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  1. Invertebrate breeding

    I''ve always asked myself why we don't have invertebrate breeding in the game, as there's quite a few of them, and some are actually very useful (especially the mantis). Also I always thought it is weird that we have 1 invertebrate in the game that is in fact breedable (the squid). After some research I found that the complexity of the life cycle of invertebrates would be too difficult to model into the game, but I can't see why. Especially invertebrates that do not go trough a full metarmorphosis should be easy enough, as for example a mantis nymph is basically just a small version of the adult, the same goes for scorpions, spiders and centipedes. Most of the tameable invertebrates in the game don't go trough a full metermorphosis (exceptions are things like the moth) so I do not see what sets the difficulty to model a life cycle so far apart from the other breedable creatures we have in the game. Not to mention we can actually breed things like the Beelzebufo, which I imagine is far harder to implement a proper lifecycle for, and guess what WC has actually manage to do that. Of course the majority of invertebrates molts to grow, but so do reptiles and also frogs; plus that little bit of scientific inaccuracy won't harm anyone considering we have had birds hatching with full feathers and hard shelled mantis eggs for a while now, without anyone getting majorly butthurt over it. A personal idea for how to realise the invertebrates with a full metermorphosis would be having an egg hatch like an ordinary dino, but not just a small model of the adult hatching but a model of an actual baby of that invertebrate; e.g. a caterpillar hatching from the moth egg. Taking care of the baby would be exactly the same as all other creatures in the game, just that after the juvenile stage (so when it becomes adolescent) you get a "pick up" option like on a tamed bee that will give you a cocoon in your inventory that you have to incubate like an egg again to get it to "hatch" the adult. All in all personally I think that it should be done, I know a lot of people (inculding myself) that really want to breed invertebrates (especailly mantis) and I can imagine there's more people in the ARK community that want to see this happen. If you made it until here I thank you for reading trough this wall of text; leave your opinions on what I said here and maybe we will get breedable invertebrates in ARK at some point.
  2. server NA-PVE-ragnarok68

    Issues still not fixed, appears no one gives a poop. BUMP
  3. 255 ping - Server Official Eu PVE island 44

    lol 2 days mate you're funny. We have this issue on na ragnarok 68 since a week after launch (so over 2 weeks now) and no one bothers to give a f*ck.
  4. server NA-PVE-ragnarok68

    I am aware that this is not the only post about the unbearable lag on some of the Ragnarok servers, but it seems to me that Wildcard does not give a flying f*ck about their official servers - so I decided to create another post. Ever since Irma hit Florida the server's performace is extremely bad, to they point of the game being basically unplayable because it can on some occasions take 10+ seconds to do a task as simple as opening your own inventory. It's more than 2 weeks now that the population of the server is denied to play their game - countless report and posts on the forums have been made, but no remote fix yet, not even an ETA to when a fix may arrive. the lag is so bad that people's dinos that they worked for are starving to death because it is impossible to feed them. Even with the evolution event it is impossible to do anything, as if you'd plan to do something it would still be slower than on a non-lag server with normal rates. This happening to a released game, especially one that shares the price tag with AAA titles is outrageous. Especially considering us not receiving any kind of support with the issue - which is very ironic as the majority of the server's population abandoned their thousands of hours of work on legacy to move to one of the new servers because of the lack of support on legacy after launch. I'm being honest if I could in an easy way I'd try to get my money back at this point, even though I got the game in early acess not even those 15€ are worth it for the game in it's current stat considering the servers. I'd understand if this kind of problem occured during early acess (and those problems did) but I figure after launch the devs should somewhat have an eye on their servers and at least remotely listen to their community. Here are some videos showcasing the lag (and keep in mind this is by far not the worst lag we had during the last 2-3 weeks): Here keep an eye at the spoil timers (also no-so-fun-fact: those wyvern eggs were incubating for 3h already, with the evo event on)
  5. NA PVP Official Ragnarok 64 255+ ping since Saturday 9/11/17

