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  1. This is a known issue currently with 194-195. I am working with our host to regain connectivity but have not been able to yet. I will post any updates I have here.
  2. Server 93 down

    Server 93 should be fixed now. I've also fixed the structure locking for it which should now be in effect from here on out.
  3. This should be fixed
  4. Restart your Steam client and you should get a small update fixing the client versioning back to v270.1
  5. This server should no longer be in hardcore mode. I've also done a rollback to prior to the last patch. This should restore any characters that were lost in the time the server was in hardcore mode.
  6. Server 93 down

    Server 93 should be back online. Sorry about the delay in getting that one back up.
  7. We've released a few OC region servers across PC, PS4, & Xbox. The following servers are listed below: PC 205-209 PC Hardcore3 Xbox 627-639 Xbox Hardcore5 PS4 466-473 PS4 Hardcore5
  8. The center 456 now hardcore

    Servers 455-459 have been restarted and should no longer be hardcore once they are back online.
  9. The save that is currently live is the most recent save that is stable. Newer saves were causing constant crashing or crashing after a short duration of uptime (1h-2h). The only preventative measure for the constant crashes was to use an older save. This does unfortunately mean that some people will have lost things but was unavoidable in this situation. The brighter side is that it's not a complete rollback to day one so some stuff remains for some of the players on the server.
  10. Still working on this server. Shooting in the dark currently trying to stabilize the server.
  11. Alright guys, the save that is up currently is the most recent stable save. It's definitely a rollback but the alternative is a completely wipe due to a corruption in the most recent save files.
  12. Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    If you're wanting to use the save data in singleplayer follow these steps (Depending on the map, Step 2 will vary): Step 1. Extract the zip into a folder of your choice. Step 2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal {alternatively: TheCenterSavedArksLocal, RagnarokSavedArksLocal, ScorchedEarth_PSavedArksLocal}. If the folder does not exist, create it. Step 3. Copy the files from the unzipped folder in Step 1 and paste them into the directory above. NOTE: This will override any save data you have in this folder already. Specifically your character and map save so back those up if those exist already. Step 4. Launch your game and enjoy the nostalgia! Note: You can also do this using a hosted server. You may need to check with your host for the correct save location.
  13. Acc Bug?

    I've not seen a ticket for your account or old account. Please make sure you submit one using the Forums and Forums Account option otherwise we will be unable to assist you.
  14. Is this hacker?

    This topic is in regards to the tester icon and has already been answered. If you'd like to discuss the masking of identity, I'm sure there are plenty of discussions out there regarding the use and if it's ethical. If there is not, feel free to make one and discuss it there.
  15. We've released a new batch of servers on PC, PS4, and Xbox! Get out there! PC NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok194 NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok195 EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok196 EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter197 EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland198 EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland199 EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter200 EU-PVE-Official-ScorchedEarth201 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok202 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter203 EU-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth204 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok205 PS4 NA-PVE-PS4Official-Ragnarok455 NA-PVE-PS4Official-TheCenter456 NA-PVE-PS4Official-ScorchedEarth457 NA-PVP-PS4-ScorchedEarth-Hardcore3 NA-PVE-PS4Official-Ragnarok458 NA-PVP-PS4Official-TheCenter459 NA-PVP-PS4-TheCenter-Hardcore4 EU-PVE-PS4Official-Ragnarok460 EU-PVE-PS4Official-Ragnarok461 EU-PVP-PS4Official-Ragnarok462 EU-PVE-PS4Official-Ragnarok463 EU-PVE-PS4Official-TheCenter464 EU-PVP-PS4Official-TheCenter465 EU-OfflineRaidProtection-ScorchedEarth-CrossArk10 EU-OfflineRaidProtection-Ragnarok-CrossArk10 EU-OfflineRaidProtection-TheCenter-CrossArk10 EU-OfflineRaidProtection-TheIsland-CrossArk10 Xbox EU-PVP-Xbox-TheIsland-Hardcore2 NA-PVP-Xbox-TheCenter-Hardcore3 NA-PVP-Xbox-ScorchedEarth-Hardcore4