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  1. lilpanda

    server reset too day 1 HELP!

    Should be fixed now!
  2. At 1pm Eastern on October 11th we will be taking down some of our NA and EU servers for maintenance on PS4 and Xbox. We expect maintenance to last for approximately 2 hours. During this time the servers will not be running therefore time will not progress. Once the servers are back online, they will require re-adding to your favorites list as they will have new IP addresses. Below is a list of all affected servers. PS4: Xbox:
  3. On October 9th at 1am AEDT through 5am AEDT (October 8th 10am EST - 2pm EST) our OC data center will be undergoing network maintenance. During this time all of our OC servers on PC, PS4, and Xbox may be unreachable. We anticipate only partial downtime for the majority of this period however from 3am AEDT - 4am AEDT (12pm EST - 1pm EST) we expect a brief full network outage, therefore servers will be unreachable. As this maintenance is occurring in off-peak hours and of small duration we will not be shutting these servers down during the maintenance. Please be aware of this scheduled maintenance and plan accordingly.
  4. 349 has been moved to a new machine. The IP will have changed so you will need to search for it and re-favorite as the old favorite will no longer be valid. If you guys have further issues, please create an outage report. Going to lock this thread now. Thank you everyone for the patience!
  5. I am placing 349 on our maintenance list. I don't have a set time for it but it will occur sometime in the next 24 hours. I will post here when I have more information on when it will take place.
  6. The server should be back online in a couple of minutes. Data transfer was a bit slower than expected but it is in the process of booting up. You will need to search the server list and re-favorite the server once its back online. EDIT: 350 is now back online. Let me know how the performance is for both 349 and 350 now that there has been a hardware transfer.
  7. Server 350 is currently undergoing maintenance. Maintenance should be completing in ~15 minutes from now @ 1:30pm eastern time.
  8. Hey guys, sorry for the lack of answer and transparency here. 350 was meant to be moved awhile ago due to the constant performance and crashing issues but got left off the list. I can assure you that it will be moved to another machine in our EU data center which should make 350 run much better as well as 349 (this one is staying in its current location). I will likely plan an 'emergency' unscheduled move Wednesday afternoon eastern time but will post here when the transfer takes place so everyone is in the loop. I really do apologize that this issue has been ongoing for so long and has not been resolved sooner.
  9. We base the list off of a few metrics, namely the average players playing and the max number of consecutive players. We look at this across a week (rather than just a single day, as many of our players only play weekends or only play during weekdays). We never stated that all servers on our list are ones that are completely dead and have zero players but generally speaking there are quite a few that are completely dead with maybe a single person playing for the entire week duration. I'd be happy to look into your server though and see if there is indeed a mistake in the list, but the current list was actually given a very generous cutoff point for being considered "active" especially with this round of cutoffs compared to previous migrations.
  10. Nope no PC kill list this round! PC has fewer legacy servers compared to PS4 and Xbox. After analyzing the numbers there were no PC servers that met any of our cutoffs so we opted to keep them all active for this round. That's not to say there won't be any in the future though as it's all about whether people are playing on the maps or not, but they're safe for now -- Oh, I also pinned the topics. Thanks for the reminder, they were meant to be pinned!
  11. Below is a list of Legacy servers that will be deleted September 24th. You have from now until the 24th to move your belongings onto a server not present on this list.
  12. Below is a list of Legacy servers that will be deleted September 24th. You have from now until the 24th to move your belongings onto a server not present on this list.
  13. Thanks for the info. Seems like its disconnects and rubberbanding, rather than actually crashing the server. I will poke some more and see if I can isolate the issue.
  14. Could you guys be a little more specific on the issue you are having? I've looked into the machine and there is no crash on your server since July 6th. It seems most likely that you guys are all getting disconnected but would need some more information. To confirm though, this is EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter350, on PC correct?
  15. Can ya guys please let me know if you are still seeing this issue? It looks like 529-531 was already fixed as of last Wednesday and 557-560 should be fixed as of ~5 min ago. Let me know!