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  1. I think its refund time

    Anywhere you purchased the game it clearly stated what kind of project you were getting into. An Early Access, a preview version of the full game to come. And therefore, you agreed to all this. TADAAAA you don't have a case. Gotta love the law! <3
  2. You mean simply put more stuff on the Island? They've talked a bit about doing that but if you mean in the sense of, as an example, if SE was to come out now, it would just be added onto the Island like an Island to the West. Pretty sure that won't come because then you would HAVE to buy the expansion pack to get an expansion which is suddenly required to run the Island. I get your resource request but the other one is a bit hard to understand.
  3. Steam ARK Price Raises

    Same here. Running it since it was released. No crashes at all.
  4. You can't name any other social sites they're on
  5. It says after release. Or at least it was said by Jesse. There won't be a new DLC before release >_<
  6. Brushed under the rug? They openly admitted it to not be under development anymore.
  7. You don't have to buy it again. You get to keep playing it through Early Access into launch, like all other early access games.
  8. On the island, how did you miss them?
  9. Boss Element drop rate change!

    Alpha version still gives 74 Element.
  10. Where's Patch Notes for V258.7

    I went and tested the changes. God mode on myself, infinitestats on a Rex(so damage is still shown) floating damage numbers, and a magnifying glass
  11. Boss Arena Exploits

    Newest rebalance of Broodmother. Gamma version now has 500k instead of over a million HP. Her acid spit now does 285 damage per acid ball that hits you. Arena has been changed. No more trench. Pillars instead. Alpha version was buffed a bit. 1450 damage per spit instead of 1250. Still at 2.3 million HP every fight. The Gamma version is a lot more manageable for smaller tribes now. I brought 5 Rexes and a Yutyrannus, roaring from a distance all the time. Easily cleared her. If they had been ridden with imprinted riders the fight would've been over in no time. Hopefully this trend will carry over to the other bosses, so the Easy version will be doable for the little man and the Alphas will be for large tribes. And I have an exploit to report. The Dragon can walk straight through the only thing resembling cover. Freaking cheater!
  12. Where's Patch Notes for V258.7

    The notes have been added now The Broodmother got balanced some more. Gamma version has even less HP now. Good for starting tribes. 500k HP when I tested her just now. About 258 damage per acid spit hitting you. Alpha version has been buffed with 200 damage more per acid spit hitting you, so it's now 1450 instead of 1250. Been testing it out the last few days. Alpha version still has 2.3 million hp. The Arena has been streamlined. No more trench to get her stuck in. It's all very flat and has 5-6 pillars in a circle. I kind of like it more now.
  13. rebalancing bosses, but the damage has been done...

    They're not simply fixing exploits without making the bosses a bit more fair. I hope they know people used exploit not to cheese their way out of reasonable fight but rather cheesed the fights because they weren't very doable without wasting time and investment into them, even with a full tribe going in. The Broodmother has a lot less health now, especially on Hard, and even does a lot less damage. I beat the Gamma version with 5 Rexes just now, for a laugh, wanted to see if it was possible. Sent them in and did nothing but roar with my Yutyrannus until she was dead 10 minutes later. Each Rex had 26k HP, 680% melee, 100 armor saddle, if you're asking. As stated above, she's getting easier, not harder. New players will have it easier.
  14. ARK at E3 & Community Crunch 95!

    Primal Survival has been stopped development, that's the latest information we've received from Jen at least. They might continue development after release.