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  1. Amaya3

    pve Stats for boss

    Hello! Just wanna ask which stats are best for specific dinos on boss fight.. Never done one so want to know I wanna ask on Rex stats, Yuty stats and pig stats also if you were boss with wyverns, stats will be awesome too Thank you!
  2. Nice and fast, pleasure to trade with

  3. Good day m8 I was wondering if you are selling a male spino ty again

  4. Amaya3

    Ragnarok mesh

    i have same problem only with one cave, but i can go through texture here:D
  5. Amaya3

    Issue with Terrain - Babies fall through

    This is old bug Only thing what u can do is that u must build foundation and put your ovis / dinos on it. Baby can fall under it but u can destroy foundation and claim it
  6. I dont think if this help. On our server all have 100-150 dinos. If all will have 150 dinos x 70 players, then its higher than cap. And on 1 server play more than 70 people so, they must make higher cap and then they can limit tribes or it doesnt help.
  7. Hello, we had same problem. But only few times. 2 babies died with food in inventory because they dont eat it. We must force feed them but they dont eat in juvenille stadium too so because we must go to work, we let them die Still Idk why they stopped eat
  8. Amaya3

    Blue graphics bug on Ragnarok

    Same problem on notebook but not on my PC. Its weird. But on PC on Center map i see purple ground when there is lighting so
  9. Amaya3

    Citronal seed

    I always get some with mammoth before our base in redwood but its random what u get.
  10. Amaya3

    Hello! I need help :D

    Hello! My name is SiSi I'm playing ARK from y. 2015 but i had pause. Now I find this forum so I'm new here. I really don't know how it works here for ex. how to get member title from early bird, how to give feedback to someone, how to get reputation things here, etc.. so if you tell me these things i will be happy! Also sorry for my english!
  11. Hello dear, i can't see your trading posts because I'm Early bird here and don't know how to get member status, woops. :D

    But I saw that u sell unicorns. What is your price if I can ask?:)

  12. Amaya3


  13. Amaya3

    Therizins do not work on Rag

    It works fine for me so idk
  14. Amaya3

    Titanoboa Egg Farm