Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Shbear Shbear 08/26/17 Great and smooth trade! Cant wait to trade with again :) Pon Pon
Pon Pon 08/26/17 best trade, fastest. super awesome guy! for sure will trade more! Shbear Shbear
yekrucifixion187 yekrucifixion187 08/26/17 Great deal 3 ascendant bps for 3 ascendant bps. He didn't even need 1 of the ones I traded him but took it to let the deal go through just to help me out. Always willing to make trade with him Takilla Takilla
yekrucifixion187 yekrucifixion187 08/26/17 Great trade gave me exactly what he said he would stat wise for the Giga's I hatched. Great trader Takilla Takilla
Pon Pon 08/26/17 Very friendly buyer, fast trade- best of luck in the future caving mate :) Xeeta Xeeta
nola667 nola667 08/26/17 Friendly and trust worthy trader! Recommended! Lichaamstaal Lichaamstaal
Lichaamstaal Lichaamstaal 08/26/17 Wonderful and amazing trader. Thank you for the beautiful wolves! Hope to trade again! nola667 nola667
Wanny759 Wanny759 08/26/17 Nice easy trade. Good seller gcalberto gcalberto
gcalberto gcalberto 08/26/17 Quick and easy trade. Thanks again! Wanny759 Wanny759
Wanny759 Wanny759 08/25/17 Nice, fast and trustworthy trader. HugoDanilo HugoDanilo
HugoDanilo HugoDanilo 08/25/17 Nice and quick trader :-) Came to my server and had everything ready in just a few minutes. Thanks! Wanny759 Wanny759
Buttsnifferpro Buttsnifferpro 08/25/17 Quick and easy trade, would trade again iOlsen iOlsen
pytommy2 pytommy2 08/25/17 Quick transaction and patient buyer. bigfishrob bigfishrob
BertNoobians BertNoobians 08/25/17 Quick clean transaction and definitely trade again bigfishrob bigfishrob
bigfishrob bigfishrob 08/25/17 nice and smooth trade pytommy2 pytommy2
whymaybe whymaybe 08/25/17 Great trader , hope to trade more in future ludiglup ludiglup
ludiglup ludiglup 08/25/17 very good and fast trader, everything without problems whymaybe whymaybe
bigfishrob bigfishrob 08/25/17 transaction via transmitter, highly recommended, thanks for the trade, hope to see you agian! BertNoobians BertNoobians
BertNoobians BertNoobians 08/25/17 fast trade. all good. gonna hatch some new Rexes. thx for trader DelvinRift DelvinRift
DelvinRift DelvinRift 08/25/17 fast transaction, recommended, hope to see you again! BertNoobians BertNoobians
Pon Pon 08/25/17 Very patient, and very polite, as always! Amichi Amichi
eldanir eldanir 08/25/17 Normally allow people to pay after the run since I refund if its a loss. He left and never responded, pms say he read them. AlphaCarno AlphaCarno
DelvinRift DelvinRift 08/25/17 Great and smooth trade! Cant wait to trade with again :) Pon Pon
Pon Pon 08/25/17 fast and good trader. thx DelvinRift DelvinRift
WhiteCrow WhiteCrow 08/25/17 Pleased with the puppers I have bought, and White Crow is a no dramas and smooth trader. I can recommend his service any time TheStrip TheStrip