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  1. 499-502 Gone

    These should be back up!
  2. I am telling Jen that you ran over her parasaurs! Great video though nonetheless!
  3. Xbox server rental (Canada)

    When dedicated server renting is available for consoles, Nitrado will be the only available host for starters anyway. Depending where you live in Canada you might have a pretty good connection to some of the US hosts. All of our official NA servers are hosted either in Miami, NY, or LA and can service NA pretty well. Also keep in mind the server should have better performance and connections than a console hosted one.
  4. NA-PVE-Ragnarok15

    This should be fixed now
  5. Official Server 348 Has been down for almost 24 hours and I've reported it on various different parts of the website please fix it m8 thx

  6. server 643 pin 255 long time

  7. Panda, Ragnarok13 has been down for 32 of the last 48 hours and none of my inquiries are being responded to. Can you please let us know why?

  8. Server 419 down 4 day !!!

    Server should be coming back online in a few minutes. Sorry about the downtime on this one. All of our tools indicated it was online and joinable by players.
  9. PvE Ragnarak 60 down

    Sorry folks. This should be fixed now. We've had some issues with a few of the Ragnarok isolated machines but they should be resolved. They required relaunching but doesn't appear that yours was relaunched.
  10. Hey can you please add official server 550 to the down server page. We have had over 30+ people report and still 3 hours later the server is still down.

  11. Did you get my reply email about the glitch?? Just want to make sure u got it

  12. Hey lilpanda, don't know how to reach wildcard anymore. Sended multiple tickets but no response at all! My main character is on server 459. This server is down for almost 4 days now!! Missed a lot of imprints, not able to help the server out with crossraiders. When is this ever gonna be fixed? It is server na-459 pvp on ps4.



  13. EU Ragnarok 27 down for 30+ hours

  14. Server 146 on the playstation 4. Anyone who joins this server is getting stuck here. Won't let you transfer nothing out of the server including characters. Can you please fix this my character has been stuck over there since the update.

  15. EU Isolated Ragnarok 60 down for more than 30 hours now