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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Unless all major tribes use these hacks/exploits to stay far above the competition. In which case we won't do anything.
  2. "Although its movement speed is slower in a biped stance, it gains considerable attacking strength and mobility in this form." The Spino in quad form is already one of most mobile creatures in the game, climbing rocks with ease, so what do they mean by this sentence? It becomes slower but gains mobility.
  3. ARK Survival Evolved for Mobile!

    You know that "oh poop, they shouldn't have done this" face whenever someone does something they shouldn't have because they still have a lot of other things to fix first? I'm pretty sure all the people still defending Wildcard are making that face riiiight about now. Even if it's developed by War Drum Studios which I understand isn't taking away time from Wildcard fixing ARK but I'm sure somewhere, somehow it still is. At least it's resources going to a place where no one really expected ARK to ever go? It's free
  4. poll Favorite Mod Types

    Which option would Quest mods go under? The two quests mods I followed in the workshop both died months ago I'm not the best at making my own adventure by setting rules I simply don't follow(after starting over for the 10th time), so I'd love to be giving objectives or taken on an adventure. After exploring all the maps the adventure part of exploring is kind of gone for me.
  5. Great to see new additions to the team. Hoping to see you stick around more than Ced did. I know he got more work on his hands and couldn't keep making weekly mod spotlights, updates in the crunches and such but we really need this for ARK. A crunch with nothing but contests isn't much of a crunch.
  6. ARK Digest Q&A! (no longer accepting questions)

    Will we ever get a reason to fight bosses a lot? I understand element is a decent reward but how about better quality blueprints? High level blueprints for defeating the Alpha would be an amazing reason to fight them over and over. You know the same reason why people go for cave loot crates again and again. The hope for high level blueprint drops. Having to gather a bunch of small trophies just for element isn't really worth the time spent vs simply running caves. Currently the only real endgame content we have it breeding and cave running. But breeding is a bit dull(since it's so slow) and cave running can be optimised to a point where minimal bullets are spent. Bring more endgame content
  7. Atmospheric sound slider!!! Yes, please!! Been requesting that for ages now. I almost got happy about the dragon change but then I read it correctly. It's not the direct fire damage being the issue with that fight. It's the 20% fire DoT afterwards. 50% less on the direct fire damage won't change anything. Everything else just looks amazing! First pass on the Spino looks decent. I hope the final version won't have its patterns removed. I really love that about the Spino's colors. Oh and let it do a lot more damage when standing on two feet I remember when it first came out and it did more damage than a Rex. Cool times, not realistic but it was cool with an alternative source of damage on your team.
  8. What an utterly silly comment. 1. The Rex isn't on Aberration so you literally can't compare the two 2. Have you ever owned a 20/20 melee and 20/20 hp Rex? Doesn't sound like it. So maybe don't comment on it in the future, buddy The Rex is borderline broken with mutations. Hitting beyond 1k damage per bite if you focus melee more than hp.
  9. Who won the $2,000.00 prize money?

    Something like ARK would've never come from Blizzard. They lack imagination, creativity and they don't dare take risks on anything. There'd be zero GM issues if WC had Blizz money streaming out their butt
  10. ARK Digest Q&A! (no longer accepting questions)

    Are more sliders for several in-game effects and audio settings coming in the future? We've recently seen the Earthquake slider being changed because some people had seizures from the shaking but now because I don't play with large creature shaking footsteps I'm having zero earthquakes and it just seems like my server is lagging whenever an earthquake hits. So separate the earthquake shaking and footstep shaking sliders, please? It would also be amazing if we could have certain sounds like animal sounds and atmosphere sounds be on a separate audio sliders because right now you can only choose between ALL in-game sound effects on a single slider. The Spino, as an example, is insanely loud with its footsteps but if I turn down the footstep sound I lose all atmospheric sounds as well
  11. So about that Old Dino TLC pass...

    Sucks being utterly wrong, doesn't it?
  12. Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    Because we can't have awesome creatures without forcing them to handle us on their back? Riding the Titanboa looks ridiculous and stupid. Fine, most creatures are awesome to ride but I dislike this mentality, it's seen in every single youtuber. If it can't be ridden they almost get upset. You can see it coming up through the ground in that dossier piece. Of course you can't ride something like that.
  13. Giga spawning command stupid question

    I've honestly never used quotation marks and it still spawns O_o was this changed recently?
  14. ARK Digest Q&A! (no longer accepting questions)

    Will we ever see something worth collecting in events in the future again(which won't be impossible to gather for even the veterans, damn turkeys)? In the past we had skeleton costumes which doubled as a sacrifice for witch hats but most of those are now granted through achievements. Asking because I don't seem to have any real reason to play the Halloween event this year. The previous events we had to find the skeletons and kill to obtain them. We even had the Dodorex mask skin but that's also just an achievement item now. Make events worth playing again.