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  1. what u mean? artifacts on our server are fine, they just moved them from older locations to labyrinth
  2. hey i saw that you have a really good trader rating  well i own a small tribe on the nintendo switch 

    and im looking to trade for dinos or items... if you dont use the switch do you know any traders who do?

  3. Hello! Idk if any of you had this problem before but I wanna ask Today I wanna cryo my babies but I stopped with that after first try. When I was cryopoding that one baby it instantly died, it had food and all so I don't know what can be other reason Didn't saw this topic anywhere so I'm asking here
  4. Did u tried to whip them? our megalos dissapeared like that too. They were here but invisible, so they hatched normaly Then we found that whip will " find " invisible eggs
  5. Some of them are working, some of them not Usually after they drop more than 3 crystals they stop to drop anything else. Also there is that drop problem, I know that they are fixed and all but I never get anything else yet after last update then primitive or apprentice crystal from gacha claus, I got already 300 crystals but got ONLY these two From normal gacha im getting primitive, ramshackle and apprentice items So I just wanna know if this is normal drop now or not. I will understand it on normal Gachas but not on Claus
  6. Yes that's true, if it's only nerf then it's okay I just got like 300 crystals already ( yesterday and today ) but only primitive and apprentice crystals from them all so I'm just curious ^^"
  7. Hello! Just wanna ask.. After last update, did u get anything else from your Gachas or Gacha Claus then Primitive and Apprentice Crystals ? Wanna know if it's only me or few more people, cuz I don't wanna feed them if they are bugged Thanks for any reply ♥
  8. Cryo them and then throw them out again I had this experience before and after patch too
  9. yes, after last update we have it same here, from normal gacha and from gacha claus too
  10. We have it same on our server, after 3 crystals what gacha drops it stop eat more mistletoe / coal. Also after first fix on them they only drop primitive or blue items, didn't saw any different crystal from them yet
  11. Your inbox is full. Pm me pls

  12. Nice and fast, pleasure to trade with

  13. Good day m8 I was wondering if you are selling a male spino ty again

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