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  1. Launch Update

    Ran into problems? Wow that almost never happens with you guys...............
  2. Full Release is here - Does no one care?

    I care that on the biggest day since they introduced the game to the world in EA they again cant do the most important part on time which is bringing servers up so people can actually play cant say im suprised everyone at wildcard needs to quit their job and go find something they are actually good at.....discusting
  3. Official Server launch timeframe

    Wildcard and timeframe are worst enemies that rarely get together if ever
  4. Need to ascend to play ragnorak?

    What they said and what happens are usually two very different things was lookinng for someone in game that could confirm at work atm or i would myself
  5. Need to ascend to play ragnorak?

    Hearring you need to ascend for ragnorak is this single player only or on officals too?
  6. Day Zero: Server Information

    will babies on troughs die when servers get shut down and rebooted?
  7. I have been on WC's side most of the way through the developement process but them wiping 33% of servers and then offer no support to remaining server is just too much of a straight lie for me to continue with this company i pray that no one that works for wildcard ever has to get a job where they actually have to meet expectations becsuse they would be homeless and starving best of luck ill be on conan
  8. Soundtrack looks awesome any chance we will ever see casual background music in game? Would be nice especially while grinding
  9. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Typical im just about done with this game anyways conan is better
  10. server repurpose list.

    Yeah agrred people love saying so much has chaned since then but would love to see the list of reasons why things arnt being done because of change seems more likely lack of effort
  11. server repurpose list.

    Leave it up to wildcard to be late in delivering something as simple as a list...🙄
  12. Server Wipe

  13. evo incoming ?

    I think they forgot about us this week 😩
  14. evo incoming ?

    They dont usually announce anything until its turned on
  15. evo incoming ?

    Same turn it on plz ark gods!