alpha. dont like my opinion well tough luck. i do not have to get anything through my head.
  2. do you even test this crap? clearly not you would of been aware if you did .... lucky i play on a server owned by someone. for those who dont its a shame. i didnt in the past. you people need to test things better because you could not of missed this other wise wild card staff
  3. lol how does doing that solve anything? wiping new players? assigning servers. no matter how you do this ark will still go on people will go on to play the devs will keep tweaking the flyers. your just a moron and thats putting it lightly on what i wanted to say. but your not worth it. your just a small bit of nothing trying to be tough on the internet because your annoyed with the nerf. im not impressed either but wiping people being a bully solves and changes nothing lol
  4. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    ok fair enough lol. my bad
  5. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    are you dumb. you must be. how do more nerfs improve morale? lol. they bring morale down facepalm
  6. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    no it wasnt. to you maybe in my opinion it was plain stupid and not needed
  7. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    so essentially they get a slight buff. end result still being slow as hell. if this is not the final pass. why the hell did you mess with it in the first place? beyond raptoring stupid. might as well have left it how it was. because what putting yourself through all this work. and oh pissing off the playerbase by such an stupid nerf. birds with big wing span wait for it .... should be able to fly fast especially wyverns. due to massive muscle strength
  8. this was stupid and unneeded. it makes the game more of a chore than fun. i can get around the island on some land dinos sprinting faster than i can on a bird. or quetz etc. the saying goes if it isnt broke dont fix it. but i forget humanity like to meddle and mess with anything "because they can" sure its just a game but what harm did this do to anyone? it didnt. and devs who do this for their own satisfaction not for the community. tons of people are against this. anyway. this threads pointless till things are reverted. we can debate it till the cows come home .... give us the ability to add movement speed. not raptoring locking it restricting us from freedom in the game. also add it into unofficial servers dedicated ones to have normal flying speed. and i dont care if peoples views are different. its called an opinion dont like it. well tough luck
  9. rafts and the new WHALE!!

    now i saw the trailer with this new whale that comes to the surface and bam destroys rafts what appear to be made out wood. so my tribe member builds a raft i help him get the resources a nice little house made out of stone not wood. the whale ignores the stone structures strength ONLY! in 3 hits the raft is nothing the base comes crumbling down. @Jat @Jen who in their right mind thought this was viable? so you build a base on a raft. and it the values added to the whale. it does not account for the structure only the raft gets hit. the rafts need a strength added to the health. and their was no way to out run this whale. i turned hard left to try out circle it nope. safe to say the raft got raptored. im just glad their was nothing valuable on board artifacts etc. after it destroyed the raft and base sunk to the bottom of the ocean. the whale went on its merry way back to the bottom no interest in us whatsoever. so it seems nothing can withstand this monster of a whale. im sure even metal would not. because it does not detect the structure. some feed back or a response would be great on this subject. because the resort of us using the raft was to use it ding ding ding! .... wait for it. because oh flyers got ruined. and now you add in an unstoppable whale raft destroying machine that is unescapable great job wildcard yet again! you really have out done yourself this time i mean not only did you do this. a person created an actual mod oh guess what to revert flyers back to their original status. because you as usual. cant stop messing with what isnt broken. ridiculous. it is annoying all of this and ruining the experience for me and im sure many others of the ark community. good day. and resolve this issue or change how the whale mechanics work or give the raft a damn buff in health or to count the structure when being hit not just the raft on its own
  10. tribe log not recording any data

    ok so since the new update when i logged in the tribe log had nothing stored in it since ive destroyed things died. tribe member has died the log is not recording anything so im assuming this is a bug or glitch that needs fixing. i play on a private server owned by someone with mods running only 2 as far as im aware. anyone else having this issue?
  11. Everything You Want To Know About v256!

    this flyer nerf was the dumbest thing i have ever seen. they are meant to be raptoring dinosaurs. not weak piss ants. where in the hell do you think this is viable do you even play your game properly @Jat also nerf on wyverns? ffs they are dragons meant to be powerful mythical beasts fly for miles with no issues. im sorry but you at wildcard make a great game but this is one moronic change that did not need to happen. for console sure. on pc i have not experienced crashes but i play on a private server someone owns. i can not speak for official servers. they are probably crap like xbox servers or ps4. but people do not want to spend forever getting across the map running out of stamina like that. a quetzal its sheer wing span would mean oh thats right way for it. massive long flights no need to stop and can hover due to its vacuum gliding capabilities. idiots smh. thats how i feel about this
  12. Priorities need changed

    its been like that since forever on xbox. i play pc now sometimes. but i told people ps4 would be no different. but hey people are blind. its the devs fault for poopty optimisation and inferior machines i suppose running the servers
  13. How to counter offline c4 raids?

    get the server owner to put on offline raid prevention? simple lol. if possible
  14. i warned people on ps4 this would happen. did they listen no. they instantly assumed oh ps4 because of its superior power will be a better fit. man this game does not run well on xbox pc or any platform. no matter the power of your rig. the servers are crap the machines they use. my advice if you can get a refund lol
  15. best way to kill Deathworms?

    giga or a wyvern make mincemeat of it but a wyvern will get hurt quite abit. a giga not so much lol. make sure the wyvern has at least more than 10 k health a rex i would not advise it you will be lucky if you win the fight.