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  1. arrojado1200

    Alpha Dragon Island w Theris?

    This video is PVP... but is a exemple for you.
  2. arrojado1200

    Alpha Dragon Island w Theris?

    Are you going to make the boss solo or in tribe?
  3. arrojado1200

    rumoured changes coming

    Aham.... what is the source of these informations? han, han????
  4. arrojado1200

    Defending our pillar base - how?

    Sorry buddy ... but there's no perfect defense in the ark. The PVP is bad just because of the offline raid. So you can for more than 100 turrets around, you'll always have someone with a stego tank to drain the ammunition from your defenses.
  5. arrojado1200

    breeding Breeding and mutations

    I've been thinking about this process: And if instead of me having several wild and one male mutated, I traded for several mutated females and one wild male. Would not that increase my chances of mutation even more? You see, every wild female has a chance to develop a mutation. But if you have 1 wild male, he will have more chances because he will have at his disposal several females.
  6. arrojado1200

    Wild Raft - Despawns When?

    Wild rafts are like wild dinos ... you can kill them. So get a giga from your tribe (because gigas have self damage) and bake it until it sinks. It works, because I also had the same problem.
  7. arrojado1200

    breeding Need help for breeding for Island Bosses

    Rex saddle = Metal, Fiber and Hide. Spino's Saddle = Hide, Fiber, Pearl, Cement. Pearl and Cement are specific farms. Time consuming. Metal (used in rex saddle) is a feature found in abundance on maps, mainly in Aberration (only transfer after)
  8. arrojado1200

    breeding Need help for breeding for Island Bosses

    Or focus your efforts on creating Rex. They are versatile, can go on any boss, and are the best dinos for this purpose. Of course Yutiranus is indispensable.
  9. arrojado1200

    breeding Need help for breeding for Island Bosses

    *** correcting ... spino mutated 7 to 8K HP ... Rex mutated 17 to 20K HP.
  10. arrojado1200

    breeding Need help for breeding for Island Bosses

    I already tested Spinos on the boss. It does not pay. Spino's saddle is too expensive for Rex's saddle. Another thing ... Wild Spino does not have max 5K HP, a rex is possible to find from 8k to 10K wild. A spino can reach 7K or 8K HP ... a Rex can reach 17K at 20K HP. Actually, Rex are better.
  11. arrojado1200


    Does anyone know when it will be the next phase (Phase #3) of the process of removing LEGACY ARK servers with lower population on PC, Xbox and PS4?
  12. If the ORP is removed from the PVE, we will have tribes attracting wild gigs and titans to other tribes, and this will be one more motive for complaints in the forum. I do not think taking the ORP is the solution. Maybe the solution is to reduce the limit of dinos by tribe to 350 (a great number) and to apply a "life time" to the dinos as if they were old, something like 6 months of life and then the dinos would be deleted. And in dino inventory, we would have a timer (age) to control our offspring. I believe 6 months of life for a virtual creature is enough.
  13. arrojado1200

    Fastest way to fill dung beetles with poo?

    Dmatic, there is no Phiomia without aberrations.
  14. Let ARK 2 come ... because Ark 1 is already turning into a salad. kkkkkk
  15. arrojado1200

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    It's not that I want ... but I wonder about it. If legacys servers have their days counted, why are they open to new players? Would this be to make more players suffer? Because I know very well how it is you have to give up 2 years of your life, thrown away because your server will close. I find that unfair to new players. Mainly because many new players do not know of all this history and division between legacy and new.