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  1. At least share a link to the creature submission pages. Went hunting for the winner and couldn't even see what won
  2. Why on Earth would you want us to submit real life creatures? Name a real life creature in Aberation, please. This is the chance people have to really go wild with their imagination instead of having to put roles onto an already existing animal. I hope you change your minds on this.
  3. Did you read it all? Modders can re-enable First Person mode Combat? Well, stick to dinos? XD ARK literally doesn't have any kind of combat. So if you can survive with what we have, you can survive this, I'm sure.
  4. A great day to be an ARK fan. So much information dropping. Thank you for not just doing the trailer but diving into a lot of the features involved in the sequel. Can't wait to play.
  5. The Switch version was garbo so they had to do something about it. Pretty impressive to see that they're putting this much effort into it and for free. The Switch deserves to get what its getting. Maybe the PC version will get a similar treatment but for now the Switch definitely deserved to be saved.
  6. Hahaha both of the trash creatures are being added XD First the meme monkey and now the YouTuber creature. No reason to play the new map when this is the creatures we get XD I would hate being the map dev if these were the creatures picked by the community to be added 🙄
  7. Did people truly believe Wildcard would just include everything in the fan made dossier? You voted for a creature, not its abilities and use. Hope you're happy about getting a pretty useless creature voted into ARK 😂 disables TEK = zero use for PvE and I bet majority voting were PvE players too 🤣
  8. Then put metal/tek armor on it. It'll look like what you put on it, you know? You don't see the Tek mannequin to the left? Or chitin to the right?
  9. If the next creature getting TLC isn't the Carno I'm having a hard time believing you looked at the community feedback for this TLC update 😐
  10. There are some amazing changes in there. The friendly flyer pick up priority is super nice. Picking up an Anky with the Argent won't be impossible anymore for quick metal harvesting
  11. Calling it now. This will be way too good for PvP combat and PvE players will suffer for it. It'll be nerfed into the ground, becoming another quite useless creature in the large catalog of creatures nobody bother using.
  12. I'm still baffled by how the early access version of Fear Evolved brought SO many cools things and during full release, we're seeing only a tiny amount of added items and emotes ? I know you're working hard on the next expansion but go out and ask for the great modders to help out if need be. You're already sponsoring mods, so why not sponsor modders to create great holiday event items and skins?
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