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  1. Vacuum Compartment Suggestions According to our tribe has established a vacuum base underwater in genesis, we see several issues and suggestions which could be done better. If anyone got more, feel free to leave something. Issues / Unintended Errors 1. Default "E" button in PC is now unlock and it's too easy to accidentally unlock the compartment and by unlocking, this allows anyone to open compartment's wall and drown the whole base. You can freeze them to avoid this in general but if you jump a little bit or stand on teleport pad, the default is back to "Unlock" which raises the question "Why would we have to unlock this thing ?", It would be better if it changes. 2. Genesis has the whirlpool thing and vacuum compartments are the way to protect players in my understanding. While staying inside compartments and whirlpool took place, We are not affected by random swing thing but we received a little damage from whirlpool and regenerate later. It's not a big deal but combined with ARK official servers loading mechanic when offline, if we leave small HP dinos or players overnight, everything will die. The server load and decrease everything's HP every time whirlpool happens but forgot to load to restore, even the case when we slept in tek sleeping pods overnight, and always die in the morning so sleeping in underwater base in whirlpool area in genesis is not viable now. 3. If we put something in between two compartments or 4, we couldn't access that thing anymore. For example if I put tek light or omni-directional light between boxes, if you wish to turn on or access, you have to demolish compartment first and this is not the cheapest thing to do. 4. For every building things, snap points are too much with minimal change and it doesn't place wherever it shows. It would be much better if we can place where it seems to be, where building blocks are in the same size for every tier and shape, greenhouse vs metal vs adobe vs tek, ceiling vs triangle ceilings. All not in the same standard size and snaps differently. New Suggestions 1. For now we can place things on the floor and sometimes ceiling ( tek lights ), It would be great if we can place/snap things to it's side like normal walls can. 2. There should be a snap point to extend normal building piece from vacuum compartments apart from giant hatchframes.
  2. Logged in, do meat run, collect eggs, punch tribemates, farming resource for a bit , then we decided to go to sleep while a guildy spotted 150 and 145 rock elementals. We decided to kite home to tame for no purpose cause its our 10++ golems and we rarely use one of them. Ended up by all of us stay up late another night.
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