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  1. Wow an entire page of disappointing news good job wildcard did it again
  2. will babies on troughs die when servers get shut down and rebooted?
  3. Soundtrack looks awesome any chance we will ever see casual background music in game? Would be nice especially while grinding
  4. Typical im just about done with this game anyways conan is better
  5. He said they would not be the new servers will be on their own cluster
  6. Good call wildcard thank you for your hard work and dedication to make this game amazing.
  7. How do they do that when you can only transfer PvP to PvP servers
  8. Congrats to PS4 and congrats to all of us on 2x all week looooong@!!!@!
  9. Its how Sony operates they wont put a game out for thier system without it being exclusive they do it with all big titles, like when the last call of duty came out there was a commercial going around saying GET IT NOW ON PLAYSTATION with no mention of it being available for pc or xbox. Jat said it was required to be released for PS4 that is because sony made them do it lol
  10. Thanks for taking time out to clarify Jat, good work as usual
  11. Just confused as to why it is an issue now that PS4 comes out, where is the objection for the skins exclusive for xbox and PC prior to this, is your issue that the items are console exclusive or that they get them for free because both are justified in my eyes
  12. They deserve that reward for patiently waiting for a year and a half while we all got to play and enjoy the game a cosmetic skin that gives no in game advantage what so ever is the best solution to this, i will try to simplify my point next time i apologize
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