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  1. while still having a 12 hour cool down window before tribes can transfer again correct ? Also , Just throwing this out there.. 1.) I like the concept behind this , , I WISH it extended from pve to pvp and in and out of prim plus !!! ( Yes I know in that case it is a .. Never ever gonna happen many issues , engrams etc etc , But I have a dream!) 2.) In stead of a 12 hour cool down , maybe 48 or 72 hours ? again , I'm just throwing this out . Myself I play on pve these days ( Way less eastern troll problems ) perhaps it is the 12 hours that has the balk of my fellow testers worried ? come on guys , lend a comment here . 3.) Now here is where I make a LOT of people even my self kinda upset, The answer is not always " Just add more servers" Servers take more funding to run then you may think. Though they do not break the bank for 95% of us , people , We are talking about maintaining , (OVER .... 9000!!!!! lol had to get in a pun ) For real though , They are pushing close to 2000 ? GP correct me on this one, as I am only referring to the Xbox. Now Add in the OFFICIAL servers for pc Now ADD IN what they plan to launch with for play station. EVERY ONE OF YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BUY A TRIPPLE A 65$ TITLE ( BF, CoD , Battlefront , HomeFront, etc etc etc etc etc ) AND NOT BE ABLE TO LOG ONTO A SERVER SINCE THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SERVERS TO PLAYERS TO GO AROUND!! Sure we had a bumpy launch last year , but wildcard of all things has scored a 9.5 ( out of ten) ON HAVING ENOUGH SERVERS, It took them what .. less then a week? So No the answer is not more servers, I get on now .. and frankly . I would let the shoe drop . if servers did not maintain a player count above ... 25-30 ? for more then .... say 7 or 8 hours of peak region play time, that server would go yellow , Yellow means a server will be merged with another server " Attention players will will be moving you from X over to server X please gather everything you need and proceed to your closest obelisk , thank you , .. women and children first" and given I think 7 days is MORE then enough time , as in 7 days the players that are the core players that are on that server will learn of this and get on , and transfer to the asigned ( or another NON YELLOW, or red )server Servers that had less then 10 people would be marked red , and those servers would receive the same notice as the yellow , they would just filter to a different reuse. The yellow servers would be recycled and devided between all game formats ( NOT PLATFORMS, ) for use later down the road for .. cough SotF cough The red servers would become extinction servers.. Now I know that may sound horrible But THIS IS A BETA TEST ( Not Alpha)!!! I honestly expect there to be some form of a server cleanse, How else once the game goes to full launch and is in store shelves would ALL OF YOU feel about getting this amazing shinny brand new fresh out of the box game , only to log in online to find All these maps filled with clutter , empty bases , alpha tribes going around slaughtering all the new players to the game ? It would drive me insane. ( More then I already am ) Now looking at everyone's worry into this mix ( Now tac onto this roaming tribes server jumping on pvp , just clearing the map. every 12 hours.) granted that is pvp A longer window between transfers would alleviate this , Perhaps.. We already have enough issues on pvE with trolls building on resource spawns. Now I know this seems like a long read so far, to that , thank you to those that hung in there and read all of it. I think I hit on everything here at the moment again , these are just the ravings of a stressed mother and a devoted ark player. I have my best thoughts once , the kids , and husband are asleep. Once I stop listening to the voices in my head.
  2. what is hard to understand about both of them getting 33% off , I'm NOT talking about the market place price, I'm TALKING about the % off of the sale . How is this so hard to understand ? I don't care if it was 40 70 130 , So long as BOTH PORTS got 33% off the MARKET PRICE , ( which wildcard sets ). Yet so many of you just give them a blanket pass. Really ?
  3. captain , permission to come aboard ? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'll take one dozen please. They'll go great with my undersea city plans , OOoooooohhhhh I just had a thought .... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ok , Behemoth Gate into airlock channel , with an elevator!!!!! to raise and lower my Navy from my undersea city port. Come on tek tier Mama's got plans for you , you need to hurry up. " Do ye believe in ghosts ? , Well ye best start believing HAHAHAHAHAHA!! "
  4. First, I think it's great that Xbox is getting a sale to go along with Pc's Steam sale over Halloween , I'm sure a bunch of new players joined. I think there was a typo though , PC/steam SE was 33% off , I'm looking here and Xbox gold members ( 125$ a yr plus tax just for that btw's ,) And we are treated to 25% off This is a typo right ? You're going to show xbox players the same love at the same sale 33% discount right ? I know I'm a stickler about these things , but come on . you hype a sale that is not even the same discount you gave to pc ? I'm sure there is a reason behind the 8% . the core game alone is 34.99 on xbox and 29.99 on steam . and SE is 19.99 on both . So why does xbox only get 25% ? Don't get me wrong , I would love to tell people to buy the game , it's a great game . You guys have worked hard on it and it does show. I just think that Xbox Users should get the same sale discount % at the door. I have to really point that out people seem to confuse the Price tag for the Sale % discount for some reason . I am only questioning the Sale Percent discount.
