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  1. I've got another update for everyone here. We are in the process of setting up a new machine with a different host for this cluster of servers. Once set up we will transfer the saves and perform the rollback and the server will be back online. I will post here once they're up as the IP will have changed. Hang tight!
  2. It's quite possible. I am not certain when he transferred or when the outage took place entirely but it's quite possible he could lose his character depending when the rollback goes to.
  3. Hey guys just wanted to give you an update on what is going on with these servers. They've been getting hit with a ddos attack for the past several days which prevents them from being accessed by you and us as well. The host that is hosting these has limited protection therefore it's not something that we've been able to mitigate as we normally would. With that said, I am working to get these back online or worst case scenario move them to different hardware (less likely to happen). Once we get connectivity back to these machines we will be performing a rollback on the servers (99-100 & 822). I am not 100% on the length of rollback but I can provide you some more information when that does take place. Also I'd like to mention that server 100 is actually the Ragnarok server that is un-numbered. There was a configuration issue that prevented the number from being added, which is fixed now and for future. I will post some information when I am able to get connectivity to this machine. Rest assured that even if the server is running we have a few backups from the past couple days (and prior) that we are able to revert to. Hopefully this week we will be able to get you guys back in action.
  4. PS4 Extinction Servers

    Hey guys, I am looking into this issue. It looks like the servers are running but not listing properly therefore are unable to be joined. I'll let you know when I have more information regarding this.
  5. This is an issue with Steam for some reason when switching between beta branches (or to a non-beta branch) it does not properly update. If you have access, you can go into your server files and delete the SteamCMD folder. It's also recommended to delete the steamapps folder, as linked in the post above. This will force a re-download of the SteamCMD software thus allowing an update to occur once you relaunch the server on the regular Ark (non-beta) branch. Doing either or both of those deletions should fix the issue for you.
  6. For clarification, you are trying to make the decay settings resemble official servers where decayed dinos are no longer claimable under any circumstance, correct?
  7. Day 1 server wipe... Xbox official?

    Was not meant to be a 12hr rollback. Should be coming back in a few minutes. An hour or less rollback now
  8. PvP NA 503 rag keeps crashing

    503 should be back online. A slight rollback was performed but it should be stable now.
  9. Server Outage (Xbox 578-581)

    This machine is having some hardware issue currently. Our host and data center are aware of the issue and will be looking into it and working on a resolution as soon as possible. I will post when I have more information regarding Xbox 578-581
  10. Nitrado server transfer issue

    If you're doing this on a Nitrado PC-hosted server, the servers have to be clustered together (using the same cluster ID) otherwise you will not be able to transfer.
  11. Extinction Servers as promised.

    Extinction servers went back to non-PGM at retail launch as promised.
  12. Setting up PC Server for PS4

    PS4 PC-dedicated servers are only available via third party hosts at this time. There are 4 hosts available currently that provide game servers all around the world: Nitrado Multiplay Survival Servers Gportal
  13. The only servers that have a countdown timer (or should) are Extinction servers. These timers show up on the spawn screen in the top right side in bright red. This could be an extinction server he/she is playing on as those did reset 10 days ago and run for 30 days. Please get some more info and we can certainly look into this if it's actually occurring on a non--extinction server.
  14. This has been fixed now
  15. Something happened

    You're quite welcome!