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  1. Sharing is Caring! Ragnorok Loot crates

    I think you might just be getting beaten to the punch I have noticed that if there is a lot of sea scorpions around the sunken ship area the chances are the chest has not been looted lately and it will be there for you once you clear the sea scorps. However if its a little tooo quite around the area then chances are someone was there before you.
  2. Sharing is Caring! Ragnorok Loot crates

    thanks! forgot to mention that i have been frequenting the entrance area to the ice queen cave ^^ found some interesting stuff also! and the dimorph thing is somethign i have been planning on too it looks really fun!
  3. Sharing is Caring! Ragnorok Loot crates

    Im sorry i dont understand the issue with the pve tag. Why wouldn't i put PvE tag? I play on a PvE server so i'm going to put pve as the tag over pvp Edit: The reason the pve tag is there is because initially i posted this question in a different forum that required a specific tag, it was then moved to general and has not been changed. I understand what you mean now ^^ I realize there is a vast amount of information available from googling however due to the amount i have found it difficult to find a particularly good source. This is why I made the post, perhaps someone has that particularly good source that they could share. I feel the forums on the ark website is a good place to look for someone that could share that kind of thing And thanks for the tip about sea scorpions ^^ I have learned the hard way to stay away from those ^^ thanks!
  4. So I have been wondering about loot chests/crates/drops etc on Ragnarok. To be honest i have not had much luck with loot on rag, at all. I have found a couple of keepers here and there but there are some spots that i know of but just don't know the area... for example deep inside the ice caves and also the jungle cave. What should I go prepared with? Sets of armor? Naked? I just don't know the layout for these places either can anyone share a reliable resource/article/video/reddit post that gives some helpful tips or where to look? As a solo player its a bit more of a mission to do these kind of runs for the first time and until i know what i'm in for It can get a little frustrating getting killed by worms before i have managed to find the exit in the ice cave. I understand i should have a flyer by the exit as i will jump down a waterfall but no idea how to get to there form inside the cave. And going in with 3 shields and 3 sets of expensive armor to end up losing them because i don't know where the hell to go is getting a little disheartening. Any info or sources of info would be really really appreciated. I will give anyone who doesn't know my only spot that i know of outside of the loot caves, so perhaps you too could give your two cents? There is only one spot in the sea that i know of for reliable loot. and that is in viking bay where the sunken ship is. Is there anyone that would mind sharing some good spots they frequent? Thanks for reading and have a good time on the ark!
  5. Hi, looking for a female rex for breeding, would you be willing to trade?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Matilda


      Also would be interested in taking adobe walls/ceilings

    3. Poltergeist


      got a mc rex saddle bp.. not for sale tho. I'd be happy to craft you a saddle with my crafting char?

    4. Matilda


      Hmm thankyou but wouldn't be interested in trading a fert egg for a saddle :( I appreciate it though :)

  6. Oooo that is very pretty indeed! Haven't seen that shade of gold before you should be really pleased with that ^^
  7. ^^ thankyou =P I couldn't believe it when i saw i, made my weekend!
  8. https://gyazo.com/dcc5a0710403450aa9be2b2611fa8cbf I just had to share this somewhere I'm in love!
  9. Just got this mutated theriz and i'm in love with it! Finally got the combined colours i wanted :D


  10. Spoiler

    Jerboas IRL are too cute. 


  11. Griffin Balance

    Please stop quoting me i get it you don't find it funny. But please stop pinging me with notifications :L
  12. Griffin Balance

    Oh boy calm down already. I didn't come here to cause offense or cause friction.
  13. Griffin Balance

    O,..,O Is it really not that clear this is sarcastic/ an attempt to lighten the mood in this thread >.>
  14. Griffin Balance

    Well I just thought that as everyone is talking in technicalities.... Technically.. what i listed is a counter to a griffin. It was stated that nothing will counter a griffin ^^ Its getting a little to testy in this thread sense of humor failures are occurring all round.
  15. Griffin Balance

    Please do not nerf anythi.ng at all about Griffin in PvE. This mount was clearly made for rag and is so much fun. Do what you want in PvP but please speak for yourself. There are many counters to the Griffin: 1. Getting stuck clipped into a wild giga, dead. 2) d/c'ing above the scar, griffin will die. 3) freezing at the scar and diving I to lava, dead. 4) being curious at the castle and left clicking. 5)trying to hot tail it out of the cove and getting a little too close to the water. I could go on and on.