  5. you know , I'm starting to think this new side of you is only to win me over .... again ... YOU ARE RIGHT .... sorry , I was carried away by that point . but yes . in fairness they are going to " be coming" or at least still on the proverbial stove. albeit , the burner is turned off LOL.
  6. thats your take away from this ? You clearly only play on the pc. If you play on the xbox what is your gamer tag and I'll add you. I'd love to have you buy me some things since if you are ok with this , you clearly love being taken for a ride. If not and you're only a pc player , that answers the fact of why care about another port. Also claiming you voted for trump , while saying it doesn't matter if they are treated equally. I would expect that out of the same mouth of " At this point why does it matter?"
  7. Here's the problem with your 'theory' , In order for them to "Charge " for the other 2 'dlc' They would have first had to restrict the mod from pc users for use. Second, purchase them "legally" ( I know something around here done legally, am i right, lol) from the modders, assuming ownership of said 'mods' . Then once they have coded them out of pc players being able to use them , having already downloaded them. Made them paid DLC for both pc and console users. Add fuel and watch both sides ( pc and xbox and now 'maybe*' PS ) of players go nuclear on wildcard. You say why ? Well the biggest is removing what was just made for all players by a mod'er that was intended to be free , being marketed. Though From the mod'er point of view, what would be a market price of said 'dlc' Well from Prim plus , I would recommend that ced get 50% of all gross sales from it. and that is more then fair since he did primitive plus add on's from the ground up. I would also say 50% of all gross sales from the Center also. Now you do the math, do you see that even being able to happen ? Logically no , you could not. between what it would cost them , also , once they own them all future work done on them is now on wildcard . Since they don't have very much on them already should be a breeze right ? Ark core island on pc xbox and now soon ps SotF on pc xbox and now soon ps SE on pc xbox and now soon ps Oh with their own primitive vrs. Sure I bet they couldn't wait to buy up primitive plus and the center to put under their belt for paid dlc. Since they have no problems keeping up with where they are at now. I'm not taking anything away from wildcard , Personally I feel with everything they have weighting on them that they do now, they are doing an amazing job. And I love the time I have spent on and played ark. All I'm saying is you could add some practical approach to your theories before running with them .
  8. @Jat @ARK @Jeremy Stieglitz Could you help me understand why PC got 33% off on steam for SE and xbox only gets a Max of 25% ? I know , what's 8% right ? well , it's the difference between pc getting 8% in thier favor. I know they always get things first , things are tested on PC first . How ever are Xbox buyers Not as valued ? That the sales market idea is to give pc a 33% off while the Console players get to pay for the slack ? I'm all ears , as to why console players do not get the same sale price, I already contacted microsoft and I quote " The sale of any item is left to the developer / publisher " So since you already said you did not want to hire a finance team. Whose brain child is this choice ? This is almost to much to stomach. Looking at this I am left wondering, why . Why do you continue to do this, I know that microsoft gets a taste , and Steam gets a taste of the profits , but lets be real just once , for just a second. At what point do you say that all players are equal no mater what port they play on ? I know xbox players can not submit mods and game work , ( the center , sotf , primitive plus , primal , etc etc etc etc etc ) that are viewed as a great thing to add to the games list of things to offer , so those modders are brought on. That does not mean that there are people that only purchased the console vrs , because they have no skills with pc's. It just means that it was their choice to play it on the console since that is what they decided to play it on. If by now you forgot why what I am asking , Why did pc players get 33% off and console players only receive 25%. That is a slap in the face to console players. I know this post is not going to make alot of people happy , which is why I have made copies of it, to post on other public forums, and youtube. I know I upset the status quo . How ever as a supporter of this game and a long time youtube advocate of ark , and wildcard. I Must question these things. Helogames and sean murray Burnt their players. Badly. Game developers these days , are all to often getting a pass at the expense of the players wallets. Sure it's the difference of 15$ over 12$ . The bigger picture is that at 100$'s it would mean 66$ over 75$. And if ANYONE says " It's just 8% they don'T have to discount it at all" , You are right, they don't . How ever, wars have been fought over these same issues. and that issue is equality. Console players Deserve to be treated just as well as pc players. and 25% on SE ... That speaks more then any tweet or reply to this post you can ever give. I am recording this post being made, If this post is struck down and removed, Rest assured I will be giving this video to , The AngryJoe Show, Who is 3 million strong on youtube should that happen. Why would you silence a conscience voice that speaks out when choices that are made, clearly show a bias view? Yes , I love the game , Yes I want to see it go all the way , Yes I play it more then I should. Yes As a console player and lover I want to be treated fairly. As a woman, I have seen my fill of bias in my work life. Why do I need to see it in home life ? The ball is in your court wildcard, give me something to believe in again. Also I am still looking forward to DLB's and my underwater city.
