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  1. MAINTENANCE COMPLETE Update at 10:30PM UTC: The servers are still going through maintenance and we expect this to last an additional 2-3 hours. We appreciate your patience and will keep updating this thread with information as it arises. ---------------------------------- At 2:45 PM UTC (7:45 AM PT/10:45 AM ET) on September 3rd we will be taking down some of our North America servers for maintenance to provide network improvements. We expect maintenance to last for approximately 6.5 hours. During this time the servers will be unreachable. Below is a list of all affected servers by platform. PC PS4 Xbox
  2. Hey guys can ya let me know how it's going now? We fixed the hardware issue that was causing the current problem.
  3. I'm looking into this currently. It appears there is a hardware issue, which happened AFTER the maintenance I did last week. We'll work on getting some more info and getting this fixed up asap.
  4. 558 is now back online! Please let me know if there are further issues going forward on any of these 3 servers
  5. I will be taking down 558 for maintenance shortly to move it to another machine. This should resolve most of the issues you're seeing on 556-558.
  6. Hey guys! I've looked into this issue. We will get one of these servers onto our maintenance list for today. The maintenance is only required for one server of the 3 to resolve the issue for all of them so don't be alarmed if yours isn't under maintenance. I will put notice here when maintenance takes place
  7. Yes, it's happening on Valguero on all platforms.
  8. On officials they are turned off. By default though on unofficial and dedicated full transfer is allowed. So its all dependent on the server if they allow it or not.
  9. yes this is intended. ARKpocalypse was the only gamemode where we left transfers fully open. 1) the map wipes in 3-4 days from now 2) with regular wipes every 30 days it didn't make sense to lock the content on that one server in an already limited closed cluster.
  10. Sorry I can't be of much more help as I'm not an expert with ASM by any means
  11. Valguero is not canon so it doesn't follow the ARK storyline. Yes they are just a limited time thing The item, dino, and survivor transfer restrictions are server settings. Default single player is to allow free transfer of any of those back and forth. There should be one Hardcore server. I think it's Hardcore8
  12. it definitely works by just manually entering 'Valguero_P' into the map field. That's how we run some of our unofficial test servers
  13. If you're referring to ASM, you can actually manually input the name (Valguero_P) into the map name field until its updated by the creator. Third party host providers should have the option available at launch if they are supporting the map. NoTek will not receive the map, at least not currently. As it stands, NoTek hasn't gotten either The Center or Extinction. We may release these to the cluster at a later date though. Hardcore will, I forgot to add that into the provided list. It will only be a single server though like most of the other maps on the hardcore cluster. Arkpocalypse will be wiping normal time (the 22nd this month), short season was just in reference to Valguero only being live for 4-5 days instead of the full month due to the usual wipe.
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