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  1. server 81 crashes several times a day with rollbacks after every crash. and the lag is crazy. people are afraid to fly their dinos or do anything really because they are losing dinos and items to the crashes. it is to the point where people are looking for other games to play and I am just about to that point. They can fix exploits, which also needs to be fixed, but they can't fix this? This has been an issue since they released homestead, but nothing is being said about it. No word from WC on when this will be fixed, or even if they are looking into the issue. Really unacceptable
  2. i also love this game and between all my accts. have well over 10k hours in, yes thats right 10k hours lol. I have always defended the game when people would comment on the bugs and lag. But with this I can not and will not defend. I realize it takes time to work out some issues, but really no response, no communication at all in over 24 hours??? That is unacceptable.
  3. WTH?? I can't move inside my base without the game freezing for 3 minutes and then either coming back up, only to freeze again when i move 2 feet or completely crashing. Anyone else having this issue?? and are there any fixes for it?? I have restarted ark several times, restarted pc, and even validated files. Other then reinstalling the game I'm at a loss. I really don't understand how this went so bad. I usually defend wildcard, cause I do love the game so much, but really??
  4. raised babies. lol love love the cryopods and the fact that they took care of the tame cap and now i can actually sleep at night and not have to worry about babies dying lol
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