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  1. Giga spawning command stupid question

    I've honestly never used quotation marks and it still spawns O_o was this changed recently?
  2. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will we ever see something worth collecting in events in the future again(which won't be impossible to gather for even the veterans, damn turkeys)? In the past we had skeleton costumes which doubled as a sacrifice for witch hats but most of those are now granted through achievements. Asking because I don't seem to have any real reason to play the Halloween event this year. The previous events we had to find the skeletons and kill to obtain them. We even had the Dodorex mask skin but that's also just an achievement item now. Make events worth playing again.
  3. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will a future ARK expansion ever change the way you play through ARK(lvl 1-30)? While every playthrough is different for every player we all still do the same thing, every time. Gather, gather, craft, craft, kill, kill, level up, repeat and mix in the odd tame here and there. You've already said many times NPCs will never be a thing in the game but going further and further into the franchise, I would really love to see a bigger focus on PvE. PvP will always find ways to utilize whatever items/structures you implement but there's never a full on focus for the PvE players(Ced mentioned this in an interview and how he would love for Wildcard to start focusing on it, for my exact same reasons. PvP will always happen in any game but PvE not so much). And yes, modders could probably do a quest system but it would better to have it implemented properly(not saying modders can't do it properly) so people could easily take and add quests wherever they'd please. Like the floating island addon you made. Easy to add to any existing map
  4. ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    Did any streamer end up killing the Reaper Queen?
  5. Definitely Not A Rant...

    It's never too late to ask for feedback During the very first stream with someone other than Jat and Jen, the streamer asked Jat a question and that was great feedback because it was about the Rock Drake's camo, how the agro should drop if the Drake went invisible after attacking something and it made perfect sense. Because in the demo the creatures went in a straight line for the invisible Drake. Something Wildcard hadn't considered and now got feedback on and they might end up implementing it into the game. "The devs don't seem to care" Evidence, please? Where is your proof that they aren't looking through bug reports and fixing what they can? "Where's your proof they are?" I don't have any but I'm not posting ridiculously stupid opinions on what I think the devs may or may not be doing.
  6. I want this so bad, but I can't pay $90 for shipping, that's just way too much
  7. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Any news on the early access launch dino TLC? Starting on it after Aberration launch? We won't mind hearing you haven't started yet but keeping us updated would be nice Loved the Saber TLC. Such an excellent job.
  8. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    A few digests back you said you would change the Dragon breath to not deal 20% of any hp pool. How's that change coming along?
  9. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    With the introduction of Tek you told us you wouldn't allow Tek to be used against the bosses as you didn't want us to be able to farm the bosses easily. When will this be enabled?
  10. v271.0 Boss Changes-What's the damage?

    Anyways with half a brain could spot a singleplayer setting server over an official setting server. Those Theris would be way beyond 20k HP and 400% melee if it was a singleplayer setting server. Going into singleplayer mode to imprint on my Rexes(instead of wasting a week), I get to see them at 38k HP when on my private server they only have 20k HP. Melee rises from 600(mutated) to 1000%. It's absurd how easy "easy mode" is, so stop trying to disprove this guy. This was done legitimately.
  11. ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    1. Unlike Scorched Earth, where we saw a whole lot of creatures from the Island, can we expect only to see new creatures on Aberration? While Scorched Earth was a great new experience it was kind of ruined by a lot familiarity showing up constantly through older creatures(they did fit, so I don't blame you for adding them). 2. The first Mysterious Mysteries reveal showed a creature traveling on a zipline. Does this mean more intelligent/advanced AI coming with Aberration? The Island and Scorched Earth AI seem to only have a couple of reactions to you. Passive, neutral, aggressive. There's a whole lot more to it than that but when the only form of aggression is a straight line charge towards you anything PvE related becomes a trivial challenge as anything can be kited(if you're fast enough).
  12. Oh look, another child complaining he didn't get the toy he wished for Christmas. Ungrateful. Don't like Tek? Go have fun with the toilet and play with poop. You've had all your low-mid tier content for years now. Why are you upset we, the people who actually care about the story, get endgame content which finally gives us story.
  13. ANKY ARMY for the win

    Let's not go overboard and praise it as the next holy savior because they will not do great against the higher difficulties. Trust me. The bosses weren't nerfed utterly into the ground after all. They were adjusted. Beta will still be a bigger challenge than the very easy Gamma mode and you won't even do half damage to her at Alpha level before your army is dead. Ankys have near the same damage as a Rex but more than half the rate of attack. That means the world in a boss fight. Let's just keep the meme going with Anky power at Gamma level but don't over do it and make it into a serious conversation in higher difficulties unless you of course provide the video proof. I shall bend the knee if that happens.
  14. Raiding is pointless now

    Ah yes, I remember last time they released the game and didn't do anything about the cheaters. Oh wait, that's never happened before.
  15. ARK Digest Q&A!

    In an E3 interview Cedric talked about how he would love to see the team focus more on PvE for the players. Is this shared opinion across the team? Will future expansion focus more on PvE team focused fun, instead of adding things which will only add to the PvP arsenal of things? Scorched Earth brought a new challenge with the map, sure, but nothing new in terms of tougher caves or a tougher boss(most tribes on SE farm the Manticore for easy Element, even if he's a very cool looking boss ) As Cedric said, PvP players will always just be PvP players and play with whatever the PvE players are getting. If you want to kill other players, you can always kill other players, but if you want to go and have more fun with PvE it's very limited.