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  1. Hi, today farming meat with a managar I have literally fallen off the map, I was perched on the ground attacking a deinonichus and when I killed it the managarm has fallen off the map being in a flat area ... the server is a Valguero
  2. I'm in the same situation, I've been playing since the new official servers opened, leaving the legacy behind and we've lost everything, 4 years or so they have gone to the trash for an update
  3. Do not be so sure that there is going to be a rollback, I already seriously doubt it, they know very well what is happening and they have not knocked down the servers to avoid more damage as you say, it would not be the first time that the solution they adopt is speaking clearly one poop, I've lost tribe mates I've been playing with for years over things like that
  4. some news? one more around here to which 4 entire bases have disappeared in ragnarok and valguero, any solution ??? or are we going to be left stranded like always? If it were only the base, it could still be assumed, but everything has disappeared, absolutely all the constructions with what was inside them
  5. If you know that this is happening why not turn off all servers?
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