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  1. hello,when you are ready tell me...my stem name skywalker with india picture

  2. hello,when you are ready tell me...

  3. NEW EXTENSION MUSEUM isle 44...location entrance 69/34.5 ... tribe "the thorny dragons" NEW EXTENSION MUSEUM ENTRANCE NEXT TO THE BLUE REX ON THE ROOF, First part of the museum on three floors. take stairs second part of museum, take the bridge that is inside the museum. free entry 24/24h. good visit, and if the museum you like leave me a comment and do not hesitate to talk about it :)... Go around the base and you will discover some architecture to visit.
  4. hello, I have a base on island 44 ... rent 70/35 ... and I can tell you that I met the limit of structures in my lower floors ... if I break a wall I can not anymore the replaced one:) ... if you have a moment come to discover my museum dedicated to ARK ... three stage while taking the staircase + an extension of the museum by taking the footbridge in the museum ... cya
  5. Bonjour les survivants, musée à découvrir ENTRÉE MUSÉE sur trois étages ... descendez les escaliers SERVER ISLAND 44 ... emplacement 69 / 34.5 .... ouvert 24 / 24h vous êtes les bienvenus chez "The Thorny Dragons" Après votre visite, laissez-moi un commentaire ... vous pouvez également visiter mon magasin et mon restaurant ARK ... un circuit de course de rapaces est également disponible ... faites le tour de la base pour le découvrir. ..à bientôt Restaurant and tour departure of towers and wall l
  6. thank you jacira ... ARK is full of surprise;)
  7. a small photo of the museum.To not spoil the pleasure once there:) ...
  8. there are three floors to visit in the museum ... think to take the stairs to go down the floors ..
  9. museum and shop to visit on island 44 hello, come visit a museum, dedicated to ARK ... open 24/24 ... Island 44, location 70/35 ... you will find the museum entrance next to a cyan rex ... there ' three floors, take the stairs ... once finished you can visit my dino sales room, open 24/24 ... there is written SHOP on the facade ... Nice visit, tribune thorny dragons. ...
  10. hello, i'm stuck by the structure limit ... i'm creating a taxidermy museum and lots of other things and the limit of 150 is reach ... would it be possible to increase that limit to 300 ... so that I can finish the museum ARK ... that would be only joy ... thank you very much and that ARK continues to live another decade:) .... I am on official island server 44, in position 70/35 .thank you
  11. if it's on steam ... make a correction of the game in its menu
  12. there is a good group of players ... and a lot of beautiful structures to see ......
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