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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Super Fab Super Fab 10/27/18 Great buyer, very frindly and respectful! nonamesallowed nonamesallowed
nonamesallowed nonamesallowed 10/27/18 Amazing seller, great person, extremely trust worthy with very reasonable prices! Super Fab Super Fab
Noobert Noobert 10/27/18 Fast and easy trade! Pleasure to trade with, hope to trade with again in the future! d3vious d3vious
DMSO DMSO 10/27/18 Great person to trade with, very informative! Pleasure to chat with. Hope to trade with again in the future. d3vious d3vious
d3vious d3vious 10/26/18 second trade, everything perfect again, pleasure to trade with =) DMSO DMSO
Estemmenosuchus Estemmenosuchus 10/26/18 Excellent trade, thank you sir Oldskill Oldskill
hermanoark hermanoark 10/26/18 Fast and easy trade, friendly to talk with, recommended! Hito Hito
Hito Hito 10/26/18 excellent seller, friend, nice hermanoark hermanoark
rose639 rose639 10/26/18 fast, attentive seller, friend hermanoark hermanoark
Scyi Scyi 10/26/18 Great trader. Very nice and fast. chyarr chyarr
chyarr chyarr 10/26/18 Nice seller, recommended! Scyi Scyi
Varekai Varekai 10/26/18 Pleasure as always ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 10/26/18 Top! Varekai Varekai
Super Fab Super Fab 10/25/18 Communicative, friendly and accommodating trader, recommending ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 10/25/18 Fast, Friendly, Polite A++ seller :) Super Fab Super Fab
d3vious d3vious 10/25/18 Excellent communication, very smooth and pleasant trade. Would trade again anytime. A+++ Noobert Noobert
Hakush Hakush 10/24/18 Patient trader, easy trade, will trade with again given the opportunity. arathein arathein
Mantico Mantico 10/24/18 Fast and easy trade, friendly to talk with, perfect Hito Hito
Hito Hito 10/24/18 FIrst time all fine :P Good Trader, ever again! FIrst time all fine :P Mantico Mantico
Overlake Overlake 10/24/18 Been buying a lot from this person, and will continue to do so in the future. Always delivers. Floffy Floffy
Floffy Floffy 10/24/18 Have buy alot from me great Buyer and trusted many many +++++ Overlake Overlake
joshbox2 joshbox2 10/24/18 Very fast and 100% confide Mantico Mantico
Victory777 Victory777 10/24/18 fast and smooth would recomment lewisl lewisl
Raiah Raiah 10/24/18 forfeit bidding on auction for asc pump action shotgun bp aruallee aruallee
Rainex37 Rainex37 10/24/18 Trade went well, very patient! thank you nonamesallowed nonamesallowed