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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
poplava poplava 07/04/18 Fast and easy to deal with my TOP recommends for him sreta012 sreta012
BCMFTaCtIcZZ BCMFTaCtIcZZ 07/04/18 Great trader. pleasure trading with. chyarr chyarr
Bolty Bolty 07/03/18 great trader. very fast and good. chyarr chyarr
nonamesallowed nonamesallowed 07/03/18 easy and fast trade.thank you phantom55 phantom55
phantom55 phantom55 07/03/18 Very patient, trade fast and easy! nonamesallowed nonamesallowed
Rixsta Rixsta 07/03/18 Good trader. Clean exchange bigfishrob bigfishrob
sunangel1996 sunangel1996 07/03/18 Good buyer i definitelt recommend bigfishrob bigfishrob
ishootpaint ishootpaint 07/03/18 Super friendly! Kept me safe and had a transmitter for ease of trade. A+ look forward to trading again. Foxiefyre Foxiefyre
Super Fab Super Fab 07/03/18 Friendly and honest trader, ofered protection while I was waiting for almost 30 min nonamesallowed nonamesallowed
bigfishrob bigfishrob 07/03/18 Nice, dependable trader. Would recommend :) sunangel1996 sunangel1996
chyarr chyarr 07/02/18 Purchased a rex. Friendly trade, and easy trade. Thank you! Neverender Neverender
nonamesallowed nonamesallowed 07/02/18 Very friendly, fast trade Super Fab Super Fab
Paddlor Paddlor 07/01/18 Fast and Easy, just as advertised, highly recommended. HOSS602 HOSS602
ItzWard ItzWard 07/01/18 Really great trader, Was kind and understanding, most of all very patient! Really enjoyed trading with ItzWard. Very reasonable and trustworthy trader. Squirrelman Squirrelman
JuiceBoxKing JuiceBoxKing 07/01/18 very pleasant to trade with 10/10 would trade again! HaleTech HaleTech
ItzWard ItzWard 07/01/18 The only info of his spawn area was "on the beach" whereas he spawned with 15k ingots out of 25k in his invetory exposed to predators without a GPS to look for which made it utterly annoying to fly around with slow ass quetzals and look for him. Poorly organized from his side. Took us at least 30 mins with 2 people to unload the payment 2-3 times. This trade was meh. Hopefully better next time. Violet Violet
HOSS602 HOSS602 07/01/18 quick and fast trade, nice guy :) really easy and fast business with him! Highly recommended! Paddlor Paddlor
thomz thomz 07/01/18 nice and easy trade thanks again. phantom55 phantom55
phantom55 phantom55 07/01/18 good trader. cheap mosa,tuso. and fast trade. recomended. 10/10 thomz thomz
ItsMeRecon ItsMeRecon 07/01/18 Smooth, easy trade! Very friendly trader too :) Arielzhou Arielzhou
Arielzhou Arielzhou 07/01/18 Very nice trader, quick and fast :) looking forward to trade again. ItsMeRecon ItsMeRecon
ValeriyaKvi ValeriyaKvi 07/01/18 Really good trader, had nerves to find me a drop so i could get away from her server. Top recommendations 😂😂 sreta012 sreta012
Abjure Abjure 07/01/18 Liar. confused me with someone and wrote that I was selling something that I never did. ValeriyaKvi ValeriyaKvi
Dag Dag 07/01/18 Fast traid with transmit. all is good. ValeriyaKvi ValeriyaKvi
ValeriyaKvi ValeriyaKvi 06/30/18 very nice and fast trade :) Dag Dag