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  1. Would love to see the pachy get buffed drastically, it should be bigger and able to carry more, the ram ability should be more like the rhino and it should be able to turn. I think the model is fine, it’s just so tiny!
  2. The TLC is looking great! I'd love to see the pachy changed to make it more useful (and bigger). Also still would love the swish-swish-swish on the terror bird to be removed...feathers just don't make that sound.
  3. Thanks for all the work you guys do! Love the new models, hopefully the raptor can get some new feathers instead of the plastic-looking ones. (A change to the terrorbird swish-swish sound would be nice).
  4. Built some ascendant saddles from a bp for my carnos that just grew up. Tamed a 150 beelzebufo, named him Moose, and 140 diplo that I lost ? He's still alive, I'll fine him later though. Now I'm working on leveling my megalanias!
  5. Looks great! I wonder if there will be non PvP uses for it, as a primarily single player these days I'm hoping we'll have some tougher enemies to use this on (aliens?) than just wild dinos.
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