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  1. OGCookies

    ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    Wow an entire page of disappointing news good job wildcard did it again
  2. OGCookies

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Tamed 4 gigas
  3. OGCookies

    Griffin Breeding (Console)

    Paint it
  4. To continue that thought a couple posts above pretty sure its well documented the army has a tendency to send a lage ammount of soldier home in a very unhealthy state
  5. Not saying i agree or disagree but just because you have done worse in the army how does that make it healthy, not seeing the connection, from the facts that are widely believed lack of sleep shortens life expectancy
  6. OGCookies

    Why no 2x raising?

    Ohhhh i see what you did there.....sooo clever....
  7. Its funny people are quick to say the game is not designed for pve but between 70 players zerg tribes that overload ur server and raid u or offline raiders, dupers etc it seems to me it isnt designed for pvp
  8. Theres 0 skill involved in ark is all just time spent so natrally people with less actual responsibility will be more "skilled"
  9. If your trying to keep up with alpha tribes or be an alpha tribe you have already adopted an unhealthy lifestyle as these people live on the game with or without giga imprints btw every person i know that has 100 percent imprinted a giga account shared to do it
  10. OGCookies

    Launch Update

    Ran into problems? Wow that almost never happens with you guys...............
  11. OGCookies

    Full Release is here - Does no one care?

    I care that on the biggest day since they introduced the game to the world in EA they again cant do the most important part on time which is bringing servers up so people can actually play cant say im suprised everyone at wildcard needs to quit their job and go find something they are actually good at.....discusting
  12. OGCookies

    Official Server launch timeframe

    Wildcard and timeframe are worst enemies that rarely get together if ever
  13. OGCookies

    Need to ascend to play ragnorak?

    What they said and what happens are usually two very different things was lookinng for someone in game that could confirm at work atm or i would myself