Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Enzo15 Enzo15 11/15/17 very good seller !!! thank you alexio86 alexio86
alexio86 alexio86 11/15/17 All fine, good communication. Recommend. Enzo15 Enzo15
Flay Flay 11/15/17 Good player , he give me water and food :D realy friendly ShanaEU ShanaEU
ShanaEU ShanaEU 11/15/17 good trader :) Flay Flay
gcalberto gcalberto 11/15/17 Great trader, very patient! Taught me a few things. Will definitely recommend! Amichi Amichi
Paroxyde Paroxyde 11/15/17 Good trade, kept me informed on status. Helped move ingots once on their server. tjsweepers tjsweepers
rexgutierrez rexgutierrez 11/15/17 Very nice guy, hope to do deals in future again. Thank you. Morimoto Morimoto
bronxxx bronxxx 11/15/17 Thanks for the new bps. smooth transaction and excellent response time Cassie Cassie
Cassie Cassie 11/15/17 Everything went smooth, thx bronxxx bronxxx
Bronxx Bronxx 11/15/17 Thanks for the fast responses and the new bps :D Cassie Cassie
rose639 rose639 11/15/17 all perfect !!! thank you Rose639 alexio86 alexio86
Enzo15 Enzo15 11/15/17 Smooth and fast trade, will trade with you again in the future. thank you enzo15 :) Sarah99 Sarah99
Enzo15 Enzo15 11/15/17 Quick trade, picked me up to ob from where I spawned, which is a plus. YellowJacket YellowJacket
InsaneSniperzzz InsaneSniperzzz 11/15/17 a little distrustful, but a good trader, with first-class goods. ^_^ Flay Flay
Flay Flay 11/15/17 Rawr. <-- Mean hamster muwhhaha. thanks for the wonderful BPS Cassie Cassie
Cassie Cassie 11/15/17 lazy harmful hamster :P Flay Flay
JuiceBoxKing JuiceBoxKing 11/15/17 good funny trader :3 Flay Flay
Aluu Aluu 11/15/17 Amazing experience with Asuna and her crew! Went over to tag along in a Medium Monkey boss battle and it was so fun and easy. Then We took a tour of her base and found some things we wanted to trade and she helped us out and made it smooth. Came back a few days later with the order filled and everything was super smooth, she is an awesome new Ark friend! Will come back for more! AellaStorm AellaStorm
Flay Flay 11/15/17 Smooth transaction, great communication. Will trade with again. Thanks! Demerus Demerus
Demerus Demerus 11/15/17 funny and kind trader :P Flay Flay
Enzo15 Enzo15 11/14/17 Perfect trade very fast and excellent communication. Highly recommend. Barron753 Barron753
Sarah99 Sarah99 11/14/17 All fine, fast, recomend. Enzo15 Enzo15
YellowJacket YellowJacket 11/14/17 All fine, good comunication. Recommend. Enzo15 Enzo15
Barron753 Barron753 11/14/17 All fine, good communication, fast, recommend. Enzo15 Enzo15
Morimoto Morimoto 11/14/17 Very nice and fast trade. Honest price. A+++ rexgutierrez rexgutierrez