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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
nonamesallowed nonamesallowed 10/24/18 Thanks for trade and good saddle on the drake) Rainex37 Rainex37
Overlake Overlake 10/23/18 Got exact same crab, seller was helpful and fast and polite. thank you jbokhary jbokhary
jbokhary jbokhary 10/23/18 Worked like a charm gave me a fair offer and no prob to close the deal very friendly and will trade again for sure ++++++++ Overlake Overlake
GrumpyBear GrumpyBear 10/23/18 Great trader would trade again :P BobbyNator BobbyNator
Thamic Thamic 10/23/18 Smooth trade, communicative and friendly trader, recommending ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
azy azy 10/23/18 fast and easy trade, seller replies always and very patient, got me eggs till i get the giga melee as he promised davidcostarica davidcostarica
Rainex37 Rainex37 10/23/18 fast and easy thanks Bambulaaa Bambulaaa
Bambulaaa Bambulaaa 10/23/18 Thank you! Very fast and convenient. Rainex37 Rainex37
Mantico Mantico 10/23/18 Very fast and easy trade. Would trade again! MeowMaggs MeowMaggs
tamarick tamarick 10/23/18 Quick and simple, would trade again Scarrcrow Scarrcrow
MeowMaggs MeowMaggs 10/23/18 Very Good Trader! :) all times again! Mantico Mantico
TurtleRusher TurtleRusher 10/22/18 Thank you for the kind words! really good doing business with you as well! hope we can do more trades in the future! <3 nonamesallowed nonamesallowed
nonamesallowed nonamesallowed 10/22/18 Super friendly, fair and was able to accommodate an uploading issue. Very trustworthy and I recommend buying from this person as I hope to do continue doing business with them. 10/10 <3 TurtleRusher TurtleRusher
Overlake Overlake 10/22/18 Fast, friendly, helpful hermanoark hermanoark
Kruemel Kruemel 10/22/18 Fast, Friendly, Polite A++ Seller Super Fab Super Fab
Super Fab Super Fab 10/22/18 super trader. very fast. would trade again Kruemel Kruemel
hermanoark hermanoark 10/22/18 buy all bps fast and easy and fix deal day after great work.. will trade/sell again with you +++++ Overlake Overlake
rose639 rose639 10/22/18 He was quick and did not complain when I had to go make the transmitters for a total of 120 element. Raiah Raiah
master33431 master33431 10/22/18 Very friendly and trade went well! nonamesallowed nonamesallowed
Jezzie Jezzie 10/22/18 Jezzie was a pleasure to trade with, happy to trade anytime again. GrumpyBear GrumpyBear
Skyvn Skyvn 10/22/18 Skyvn was easy to trade with, would happily trade again with them. GrumpyBear GrumpyBear
megaHammer megaHammer 10/22/18 Fluid payment and transfer. Happy to trade again with this member. GrumpyBear GrumpyBear
nonamesallowed nonamesallowed 10/21/18 very kind and helpful for my first trade after over a year :) i even got a free boss run afterwards! thanks a lot ;) master33431 master33431
alexio86 alexio86 10/21/18 fast and easy trade, thanks :) master33431 master33431
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 10/21/18 Very patient with me while I was out of town. A trade so nice Maedean rated me twice xD. Definitely recommend! 10/10 would trade with again! Jacira Jacira