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  1. I am currently breeding into my normal and aberration otters and just wondering what is the highest weight and food stats some of the other otter breeders have come across? Thanks
  2. You can also do it with a crab and throw the anky and that works really well !
  3. Yeh we plan to test it out a bit this weekend on AB to see if our 500vs our 900 MD ones make a huge difference or not such a huge difference. Feel like it won't be too hard to tell by doing that.
  4. It's official server, not a tamed Anky it's a raised and breed into one. But base born is 504 MD
  5. We just hatched some new ones with a base of 504 MD (Aberrant Ankylosaurus) Just wondering what everyone else out there has for them?
  6. I have heard some people saying that Lvling your ankies past 500 MD does nothing for metal farming and it is just wasted points, I was just curious if there was more information on this? Thanks!
  7. Trying to breed weight mutations into my Argentavis line, any and all tips are appreciated!
  8. Without flyers it's a bit hard to make large ramps, just curious how others go about making a really large structure like a ramp without flyers!
  9. https://gyazo.com/704726524225cad9c0eb8484f2fa641c
  10. https://gyazo.com/9644254a990d0601c6644b9e75864b09
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