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  1. You want to reduce in game lag on servers? The easiest thing you can do which would have the highest positive impact would be to implement an official Discord bot that would relay tribe logs and have customizable event alerts that could be added to any Discord server. That way people don't have to stay logged in, rendering huge bases, to stream logs.
  2. You might state in your original post so it's clear that you're referring to PC Small Tribes. 104 and 105 are also confirmed to be affected by this bug. It's not all Genesis servers. 92 is working normally. That's as far as I've tested.
  3. Yeah man, as far as I've been able to find it's the full range from 104 through 107. No word from anyone in the form of an email from my official report, reply to my tweets on Twitter nor reply to posts on these forums (aside from the volunteer mod moving posts and trying to explain why they did so). It's dark times we live in, for the world and apparently for information relaying.
  4. Yes sir. I do know about the official outage reporting link. The first thing I did was report it there. Look man, I'm well aware that arguing with you or anyone else on this forum is not going to help resolve anything. I just wanted to state my concerns. I don't want to waste any more of your time or mine so I'm going to drop it. Again, thanks for your reply.
  5. I don't agree with it being merged. The large majority of posts in this thread are reporting server outages or missing from lists. Don't get me wrong, I don't think my issue is any more important than the others. I do think however that it could easily get buried in this huge thread and might be overlooked when fixes go out. The fact that I haven't seen more than a handful of related posts across multiple different forums is really strange to me. Thank you for your reply tho.
  6. Why does my post keep getting merged in with this one and lost in the mix of it all? It's not a server outage.
  7. PC Small Tribes Genesis 104 through 107 transfers down I've only seen a few posts across this site and Reddit about this and I'm shocked a bigger deal hasn't been made about it. The issue is transfers on to and off of PC Small Tribes Genesis server 104 through 107 are broken right now and have been since around the Easter event update. The server is up and running just fine however if you try to transfer off you just get stating that upload failed. See image below. If you try to transfer to any of these servers you will get an error stating failed while downloading transferred character. Al
  8. I've got 2 tribemates stuck on PC Small Tribes Genesis 104 and they are unable to leave. I've tried transferring in and I thought I lost my character. I received an error upon transferring in and had to close the game to get back to the menu. When I joined the server again, I didn't have any characters in the "Download Survivor" screen and the button where "Cancel" usually is just says "Loading" then it errors out with "Failed to fetch your survivors list, please try again later." So I tried loading in to another server and my characters were there in the download list.
  9. Would you please help me out with an issue I'm having with the trade feedback system? When I create new feedback for someone, it will not accept the link I paste into the box.

    1. Chris


      You need to start typing the name of the tread and it will show up

    2. ltbosox


      Got it. Thank you sir for the reply.

  10. I took it like this at first but then read further and changed my mind. Can we get a confirmation on that?
  11. Excited like a mofo for this. Also kinda scared. I've been wondering what it would be like to have such easy access to other tames and items you can't get on Scorched. This opens up the literal world for adventures and hunting expeditions to gather resources to take home. Maybe it will also forge stronger alliances on our home ARKs considering entire other servers could come in and start attacking yours.
  12. Maybe delay the event across the board and quit widening this rift between PC and Xbox players. There's a thought.
  13. And there's the big let down I was waiting for. Not even an additional bonus for the Xbox players to make up for the loss. Great business move there.
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