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  1. Give TEK structures a "transparent" option Currently greenhouse structures are the only structures available if you want to make see-trough walls for a nice looking base, or building. The issue is, due to their extremely bad structural integrity it's a bit of a pain in the ass to use them, as even on PvE the tail swipe of some random bronto fighting nearby may tear down half your base walls if you use them a lot. I'd love to see TEK structures getting the option to be turned into "transparent" mode, similar to how you can change foundations to "default" and "block" to alter their visual appearance, being able to do that would provide the ability to have nice visuals without fearing even the weakest creatures randomly breaking your walls - and in my opinion it makes sense too, as TEK is such a highly advanced tier of structure. Would be nice to just have a very thin frame with the original TEK structure textures and the center of the structure being either completely transparent (like clean glass irl) or at least as transparent as the greenhouse structures in the game now.
  2. I have that problem too, restarting the game usually fixes it for me though, it does come back every few hours.
  3. Oh a thing to add by the way, I just found out when i wa slooking a bit at the stats of some Deino babys; their HP uses the wrong value, if you hatch one right now it will have exactly the stats a raptor will have at the same points (means you can asb them as raptor and they will extract perfectly fine, and you can calc stats by hand too if you know all the stat gains and get the same results) - which is "funny" because the HP, according to the stat card on the wiki is supposed to be higher than the hp stat of a raptor, but when trying to calculate the points from the numbers on the wiki (350 at 0 points, plus 70 per point and an additive bonus for a tamed creature of 0.07) , you will be unable to properly calculate the stat value, but if you use the numbers for a raptor (200 at 0 points, 40 per point, 0.07 additive (rounded to 0.1 in game)) you can calculate the hp stat perfectly and get an actual possible point number, plus teh speed stat will be fine too in that case, which even more speaks for that. - I assume this is just some raptorup because they meant to copy all the other stats from raptors and give them the higher health as on the wiki (just for comparison 30 points health now would be 1680.1, while with the stats listed on wiki it would be 2450.1) but forgot to actually change it to the higher health, so the deinos right now are essentially equal to a lvl 100 kibble tamed raptor, stat wise.
  4. That's because on a tamed dino the melee gets modified with the taming efficiency. A baby will ALWAYS have the same melee at the same stat points, as babys always have 100% TE.
  5. That is something I don't believe unless I see a screenshot. 4.4k stam is 116 stat point son a spino, which is basically impossible to archieve, same goes for 150 stat points for 1400 weight. 451% melee is bullpoop and not possible as a base stat on a spino, as the stat points of spinos in melee go 55 = 449.2%, 56=455.1%, 451% isn't a possible value on a baby. Aberrant dinos get a slight hp nerf on their tamed versions (e.g a 45 point hp stat on a normal spino is 7k flat, on a aberrant spino 6720), in return aberrant dinos have slightly higher base dmg (not as in melee % but as in base dmg value) Online stat calculators such as for example dododex only work for pre-tame stats, after the tame melee for example gets modified with a additive and multiplicative modifier causing it to be a lot higher than on a wild dino, for example 30 stat points melee on a wild spino is 250%, while the same 30 points on a tamed one is 302.2% obviously dododex calc being made for wild stats it will give you a completely wrong result. Use this: https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor for pot-tame stats. To answer the original question regarding the unmutated stats, so far I've heard from friends that they got aberrant spinos with 40 points (6k) hp and 47 points (402%) melee unmutated, generally though i'd say everything over like 6k hp, 372% is pretty good.
  6. YellowJacket

    Reaper King

    Oh thanks for noticing, something was wrong with my calculation.... with 100% imprint (30% reduction) and the 70% reduction without light 25k is 119k eHP. Still Megalos with 12k base hp will likely start to exists soon enough, so their tankability will likely be very similar; plus as you already noticed yourself a little bit charge light absolutely destroys the Reapers eHP compared to the Megalos. As far as the HP gain goes, taking the 35 point, slightly above average stat again and assuming 100% imprint (...blahblah you read my original post) and putting all 71 lvlups into hp will result in just short of 74k hp, thats 356.5k eHP with imprint buff and without light. A 9k base hp Megalo will with go to 51.5k, which results in 375k eHP, so actually while the reaper gains a lot more health due to the saddle the Megalo's health scales quite a bit better. And as I already mentioned multiple times, 9k hp for a Megalo isnt particulary high, we'll probably be seeing 12k base hp at some point. What is very true though, is when unridden the Megalos are less than worthless, their dps is a huge pile of nasty poop unless someone does sit on it.
  7. YellowJacket