  9. @Jat Many thanks , Edited to reflect the start time , thanks for the 2x .. I know these things take time ,
  10. , ummm , not to be the " mud , that gets your stick stuck" But do you mean the same prim / prim plus that did not get the halloween event ? Yeah Halloween event was a blast if you played on the van island. How ever if we prefer the primitive plus play and direction , ( many do , hint hint that's why it was put out ) It also comes with a very very very very very steep cost. Event loss and that leaves players feeling and truly being left out in the cold. Personally I love the looks of it ( tek Tier ), and have resumed getting my official profile reactive on the "official" van island. ( lvl 97 btw ) I left it after learning that my oh so dreamed of titan would only live for 48 hours , ( Tribes have been known to build their main base on its back... smh really ? a 48 hour base, Great use of 6 days of grinding resources ) So I stopped playing , until I seen primitive plus as it offered more build options. With the center map , the island pales to stand up to it. My price , No event for me. As Everything I had on the "first" island was given away & expired . I am not knocking the idea behind tek tier, In FACT! I like it!. I also was playing on a pvp server till foreign players wrecked that server at the time , I have played pve since. 85% troll free. What many players here have not yet learned, as many, many, are new. The game is coming up on it's 1 yr marker being "EA* " for xbox , lets see if we get a 1 yr party. Though again , I do not look for primitive plus to get it. Pro's / Con's . The learning curve for new players at this point is huge. pc or console. Sadly , Trolls are in no short supply. So when it comes to the tek tier . Players , New and Old , are forgetting something. That little implant on your arm , it came from someplace. The dev's are still trying to tell a story ( explorer notes ) . I want to know how we got onto the island myself. So I am Very much looking forward to tek tier since it is just one step closer to seeing how this story started , plays out , and how it may if it does indeed , end. From the ground up guys , this has been built multiplayer, while still trying to tell you , your own story. So take the tek tier in stride. If PVP seems unbalanced, shift to PVE for awhile till things smooth out . If you are already beat down , then I am sure you will not be loosing much if anything doing so. Just understand the cost it comes with if you go primitive. Many of us have just shaken our heads , hung in there, and pay the cost of not getting what the main officials get. Being on console , has even made that choice even easier for me. I'm not holding out any form or thought of hope for console to get the TT in dec. I'll be happy if we get it by spring, Personally I am more hyped about underwater bases. Though for that to work , snap points are going to have to get worked out. I also have renamed my tribe to "Atlantians" . I will be the Queen of the ARK Seas. I want to be able to fly my fleet out of and into my underwater Atlantis. Raiders Beware.
  11. lol , I just , lol . I ... hahahahha .. bwah Hhahahhahahahah , Oh wait , you're serious ?
  12. Stormy , The " alpha game disclaimer , is a cookie cutter disclaimer. From microsoft. Here's how you know, it is the exact same dislaimer on every xbox early access game. No need for me to post it , just go to the xbox store, Here is steams , disclaimer . What is Early Access? Get immediate access to games that are being developed with the community's involvement. These are games that evolve as you play them, as you give feedback, and as the developers update and add content. We like to think of games and game development as services that grow and evolve with the involvement of customers and the community. There have been a number of prominent titles that have embraced this model of development recently and found a lot of value in the process. We like to support and encourage developers who want to ship early, involve customers, and build lasting relationships that help everyone make better games. All this " But read the disclaimer " Needs to stop.. you are clinging onto it for dear life, the go to responses, 1. Your not a programmer it's hard 2. You read the disclaimer why'd you buy it, ( as if ANYONE reads fine print in contracts around here ) 3. Just stop playing it ., go do something else. That sums up every response to every enraged player on these forums. Here is a novel thought, Try providing a real answer or truly compassionate help. I know I likely just made 95% of your heads explode or implode ( depends on reader ) . Just step back , and for once try to see life with a persons eyes that are not yours. Am I defending the flaming player raging , no . I try to find a work around or problem solve , Which is in grave supply around here. My prior post can not be debunked. You tried, stormy. In the end , you don't have much to stand on. and Owning it own both does not entitle you to tell people that have spent as much money as you have and in many cases , more, ( buying a second xbox , just to host a server with). Personally , I loved getting mowed down by super turkeys today ........ I loved not being able to get back to my gear before it despawned.... it was a real ... Gooble ( hoot )
