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  1. THIS LOOKS FIXED TO YOU?! This is our 3rd set of rexes on this raptoring bug
  2. Manticore Improvements to landing logic http://prntscr.com/lwqlyu raptor you wildcard and your fixes.
  3. Manticore Improvements to landing logic
  4. Small tribe servers came out what like 30-60days ago? Why do you keep ignoring old problems? How is that more important than Manticore not landing for example? How many players cant progress ingame due to your flyer patch that destroyed our only endgame on SE? How many bug reports do we need to submit till you stop ignoring us?
  5. Too bad to hear that Unfortunately looks like we are abandoned as usual.
  6. Meanwhile we are still waiting for some response or solution... It has been two months since we did a successful run -.-
  7. Seriously devs?? This has been reported god knows how many times, we have lost our rexes 5-6 weeks ago and never done the manticore since. Today we went to try again with leveled rexes (17k base, 585% melee base) and beta manticore didnt even get to 80% of hp but was forever trying to land. http://prntscr.com/k0joso Is this a joke to you devs? It takes atleast 5 days of our life to raise these just so they can die to a bug that was reported months ago?
  8. Biggest let down in history of countdowns. Was thinking before that you couldn't be more wrong with bearings of the game but oh boy was I wrong!
  9. Wondering the same thing, by the calculation i'm getting to 99%
  10. Hatching and farming meat, hopefully something nice hatches out of these eggs
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