    Reaper King

    Fair enough; still that "only" brings a Reaper to 56keHP, which is still pathetic compared to the Megalos that will exist in say half a year. Also I calced with 100 armor, keep in mind saddles can reach 125.
  8. YellowJacket

    Reaper King

    Easily. I'll run some calculations, it's important to note that I will assume both the Reaper and the Megalo to have a 100% imprint rider buff. Also assuming you pump all 71 in melee in this case to ease it down. Ok for the Reaper: assuming 35 points hp and 35 points melee (which is above average even for a perfect 150+75) it's stats with all lvls pumped to melee will be: 25380 HP, 856.5% melee => eHP with imprint buff and 15% no light reduction: 37943 dmg per hit with current 75 base dmg: 835 dmg per hit with 100 base dmg: 1113 Now a good-ish Megalo, 41pts HP, 40pts melee base, which I currently work on breeding: 10800 HP, 956% melee Using a 100 armor saddle and a Armor modifier of 4 (thats against being shot and the modifier most dinos have anyways) HP=(eHP-(30% of eHP))*(100 / (100 + 4 * ARMOR)) (Armor formula, a bit modified to give eHP and not dmg reduction numbers; dmgTaken=(dmgDoneToYou-allReduction)*(100 / (100 + 4 * ARMOR)) => ~77k effective HP! That's twice of the Reaper. (It's because of how the dmg reduction of saddle gets applied after all other dmg reductions) Also it will hit for: 981.8 dmg, considering the 79 base dmg of the aberrant version. But wait, there's more! Considering people doing hard core stat breeding it's just a matter of time until we have Megalo stats of around 12k base hp, 449 base melee. With those we have ~111k eHP with rider buff and 100 armor (without 1 lvlup in hp that is) ~1221 dmg a hit For the fun of it we can also add mate boost to that; Reaper can't. =>171k eHP, 1649 dmg a hit. That's about as hard as a non-bred Giga would ever hit, probably higher even.
  9. YellowJacket

    Reaper King

    I'm going to admit that I didn't read this entire thing here but well: Traps don't have to be bad for spawns necessarily, if people know how to build without blocking spawns (e.g. location, or building with structures that dont block spawns), also unless they're as*hats most people wont obstruct pathways too much wiht their traps either. Now to the Reaper itself: Not having a saddle is a huge downsite, but whatever, probably for balance purposes with the dmg reduction without charge light. Also can't really compare it to a Rex because Rex aren't anywhere close in mobility to the Reaper and are basically a mount for one purpose only, which is combat. Meanwhile the Reaper is sort of able to do a bunch of stuff. No Reaper(s) will ever even come close in their eHP to good bred Rex, because of the saddle and because of how the saddle dmg reduction gets applied AFTER every single other kind of dmg reduction (namely imprint and mate boost). Neither will they reach the dps potential of a Rex with the melee stats we're likely going to have in the near future - even now 461% base melee is available on forums, which can bring a Rex as high as 1217% after imprint and lvls. To match that dps a reaper would have to have 1006% melee, which is a) very unlikely for you to get (especially to reproduce after you got it) and b) not considering Rexes can be mate boosted. That being said I already mentioned before Rex only has that 1 purpose and crap mobility. Generally though, I would like to mention that for Aberration purposes they are (at least on the PvE site of things) very capable combat mounts. A guy on my server got lucky enough to get a 46 point base melee on a reaper (396%) and 100% imprint and whether with or without charge light it demolishes any lvl reaper queen, a lot easier WITH the light though. Still I would appreciate them having a small buff to their base dmg, to maybe 80 or 90, maybe even 100, considering the 75 they do have right now is less than an Aberrant Megalo (which opposed to a "normal" Megalo has 79 base dmg) which is even worse if you consider soon enough there will be those Megalos with insanely high base melee too, with the faster attack speed they'll outdps a Reaper, even a good one, so much that it won't even be funny anymore. Even with 100 base dmg I think they'd be balanced against the other maps creatures and they'd sort of be the apex predator on Aberration that they're meant to be, until people get really good stats on Megalos.
  10. I am on official PvE, yeah. Some day those sabers will likely be for trade, but I'm still working on the stats now, still need better food, weight and speed (and eventually melee as I only got 370 Base) and I won't sell "unfinished" lines.
  11. These are the nicest I have got so far:
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