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  1. Please please could I get some help with this :( Im really enjoying Genesis and have been having such a great time on the official server. But I just spent the best part of 10-12 solid hours in preparation for taming a 145 Bloodstalker and the instant it was tamed, it vanished along with this tribe log. This is an Official PvE server 651. I am a solo tribe and the amount off time i dedicated to acquiring enough bloodbags is a bit heartbreaking if I'm really to gain no fruit from it. As requested I have provided relevant screenshots/information. I understand you guys have just released a brand new dlc and must be extremely busy but if there is anyway or anything that can be done however small i would really greatly appreciate it!
  2. Hi, looking for a female rex for breeding, would you be willing to trade?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Matilda


      Also would be interested in taking adobe walls/ceilings

    3. Poltergeist


      got a mc rex saddle bp.. not for sale tho. I'd be happy to craft you a saddle with my crafting char?

    4. Matilda


      Hmm thankyou but wouldn't be interested in trading a fert egg for a saddle :( I appreciate it though :)

  3. Just got this mutated theriz and i'm in love with it! Finally got the combined colours i wanted :D


  4. Spoiler

    Jerboas IRL are too cute. 


  5. @Crazytheman30 got any nice rexes for trade?

  6. @Knightgon are you able to join the server at the moment?

    1. Knightgon


      nope, the server is not showing up on the list

  7. @Captnmorgan so for the double post! It has been really frustrating on our server. It is completely unplayable. Do you happen to  know how i get access to the trading forum? Thank-you for merging the topics for me.

  8. Trying to trade for any level rock golom and a thorny dragon, on a pve EU server the island 45

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