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  1. Let ARK 2 come ... because Ark 1 is already turning into a salad. kkkkkk
  2. arrojado1200

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    It's not that I want ... but I wonder about it. If legacys servers have their days counted, why are they open to new players? Would this be to make more players suffer? Because I know very well how it is you have to give up 2 years of your life, thrown away because your server will close. I find that unfair to new players. Mainly because many new players do not know of all this history and division between legacy and new.
  3. arrojado1200

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    Argument to be merged? I never said that was an argument for that. What I'm saying is ... if the legacy servers will be shut down in the near future, then why are they still open to new players? Should not they be "closed"? Should they not allow access only to established players? It's strange to allow new players to access servers that will soon be gone.
  4. arrojado1200

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    Ok Ok ... there will be no merge between legacy and new. It's all right. But please, somebody explain to me .. If the legacies will be turned off in the near future, then why every day new players begin in the legacies ??? I'm talking this with evidence, because in my legacy server every day has new players, who just bought the game. They do not go to new servers because they just do not know. They just bought the game, and they're like noobs, learning. They do not know the difference of a dilo and a dodo ... worse yet they know the difference between legacy and new.
  5. arrojado1200


    The advantage of herbivores is actually on the cake. So I was thinking of Rhino as an alternative. The advantages I see of the Rhino against the Thererizos for example, would be the maturation time. Practically 3x less. The downside, would be the cost of the saddle ... goes a lot of cement to craft. But if the Rhino has stamina and high damage, this detail of the saddle would be just a detail.
  6. arrojado1200


    Thanks for sharing your experience with the Rhinos. Yes, I know there are far better duels to fight the bosses, and we know that Rex is the "king" in this battle. One of the impediments to using the Rhino would also be the cost of your saddles, because it consumes a lot of cement. However, if the Rhino had really high damage, this would be acceptable.
  7. arrojado1200


    Hello everyone. I wonder if anyone has ever used the Woolly Rhino in the BOSS fights, on the island map or the center. I already watched several videos of this dino being used in Ragnarok to place against the BOSS. I know that the herbivores used for BOSS fights would be Therezinos and Stegos. But the Rhino I still have not seen. I've been wondering if 1 Yuti + 19 Rhinos would be able to kill the island's BOSS or the center.
  8. arrojado1200

    Is Buying Good Rex Eggs Wrong?

    Perfect this text. Rex for Boss is a set of HP + Melee + Saddle. But the secret to getting this in the saddle BP you get. A good BP is possible to fight the BOSS on the Gamma difficulty and already start your element farm. Good luck.
  9. Excellent text ... very good story. My PVP experience began in a medium-sized tribe, we were 14 players. At first it was interesting, everyone working to build a base that could be defended. The pvp happened regularly with smaller tribes. We had the alpha tribe's permission from the server (M.E.R.C.O.S.U.L) to develop us, to the limit. But one day our server was attacked, and we could not defend our base. The server was full 70/70. It was the Apocalypse. Only 2 players were able to get online. After that, I played pvp solo because my friends gave up pvp. In solo mode I did not last long. I acted like a nomad, changing because I always suffered raid. Finally, I entered a mega tribe. I was just a worker, I did not enjoy it. It was a bad experience. After that I went 100% for the PVE. It was in this game module that I started to really enjoy myself. I learned to play Ark in the smallest details. Today I am among the 5 strongest players on my server.
  10. Of course I attacked my enemies. Obviously, you did not have to ask. But unlike you pertaining to a mega tribe, the time spent actually crafting ammo is enormous. You're right, Ark was created to be a PVP game, but not even far from it can be played as a PVP. As I said here in this topic ... raid offline is not pvp. LoL is more PVP than Ark ... kkkk
  11. arrojado1200

    PvP vs PvE, which is played more?

    Dude, I also played PVP for a while and my days were all about crafting ammunition for turrets. I could not enjoy the best of the game, not even explore caves and devote the secrets of ARK. Today PVE game (actually will be 3 years old). And I can say that I am much happier in PVE. I completed all the bosses, unveiled all the cellars, completed ascension, I have base in all the maps, I have genetica top, and now I only lack the last DLC Extincition. Ark is a survival game, but surviving does not mean having to stay all day worried if they invaded my base. I want to be able to explore the world of Ark and become a god in the midst of dangerous creatures. Among PVE players, older players also have community respect, as we are resourceful and useful players so that other players can complete the challenges. We are like the masters of the game, always consulted by the beginners.
  12. Ark is a PVE game and not PVP. Many say that in essence it is PVP ... they are wrong. Ark has so many things to explore on PVE that I left PVP. I played PVP and my days basically boiled down to making ammunition for turrets. Today I play PVE in official server, and I am much happier with this game because I finished all the boss, complete ascension, dominate all the maps and now I only lack the last DLC Extinction.
  13. arrojado1200

    Are they ever going to fix SP resource respawning?

    This was one of the reasons I came back to play on official servers. Despite the zero lag, the SP gameplay has some problems, like this one.
  14. arrojado1200

    Are they ever going to fix SP resource respawning?

    Interesting ... my SP game is respawning trees and berrys, but rocks and metals do not. It has something to do with timers I think
  15. arrojado1200

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    I agree with you 100%. So much so ... I'm gradually moving to the new cluster, though I still maintain 1 base in the legacy. But the example I posted was that, really if W.C. wants to merge the legacy with a new cluster, it's just a matter of decision. Technically they can do this. This is more than right. For that reason, I still maintain my old legacy base. As everything in W.C. is unpredictable, it may be that one day the merge may happen. And if my legacy server is deleted, then I'll already have a scratchable base on the new cluster, and my gameplay will not stop.