    The lag is still beyond horrible on rag 68. Ever since the lag issue started the server is absolutely unplayable, nothing got even remotely better, it feels like it's even worse now. Plus the x2 weekends are a huge middlefinger to anyone playing on one of the affected servers, as people from other servers will progress way further while the poeple on the laggy servers have no way to properly play and thus due to the x2 fall behind even more than they'd have normally. That will also ruin any breeders planning to breed for trading. Also I might add this definitely does not feel like it's ddos. When Ragnarok first released the server I was on was getting ddosed (rag 34) and those lags were way different from what we're experiencing on rag 68 right now....also it would be a very weird coincidence that the ddos started right when irma hit Florida...but that's just an uneducated guess of me. Fact is this lag is something that definitely should not occur on any game servers of a game with a AAA-title pricetag...In fact I never experienced server lags as bad as those in any game. Just to put the lag into perspective: All the other NA Ragnarok servers are at ingame day ~570, meanwhile Ragnarok 68 is at day 476 right now - and the servers went online AT THE SAME TIME! And don't let the ping shown in the server browser fool you, as soona s you connect the ingame ping display shows 255, and the lag is definitely worse than that, it feels more like a 3000ms ping.
  6. EU PVE Ragnarok 34 down repeatedly

    Ah yeah im spamming the refresh atm hoping it will come up again...
  7. EU PVE Ragnarok 34 down repeatedly

    Yeah the problem for me is that I was just on Rag to reset timers and had eggs incubating on my main server, and it went down like 5 min before eggs were hatching, which is pretty unfortunate. But well, what can you do, guess I'll have to wait until its up again to transfer back.
  8. The server just suddenly went down for no appearent reason and didn't restart for around half an hour now. The server is up again!
  9. Yeah the Change was horrible in my opinion. I need to feed my Troodons once a day now to prevent them from starving (and they're not super low lvl ones) and the Gigas (all bred ones, so not complete poop food stat either) survive maybe 2.5's raptoring retarded, I don't have to feed my real life pets half that often. Another huge problem for me is breeding now...I can basically only breed at weekends now and only breed things that take less than 3 days total; before my babies would, because of being in stasis every now and then, survive me going to university, but now it's impossible, at least for carnivores. Every time I want to play Ark now I log in, see half my poop is at 10% food, feed all stuff and then I'm pissed at the game and log off again, especially with all the beyond retarded nerfs lately.
  10. Troodon carryable on shoulder

    I agree, I hoped it was a shoulder mounted dino when it was released. Though I don't know if that wouldn't make it a bit too strong in PvP, as I play on PvE...but anyways, size-wise it should be carriable, it's not much bigger than a Pego.
  11. Best color mutation

    I am on official PvE, yeah. Some day those sabers will likely be for trade, but I'm still working on the stats now, still need better food, weight and speed (and eventually melee as I only got 370 Base) and I won't sell "unfinished" lines.
  12. Best color mutation

    These are the nicest I have got so far:
  13. Let's talk about Yutyrannus DPS

    Well the base stats and stat gain per lvl are exactly the same as on a Rex I figured, so it would make sense to me if the damage output would also be somewhat close to that of a Rex. And i'm not exaggerating, the attack speed is so slow it's painful to even watch your screen while using that thing, a Allo with the same melee does more dps (without alpha boost!), a Rex does like 1.75-ish the dps. Also I think the AI will use the roars so you dont necessarily need someone to sit on it, but would have to try it.
  14. When they were announced I was pretty excited about these guys, and after they made it into the game I went to find some and I got even more excited when I saw that these guys were almost the size of a Rex, I was kind of hoping for something performing similar to a Rex but having better maneuverability (which it sure has over the Rex). When I finally tamed a decently high lvl one I went to test it, only to be quite shocked by it's bad attack speed and it seemed to me that it has a very low dps. After some testing in singleplayer and comparing it to a Rex it was pretty obvious that the damage output is massively worse than that of a Rex. Don't get me wrong, I see that this dino's main role is to bufgf allies in big fights/ boss arenas but in my opinion the damage is extremely underwhelming, not so much because of the damage per hit, which is pretty decent at 55, as it surely should't do as much per hit as a Rex, but more because of the absolutely horrible attack speed. I'd like to see a buff to the attack speed to make it at least similary fast as the attack speed of a Rex, at least when ridden by a player. What do you people think? Should it stay as it is or do you agree with me that a attack speed buff would be something nice to have? Because I myself can't really see myself to do much with them except just pumping hp on one and taking it to boss fights.
  15. Fix Breeding Please WC.

    Was always like that for me, not all dinos did it but rex, giga and daeodon yes, if I was having them in water and went out of the base 5 min or offline for abit all troughs were empty when I came back, no matter how much meat I put there.... As I said don't ask me why the raptor that's the case but it is like it is, and can't really complain that a glitch is bugged...... I now went away from that and raise everything in normal stasis on an iceberg again and it works perfectly fine as it always did. What works if you really want to water breed is to just set up a chair next to where you breed (in a way so rain refills your water) and just let your pc run 24/7.