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  1. Can you help I lost my character. I was changing servers and I started to get attacked and I joined a random server and did not see the server number. Anything you can do?

  2. Hi mate,

    we merged two tribes and everything was good but the next day, one of the guys found his self out of the tribe and in his previous tribe, he then left that tribe and made a new one so we could invite him, we invited him again and all good but when he disconnected everything from our tribe belongs to his new tribe, and when he logged in he is now in our tribe, so everything we have now belongs to a tribe no one is in.

    would love if its possible to rush some fix, we are pretty desperate atm since we cant even play.

    Tryied everything, tickets and contacting everyone, hopping for a response asap. ty in advance

  3. This is indeed the icon of our official testers. They are merely testers and play the game the same as you and other players.
  4. A quick glance at the machine doesn't indicate any specific issues but there could be an uptick in network with it being the weekend and a pvp server. That would most certainly cause increased pings on the server especially since the servers don't run solely on their own hardware. I will monitor this and see if there are any irregularities. I can confirm that I am seeing pings between 130-150 myself currently however.
  5. This post isn't related to ARK itself but rather the forums and communication of developers therefore it was moved to Off Topic. As for replying to Reddit more than here, the same could be said about Twitter over Reddit or Steam over any of the others. We try and make our rounds but some platforms tend to make issues much more visible much quicker and easier. Thus you will see lots of activity on Twitter or Reddit because it's quick and problems become apparent quick, we do however keep our players updated here and reply when necessary on posts providing information. It's also much easier to see activity on Reddit or Steam because players can use the dev tracker to view our activity in one single view.
  6. Can't say for certain as I don't know if the machine is running or not. In cases like this I would prepare for the worst unfortunately.
  7. This server and others on the same machine are not reachable currently. I don't have an ETA of when this will be fixed.
  8. I'm sorry for doing this on your profile but I simply can't create a topic. I've already done the human verification.

    1. lilpanda


      Early Birds have a 4 post per 24hr limit to prevent excessive spam.

  9. The restart was an intentional restart on the machine. Prior notice was not able to be provided for that group of servers at the time so I apologize for that. Monitoring the server over the past hr+ it seems as if things are running much more smoothly though since the restart.
  10. In the future, please create a separate topic for issues such as this since it's not patch related. I'll go ahead and answer this though. Currently since Primitive+ has not been updated to the most recent version, the scissors (like new dino saddles) are not implemented. They will come in the next Prim+ update shortly.
  11. These were a bit slow to update. Sometimes the OC servers take their time with Steam.
  12. We have engineers working on this machine. It's been having some problems and we hope to have it functioning back to normal sometime this evening EST.
  13. Hopefully in the coming weeks we will be able to release some performance increases as we have been working on preventing stalls on login and general network communication with our last few PC patches.
  14. I've heard of a similar issue like this before. I believe it was able to be resolved by knocking the dino out and then waking it back up. Try that and see if it works out for you.