Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Major Major 08/29/17 Quick and clean trade. Rios9 Rios9
Pon Pon 08/29/17 The deal was fast and everything went correct. Mirovan Mirovan
Sly808 Sly808 08/29/17 Quick and seamless trade +1 maze maze
Barret Barret 08/29/17 Great buyer, quick and ez trade. A++++ Elsos Elsos
skuIlman skuIlman 08/28/17 Easy purchase and a funny guy to hang with while waiting on the upload timers. Highly recommend trading to anyone. dxgamergeek dxgamergeek
dxgamergeek dxgamergeek 08/28/17 Took a while with the new timers, but he was patient :D skuIlman skuIlman
ZeroSeconds ZeroSeconds 08/28/17 The best Trader on ARK survivetheark. REAL DEAL! Pon Pon
BertNoobians BertNoobians 08/28/17 Werry fast and safe deal, you can trust him w/o a doubt. ManteliseXe ManteliseXe
ManteliseXe ManteliseXe 08/28/17 fast smooth transaction, has transmitter unlocked, hope to see you again BertNoobians BertNoobians
Toqs Toqs 08/27/17 rex egg stats exactly as mentioned, many thanks, highly recommended. BertNoobians BertNoobians
BertNoobians BertNoobians 08/27/17 Was a pleasure trading with Bert. Will work with him again Armythug Armythug
Armythug Armythug 08/27/17 fast transaction, highly recommended, hope to see you again BertNoobians BertNoobians
johnnyLPY johnnyLPY 08/27/17 Nice and fast as usual. Thanks for the great trade mate Razen Razen
Razen Razen 08/27/17 Nice trader. Trade with him multiple times by now. johnnyLPY johnnyLPY
Xeeta Xeeta 08/27/17 Nice easy trade. Good seller Pon Pon
Rubble Rubble 08/27/17 reat and smooth trade! Cant wait to trade with again :) Pon Pon
Pon Pon 08/27/17 Awsome Trader Fast taxi service Thanks again Rubble Rubble
Xeeta Xeeta 08/26/17 Nice and trustworthy trader. HugoDanilo HugoDanilo
Babii4eva Babii4eva 08/26/17 Quick, easy and patient. Would trade again iOlsen iOlsen
iOlsen iOlsen 08/26/17 great trade, efficient, friendly, trustworthy. A++ Babii4eva Babii4eva
gtriKK gtriKK 08/26/17 Nice seller. Eggs came with the exact stats. Smooth trade, i recommend him if you want an easy trustworthy trade gcalberto gcalberto
Cderr12 Cderr12 08/26/17 fast & easy skuIlman skuIlman
HugoDanilo HugoDanilo 08/26/17 Nice and fast trader as usual. Thanks alot Razen Razen
Razen Razen 08/26/17 Nice, fast and trustworthy trader. HugoDanilo HugoDanilo
alexio86 alexio86 08/26/17 awesome seller, bought adult giga, awesome services too Shbear Shbear