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  1. Gotcha! Figured you did ^^ to much of a coincidence, Edit: Also i'm a bit slow, if it wasn't obvious.
  2. Ahh okay fair enough =P Just in case you guys didn't know Narcotics Anonymous is the same as Alcoholics Anonymous but for anything other than Alcohol. Would have been a great cross over name =P Thanks anyway.
  3. Heya, Just curious if the Narcotics Anonymous name is just that, a name or are you guys in recovery? Only asking becuase if it was the latter I would be really interested in seeing what is like A sober server sounds amazing!
  4. Inbreeding

    Oh thank you very much for the info! And thank you everyone else who replied
  5. Inbreeding

    Just curious here. Does anyone have any info on inbreeding dinos? Are you more likely to get mutations if you breed further and further down the family line?
  6. New Player Start

    Well, It really does depend on what your preferences are. I my self play on a PvE server. I put a lot of time and effort into building my base and enjoy finding the perfect tames with the right stats. In PvP this is just something that isnt focused on, or at the very least there is 0 security. You are more than likely going to log back into the pvp server to find you base that you have started has been destroyed by and alpha tribe. If you want to stand any chance you will need a fairly large trustworthy tribe to be apart of and you are not likely to be invited to one if you are new to a server and have not made yourself known to be trustworthy. People get very nervous inviting strangers to a tribe that they have put a lot of work into. PvE for me is actually relaxing and enjoyable because you can start of solo and just go at your own pace while getting to know people. I did the same thing and eventually started my own alliance with a few people that i had gotten to know and a couple of weeks ago invited one of those people to my tribe. There are lots of nice people in PvE and if thats your thing you will enjoy it! But if you arnt to fussed about taking things slow and steady and just want to get into killing each other and raiding bases pvp is the way to go for that. Hope this helps in some way! Good luck and have fun
  7. Hello! I need help :D

    Hahah I just want to be able to "react" to peoples posts, and i have no idea how to do it! If you find out let me know Also if you figure out how to get access to the trading forums ^^
  8. Hello! I'm Matilda from Th Island 45 and transferred to a Rag server 211 when it opened. Just leaving my mark here on the introductory page ^^. If anyone has any good tools or programs they use for breeding/taming other that or the app I would really appreciate your recommendations. Also if you can name any good videos or guides in relation to breeding in general. I have just got as set up as i wanted to and I'm excited to start having fun with stats. Thanks for reading! GLHF =P
  9. @Crazytheman30 got any nice rexes for trade?

  10. Is there anything that can be done about players on a PvE server continually griefing by locking up offline players in cages and just spamming chat with hateful and attention seeking behavior every single night? They keep making an ass of themselves as well as harassing players by going into peoples bases with the owners there and turning off grills and forges etc. It iisnt something that has affected me but i can see other players in chat having extreme problems with the behavior and actions cuased by this one player. Just wondering if there is any specific protocol to follow or if there is in fact anything that can be done.
  11. Has anybody had this issue? It has happened to me at least 4-5 time. When transferring armor from my body to either dino inventory or my inventory I have had 1-2 items of armor simply vanish. No where to be found. Im not quite sure how to upload a screenshot of it happening because when it does its too late.
  12. Obelisk timer bug

    I haven't had any problems with transferring eggs BUT i have had issues with armor simply disappearing from transferring from my body into the obelisk inventory. Anyone else?
  13. @Gentleman can you post the link to the steam profile please
  14. Thank you mogrot i did that and the name is "Laurens (CHATBLOCK)"
  15. Hey, Just wondering if we could get some help please. It is no issue for me really as i have everyone added in a group chat off of ark however.... For two days in a row now there has a been a spammer in general chat by the name of CHATBLOCK they just come in and flood the chat with a generic copy paste message non stop without letting up. It renders the chat system useless. It has happened two days in a row now on EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland45- Could you please look into the @Jatheish or anyone that has the power to? The spammer has also claimed to do this on other servers also. I have attached a screenshot for reference. If you could help that would be really appreciated as i know new people joining the server are probably really put off by this immature behavior. Not a very good first impression. Have a good day!