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  1. DarkAriaN

    Ragnarok Boss Manticore

    Hello, we like many people use shotguns, it is really easy to make it land if you take away life while it is in the air. Once we have been trolling to go to land and as it does the animation returns to take flight but it is not normal
  2. DarkAriaN

    Compre una skin y no me la dieron

    Buenas supongo que seras de consola, te diría que abrieras un ticket a la asistencia técnica de ark pero seguramente donde realizaste la compra tendrás alguna forma de ponerte en contacto con ellos
  3. DarkAriaN

    Can a youtuber lie about ARK, 4 views?

    Clearly yes, I personally has spent 2-3 times to learn about future changes by some youtuber and then go read the official stuff and find that what they told you in the video the vast majority of things were rumors and directly invented things.
  4. DarkAriaN

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    Buenas por lo que se creo que es un mapa que no es oficial por lo que para que lo incluyan "oficialmente" supongo que tendría que tener bastante respaldo y viendo que van a meter el mapa de las Islas de cristal no lo esperaría a corto plazo. Un saludo Good for what you think is a map that is not official so to include it "officially" I guess you should have enough support and seeing that they will put the map of the Crystal Islands would not wait for short term . A greeting
  5. DarkAriaN

    Giga starving

    If you are feeding them with tek feeders, they are bearable, but the truth is that it is a torment for how fast they reduce their food.
  6. DarkAriaN

    Best color mutation

    Awesome bird n_n
  7. DarkAriaN

    Titanoboa Egg Farm

  8. DarkAriaN

    Breeding 101

    Thanks for the info