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  1. We are back in business!! Thank you everyone for your patience while we resolved this issue. Happy surviving!
  2. Hey buddy not to bug you bro, but were you given an eta with server 377 to 380 ps4? I understand the issue and what needs to be fixed, but how long will this take? I appreciate the swift response bro and thank you for the support.

    1. Suuuh


      Yeaah ever going to update us? This has been going on for to long. I was transferring when this happened and all my stuff is in server 378. I'd like to get it back. 

  3. PS4 and Xbox PGM Extinction servers will be resetting March 23 at 11am EST (approx 36hr from now). Plan accordingly!
  4. This machine actually had a hardware failure and the data has to be relocated to new hardware. We are currently waiting for the machine to be reconfigured along with data relocation before we are able to start the servers up again. We have been reassured that all the data is intact though so once the machine is ready we will be able to pick up where it left off before the outage.
  5. An update for you guys... Currently the machine is offline. It was brought back online this morning for a sort duration and crashed a couple times and did not power back on after the most recent crash. We have notified our host about this as it could potentially mean a hardware issue which we will get fixed asap. Unfortunately until they are able to look into this further it will remain offline. i will provide you with any updates regarding the status.
  6. Since this last update, ps4 official servers have been literally unplayable with 9999 ping... it has finally crept into my server as well. I am finding it hard to research these particular issues as there have been no announcements of even an awareness to the issue. I have lost my 232 wyvern due to a last save rollback... I'm afraid to even try to transfer servers. Please help shed some insight here :(

    1. Toxicxwar


      I'm tiered of loosing my wyverns 

    2. Damion99993333


      Yea well us on Xbox have been seeing on every update prefomance upgrade this and that and this last one was supposedly going to fix failed server joins lag out issues lag all together and what happened not a damn thing was fixed and before anyone says you bought a pre release game yea bought key words and what do we see with the updates not fixes more poop messed up every time but there fast to add new Dino's for sure I want a playable game poop I'd be ok with no tek no new Dino's and just the lag fixes I've lost so many Dino's because of lag out and my internet is good wildcard needs to stop this stupid bullpoop with new Dino's tek teir and fix the issues on hand every update fixes nothing but adds four Dino's and poop load of bugs if I could get my money back I would and then would wait for release but it'll probably be ea for four more years like the forest on steam raptoring wake up wildcard we don't want useless Dino's tek and hair we'd like to actually play the damn game 

  7. Hello , could You look up whats going on with SE server 335 PS4 ? It was down half a day and crashed again just now , my 93lvl char died along with my 270+ ptera. Any chance we can get a rollback ? 

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    2. Toxicxwar


      Sameness lost so much and I'm a solo tribe ughh

    3. Venum255


      It hasnt been up at all for in in 5 days. Severely annoyed because that's where my main character and dragon is and I just lost a character the week before I move there. Ive sent them e-mails, posted screenshots on their facebook page, now here. They clearly dont give a damn.

    4. BeNy


      Yup , saw the server online so i transfered and now its 255 ping , cant move/spawn , beds arent loading in (or they are already destroyed since it last for few days already)... pathetic , just pathetic

  8. Artifacts can no longer be placed in dino inventories. This is as of 254.0 I believe.
  9. I will do my best to reply here when the issue is resolved unless I do not receive the information about it being fixed ahead of you guys. Otherwise I would recommend just checking every couple hours.
  10. This server is currently experiencing connection issues which we are working to resolve. At the current moment we are unable actually connect to the machine remotely therefore we are unsure of the current status of the machine.
  11. Are you still having this issue? We put out a patch a couple hours ago and all officials were updated and redeployed so curious if that fixed the issue.
  12. We are working with our host to resolve 377-380 currently. I cannot provide an ETA right now but they are in a different time zone so it could take some time.
  13. Just some info for you guys.. Scorched Earth DLC should now be live and downloadable. It's about 5gb on top of the 20gb main dl. Currently looking into dashboarding issues.
  14. Still working on this. The current save will be a slight rollback from the most recent. Will be monitoring for further crashes if this doesn't resolve the issue.
  15. All major version require a client update. That is for example 749.x -> 750.x -> 751.x. Minor builds fall under the ".x" portion and do not always require a client update. But major versions will ALWAYS require a client update. Major builds are when new content comes, and in some very rare cases when we have to make a big change that can't be done in a minor build.