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  1. YellowJacket

    Extinction Official 441,442,443 all down

    Yeah its amazing lost char, what a great weekend so far, missing 10h of imprints because of this poop and now also missing all of the rest due to loss of char, good job wildcard, great fixes to lost chars btw.
  2. YellowJacket

    Extinction Official 441,442,443 all down

    Completely rediculous bullsh** first we have to deal with permanent "255" ping for months and now servers go down without any warning and stay down for 5+ hours, depite PLENTY of outage reports being sent in. People can't play, have their characters needed for imprint stuck on the server and/ or have to stay in the serevr browser klickign refresh to log in as soon as the server starts up to not lose valuable dinos/ items because obviously due to the crash they have no remote idea where on the map they will be when the server comes back up. And the fact that getting some crashed servers online again takes longer than most studios take to do a full server maintenance is nothing but embarrassing. The game is definitely "ready for retail" ... But I guess the money potential of ARK is reached in their eyes so no one even cares anymore.
  3. YellowJacket

    Official Extinction Server 442 Down

    443 down over 2h now; its especially great because my char thats stuck there while I have imprints to do on other servers. *facepalm*
  4. YellowJacket

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    Yes I know every egg rolls individually, I was talking as an average expectation value, as the mutation roll on eggs is a binomial probably calculation. Ofc with bad luck you could hatch 10000 eggs without a single mutation.
  5. YellowJacket

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    Basically what the guys above me said, although IF the chance for a mutation thats stated on the wiki is even remotely right (which I doubt, but I tend to be unlucky usually), even with the effectively halfed chance with 499 clean fems and 1 male you'd get 1 mut in every stat each batch of eggs. That being said imo that way of breeding for mutations, regarding the tame cap, is completely retarded. Point still stands though, that the general mutation thing is a bit of an issue with the cap, everyone is holding onto all clean females they somehow can just to use them for mutation breeding later on.
  6. YellowJacket

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    For me a very big reason why I'm selling clean lines and don't "finish" the line with tons of mutations in hp/ melee // weight/ melee is because of teh tame cap itself. It is a massive pain in the a** to get anything done in the first place with server cap, not to mention breeding a line until you have 20+ melee mutations, and 20+ in the other important stats... it's just not going to happen if the server you're on is tame capped 95% of the time. Also another huge reason is that their value, for some odd reason, in selling is a lot higher than for "dirty" lines. I assume this is because people a) like to get their own mutations and b) think that its a huge advantage to improve their stats on, which is debateable because of the way most people who breed for mutations get them (aka the 499 random fems+1 all stat male). Generally the aim should be to get the dinos to base lvl 379 with as los was possible speed stat, because that would cause people to prefer those dinos to use them over trying to improve them further and further; I see this with myself: I can without shame say that my current Ankylos are pretty good, they are full of mutations because some of the satats came form people who didnt care about muts, despite that they are pretty solid. BUT I see myself trying to get more melee/ weight mutations on them just to further improve on those, I still haven't raised one for myself to use because I know they will likely be better relatively soon anyways. I wouldn't do that if they already hit the "magic" 379.
  7. YellowJacket

    Aberration unknown region/ wilderness

    My question has absolutely zero to do with spots big foots are spawning in, nor is it connected to taming them directly (just indirectly). I just need to find a "wilderness" (people who played Ark before official release know those as "unknown region") zone that is free of radiation and buildable on.
  8. YellowJacket

    Spino Breeder Stats - Wutcha got?

    That's because on a tamed dino the melee gets modified with the taming efficiency. A baby will ALWAYS have the same melee at the same stat points, as babys always have 100% TE.
  9. YellowJacket

    Dino Server cap and egg incubation (Giga Egg)

    Being able to claim something has absolutely nothing to do with the server cap, not even remotely, as an unclaimed creatures is still normally counted towards the server cap as tame. You can unclaim and claim stuff as much as you want during the server being capped, also say your server ist capped, you have an egg down incu at 0.1% you kill exactly 1 dino and the egg hatches triplets you can still claim all of them. Gestation definitely does not reserve a tame slot, if the server is capped and you have something born it just overcaps, same if an egg hatches twins/ triplets if theres only 1 tame slot left. To the original questions: 1) Theres no queue for eggs, eggs can only incubate if there's at least 1 free tame slot left. I suggest incubating all your eggs down to 0.1% before such events start, then you can just drop them on your acs and either kill some of your stuff to make them pop or wait until someone else kills stuff (doing that will make people hate you). 2)People are still perfectly able to do everything while your egg is incubating, it doesn't reserve a slot. So If there's 1 free tame slot and your egg is incubating but someone elses egg hatches 10 seconds before yours, yours wont hatch or continue incubating until another tame slot frees up. Server can go above cap by lots of things, mammals giving birth, twins/ triplets also downloading to some degree (they fixed that partially though)
  10. YellowJacket

    Aberration unknown region/ wilderness

    Since the Gigantopithecus has been added to Aberration now I'm wondering if anyone found a somewhat safe spot that's flagged as "Wilderness" or "Unknown Region" yet, all spots I found so far were extremely small and within the Reaper Queen area.
  11. YellowJacket

    Show off your Pink/Red/White VDay Dinos!

    Got this thing... 150 queen with all 75 bonus lvls....sadly came out at worse than poop stats (270% melee....) I'd have killed for one with that colour and 350+ base melee.
  12. YellowJacket

    Spino Breeder Stats - Wutcha got?

    That is something I don't believe unless I see a screenshot. 4.4k stam is 116 stat point son a spino, which is basically impossible to archieve, same goes for 150 stat points for 1400 weight. 451% melee is bullpoop and not possible as a base stat on a spino, as the stat points of spinos in melee go 55 = 449.2%, 56=455.1%, 451% isn't a possible value on a baby. Aberrant dinos get a slight hp nerf on their tamed versions (e.g a 45 point hp stat on a normal spino is 7k flat, on a aberrant spino 6720), in return aberrant dinos have slightly higher base dmg (not as in melee % but as in base dmg value) Online stat calculators such as for example dododex only work for pre-tame stats, after the tame melee for example gets modified with a additive and multiplicative modifier causing it to be a lot higher than on a wild dino, for example 30 stat points melee on a wild spino is 250%, while the same 30 points on a tamed one is 302.2% obviously dododex calc being made for wild stats it will give you a completely wrong result. Use this: https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor for pot-tame stats. To answer the original question regarding the unmutated stats, so far I've heard from friends that they got aberrant spinos with 40 points (6k) hp and 47 points (402%) melee unmutated, generally though i'd say everything over like 6k hp, 372% is pretty good.
  13. YellowJacket

    Reaper King mutations

    The queens always look 100% the same, event or not, the colour the reaper comes out at is totally random and you can't see it before it pops. Got a bunch of orange reapers and a vday reaper, and I killed enough queens now to fill a vault with pheromones and every single queen looked the same.
  14. YellowJacket

    Reaper Kings for Queen hunting

    Non-imprinted works aswell but it really struggles unless it has really good stats, after all the imprint buff gives you a 60% difference of damage takien in the fight (because you take 30% less and kill the queen 30% faster). I'm on PvE so I only ever pump melee on my reapers and even the pooptiest ones I've raised (which were all the 140+ so far....) can kill a queen with the imprint buff, my best reaper (125+75 with 343% base melee) can take on 4-5 queens at the same time if they're low-ish lvl, though I prefer not to haha. Regarding the element water ... if youre fighting a queen in the water be careful because the tail attack will more often than not knock you below the surface and that will likely kill your light pet.