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  1. Hey Survivors! I just wanted to provide the players of Asia-PVE-PS4Official-TheCenter604 and EU-PVP-XboxOfficial-Ragnarok331 an update on the status of these two servers. These two servers have experienced a save loading issue thus we have taken them offline. One of our engineers has been tasked with looking at these two servers. With that said, it will still be a few more days before we are able to get any sort of resolution on these due to the need of a high level engineer. We are working on the issue and I will provide an update on these when I am able to do so in the coming days. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and continued support. Hope to see you back on the ARK soon!
  2. MAINTENANCE COMPLETE The following servers will be undergoing immediate maintenance. Maintenance should last approximately 3 hours. The servers will remain offline during this time and time will not advance. Upon completion the servers will resume from when they were taken offline. Servers not in the list below will not be affected.
  3. Hey guys! We've managed to get the network issue fixed and these servers should be coming back online right now. Remember that you will need to search for them again due to them having new IP addresses. In regards to players losing things, this is unfortunate and not something I enjoy happening to any of our players especially those that have been playing on these servers for 2+ years. At this time we aren't doing any form of support for legacy servers but I will have a chat with our support team and see if we are able to work something out since this was a significant loss for many and not something we could have predicted happening. Thank you all for your patience though while we figured out a solution for getting these servers back online.
  4. Hey guys just wanted to give you a status update. We've put 84-86 back online. We are currently awaiting a network change from our host to bring 34-39 back online. As soon as we get them online I will be sure to post here.
  5. Hello Survivors! The past couple of days we have been working on restoring PC servers 34-39. The hardware hosting these machines had a major hardware failure which resulted in the data being lost on these machines. The good news is that we have backups of our server data regularly and we have been able to restore some of the data but it is a week old backup from Jan 2nd. Anything between Jan 2nd and when the server went offline will unfortunately be lost. As for PC servers 84-86, these were taken offline earlier today for emergency maintenance as a precaution as to avoid the same fate as PC 34-39. These servers have not suffered any data loss though so they will be in the same condition as they were when they went offline. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused you, our players, and hope that you can understand the circumstances. These servers should be back online very soon and they'll be on newer hardware that will be more stable as well as with a different host provider. The new hardware should provide better performance however there may be a change in ping due to the server moving to a new location. These servers will be using new IP addresses so please be sure to search for the servers once they're back online. We are anticipating on having them back by 9PM EST. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this situation. Wildcard Panda
  6. EU server 674 keeps crashing

    This server should be fixed now.
  7. PvP PvE

    This should be fixed now. I performed a rollback to right before the last launch which caused the issue.
  8. Hello PS4 Survivors! I'd like to take some time and address the concerns surrounding PS4 OC Legacy Aberration servers and the recent disappearance of a majority of them. First, this was an intentional removal due to a mistake in the configurations for our official servers. Initially we were meant to launch 3 OC legacy servers on PS4 and the remaining were set to be launched as Non-legacy, as that's the more popular type. Due to the configuration error PVP/PVE-OC-PS4Aberration923-942 were misconfigured as legacy servers thus creating 20 extra legacy servers which was not intended. We corrected this mistake shortly after but that then meant that anyone who traveled to any of these servers lost their character. Since this was our mistake and it will have affected a large amount of the OC playerbase, we have opted to put two servers back online on different hardware and have transferred every character data profile to those respective machines. There will be one PvE and one PvP legacy server in which the profiles are located. When joining these servers, if you have been on 923-942 before, you will be asked to download a character. If you'd like to keep your character and take it back to your home server this is the option you want to do otherwise it will be lost forever and will not be replaced. Some survivors may still end up losing their character due to having several characters across these few servers we took down but unfortunately this was unavoidable. With that said, the two new servers will be PVE-OC-PS4Aberration923 and PVP-OC-PS4Aberration924. They will have zero structures on them and are completely fresh servers (except for the characters). We really apologize for this confusion and inconvenience to all of our players on these servers and rest assured that the issue has been corrected for future and should not happen again.
  9. EU Cross Ark 2-island map still missing

    Are you still experiencing issues with this server? It was restarted which should have corrected the issue.
  10. WOAH Server 82 2 1/2 hour rollback

    Unfortunately there was an issue with the save file being corrupt which required a rollback of this server. It was not something that was predictable or avoidable so the only option was a rollback. The server is back online and is stable now so no further rollbacks should occur.
  11. We'll look into getting this machine moved around a bit this week so it prevents some of the crashing that is taking place.
  12. Xbox Official Extinction Servers

    These extinction servers are now wiped
  13. Xbox Official Extinction Servers

    Xbox Extinction servers will be resetting at 3pm EST (~10 minutes). There will be no change in rates currently but I will put it on the table and see about having them changed for this month or possibly next.
  14. Server Outage (Xbox 578-581)

    These servers are coming back online now. They've been moved to a new machine. The IP address remains the same though. This should solve any issues now.