  13. Please read the following post like Ben Stine, mono tone. So that nothing is taken out of context since you can not convey emotion well in text form with out knowing the person writing it on a personal level. To know how they speak. To do so , you will not read any of the following in the context it is meant. Odd , that you say this , They had no issues with pushing everything off the table from July 28th to Sept 1 For SE , And Oh what's this , A PAID DLC EXPANSION , And both Xbox and PC got it , and now , PC GETS a 33% OFF SALE !!!! HURRAH FOR PC !!!! Xbox , eat a cookie. If this was a PAID event , YOU Know WC would have had it launching with a live stream . Don't even bother defending it. I asked in their extra life live stream about xbox getting a sale on it , and Jat just chuckled after reading my question , and he said " yeah I'm not answering that" so yeah it must be self entitlement. Or did you live under a rock when Batman arkham knight released ? The port was so bad , it was pulled. Factor in all the game breaks that this last patch did to people. and your go to is , " it's hard to port over " and if you think they have been going crazy , then clearly you don't read much. Their latest focus has been the PS4 port. Same as it was to crunch out SE for sept 1st. xbox patches put on hold for over a month and a half. And what of the patch ? It was not even tested before launching. I found more bugs in under 10 minutes of game play then the fixes they claim to have worked on. When bugs out number the fixes, Tell the players, look guys , if we put this patch out now, you will have more things broken then are fixed. 98.9% of players will say , " Keep working on it" . You will not find anyone who wants more things broken then already are. Here is another thought , since it is so clear that you think that ports other then pc are to hard for them , then they need to lock out the game for xbox, stop working on ps4, refund everyone on consoles the money they paid for them. And then just focus on pc , then once it is done , work on one port at a time till it is finished. Then release it as it finishes. That is if we use your theory. Also do me a favor , I want you to start ordering everything you buy through me, since you take what ever you are given with out ever saying anything is wrong. Or is it only with games you never expect any form of results ?
  14. How can SE BE COMPATIBLE , and the Center not , Have YOU stopped to consider that ?.... Just wow , you got something on your nose there , you may want to wipe off., I play on the Center , so yeah , NOT HAPPY. Maybe if we had PAID them 20$'s for it they would have at least bothered as much . I mean FFS they put a dodowyvern in SE ... And your going to sit there and say this .. SMMFH. Also , Wildcard making boasts about an event , Hyping an Event , Making Sales for SE of of said event , Then waiting untill patchday to tell the xbox players yeah your not gonna get it . I would have given up the weekend too , since , they knew , days ( Takes time to go through MS) before it was not done , and still again said nothing. See it takes X time to go through microsoft , before we get the "patch" So they knew , With more then enough time it would not make the delayed 28th release, so lets say , 2 days , they knew it was not done 48 hours ahead , or if you want to say , 5 hours if microsoft rushed it through. So , if they was only 5 hours behind in work of getting it done , why would it take them a week to get it out ? Unless it was much much more then just 5 hours behind. if it was 48 hours behind getting passed why would it take another 5-7 days to get out , Unless they was yet still farther behind. Now I'm not saying one way or the other . All I am trying to point out, is simple. Do the math of how long it takes to get through microsoft , then add the number of days between, two days to get through , and if its out wed, that means it was submitted on monday , meaning it took them 2-3 days to finish meaning , As of last wed they knew it was/would not be done on time, since if it only took 5 hours to get "rushed" through microsoft the event would have been out on monday. The math is not hard to understand. All I ask is that everyone both the Just be gratefuls , and the ragers take time to step back , look at the game, and try for once not to be bias. Look at it through fresh eyes Yes I understand its a lot of work , If it was to much for them , then why say it would happen let alone even bother with a console. And as for the Just be grateful crowd, Remember, if it was to hard to put onto the center , Why did they take all that time putting it onto SE ? Instead of being a bunch of yesmen, Try to see past the hype , meanwhile, all of the time that has been put into the center map for me Voids the event , and for over 60 others that play on this offical server. "offical", Meaning a supported map. oh , and to top it off , we also play primitive . So , I am pleased that console is at least getting a bone thrown at them , it also happens to do nothing for many of us. So at the end of the day , The ones that truely understand feeling left out and forgotten in this " event" are swept to the curb. It is not a rage , it is looking at it for what it is. Am I swearing at wildcard and raging , no. I am how ever able to understand how many players do so. Even though I do not agree with it. since really does it get us the event , no. Does it make them feel better to be able to vent and get it out, how angry they are , oh yes. Just set back , and do the math you guys . it may calm you down , no matter what side of the fence you are on.
  15. I for one am sorry , my apologies. My issue with him , was in no means helping this thread.
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