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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Oli4 Oli4 07/08/18 Nice Trader ! Thank you very much. Would buy again :-) Lanaar Lanaar
Lanaar Lanaar 07/08/18 Smooth trade, hope to trade again in the future :) Oli4 Oli4
Noobert Noobert 07/08/18 very friendly buyer =) Nice communication ! highly recommended! Paddlor Paddlor
Paddlor Paddlor 07/08/18 Very friendly and patient seller, even at the late hour! Absolutely recommend! Noobert Noobert
Leeleilol Leeleilol 07/06/18 The easiest and fastest trade I've done :) Bark Bark
Bark Bark 07/06/18 Fast and easy with a nice person ! Thanks :) Leeleilol Leeleilol
Leeleilol Leeleilol 07/06/18 Fast and easy +++++++ will trade again for sure... and thx again Overlake Overlake
Overlake Overlake 07/06/18 Nice and easy, thanks ! Leeleilol Leeleilol
MancoBr MancoBr 07/06/18 Very quick especially when it comes to a short deadline with 70 artifacts in less than 2 days and really helped us out! 10/10 would defiantly trade with him again! HaleTech HaleTech
HaleTech HaleTech 07/06/18 Easy and fast, very good to negotiate, I recommend it to everyone. MancoBr MancoBr
Rainex37 Rainex37 07/06/18 Fast and easy trade, easy to communicate with as well! :) Hakush Hakush
Hakush Hakush 07/06/18 Thank you so much for the deal. Very fast and convenient! Rainex37 Rainex37
jappyness jappyness 07/06/18 Quick and painless, great communication and very easy to deal with. Hope to trade again. Thanks! Demerus Demerus
Ambush7 Ambush7 07/05/18 Thank you so much for the deal. Rainex37 Rainex37
Hawktrader74 Hawktrader74 07/05/18 Nice and easy trade ! Highly recommand. Leeleilol Leeleilol
VoidScape VoidScape 07/05/18 Very nice guys, he traveled back to my server because i dont haver a transmitter yet, 10/10 JonasHR JonasHR
JonasHR JonasHR 07/05/18 Fast and easy trade. Was polite and waited with us at obelisk for the transfer timer. ^_^ Definitely recommended! VoidScape VoidScape
Bambulaaa Bambulaaa 07/04/18 thanks for your patient.happy to do trade with you.recommended trade +++ phantom55 phantom55
phantom55 phantom55 07/04/18 thanks for the trade Bambulaaa Bambulaaa
chyarr chyarr 07/04/18 Hi dude, sorry to bother you like this but could I add you on steam about trading for eggs Wellnhoferia Wellnhoferia
sreta012 sreta012 07/04/18 Very nice deal and trader, hope to deal with you again! Thanks poplava poplava
Imshyy Imshyy 07/04/18 Hi sorry to post here, but could I add you on steam about rock drake eggs? Wellnhoferia Wellnhoferia
ArKie ArKie 07/04/18 Fantastic trade. Very smooth and was a joy to talk too! zepp95 zepp95
Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal 07/04/18 Hi dude, Im sorry to contact you this way but is it possible for me to buy a few rock drake eggs from you? Wellnhoferia Wellnhoferia
chyarr chyarr 07/04/18 Fast and Nice Trader, will more trades with him for sure Bolty Bolty