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  1. Abberation server now added! Come join us and start your own tribe and enjoy the new DLC!
  2. Anyone else want to join and play? Check out our website at
  3. Still room for more players on the server. Go to and signup by going to the 'Join Server' page at the top.
  4. Please go to and click on recruitment to join us on the server. Bring some friends if you want. The more the merrier
  5. Please go to if you would like to join our servers.
  6. I have spent the last few days implementing a new drop system for beacons and caves and bosses. Bosses now drop more element and decent items and BP's. Go to and signup on our recruitment page to join us and I will send you the server details of how to join and come try it out for yourselves. All our current players are loving the new loot system. Makes beacon drops and caves much more fun now.
  7. Recruitment is now working and we have had a lot of success last few days thanks to amount of people that have now joined us. We are still looking for a few more players so go to and signup if you would like to come join some servers that have a nice friendly community with no pillar spamming or lag
  8. Hi there. Sorry about that. It's just the recruitment side of the website has been causing problems and I am looking into it. Send me a private message and when I come online after I will add you on Steam and we can have a chat about it if you are still interested.
  9. Still have room for more players if anyone else wants to join us.
  10. Anymore players want to join us? We will soon be adding Abberation to our servers. If you would like a lag free and enjoyable game experience let me know. all are welcome just drop me a message here on on our website at Thankyou
  11. We are still recruiting if anyone else would like to join us
  12. YGGDRASIL SERVER CLUSTER - (Click on recruitment to join) x3 Taming, Gathering + XP x4 Breeding Clustered Servers: The Island = Midgard – 422 [Yggdrasil Cluster] Scorched Earth = Muspelheim – 711 [Yggdrasil Cluster] Ragnarok = Jotunheim – 633 [Yggdrasil Cluster] Abberation = Hel – 944 [Yggdrasil Cluster] NEW : We have recently rewritten the poor loot drop system so that our server now drops awesome stuff. It ranges up with each colour drop. No more silly crop plots in higher end drops and boss drops more element and very high tier gear as well as some Tek pieces. This has taken a lot of work and our players currently love it. We are a group of players who used to play on official up until a few weeks ago and have our new servers up and running and are looking for more players to join us. We have an active Mumble server with 3 active helpful admins who are extremley active and also a nice community along with a Website ( and Forums. Our servers have a very friendly community atmosphere where people help one another. We are one big happy family. The goal of our community is to bring people into a positive atmosphere so we can all enjoy the game and have fun. This is an adult community full of like-minded people. We will be adding the Aberration DLC when it arrives and will be allowing transfers off Aberration, but not to it. We will not tolerate griefing, harassment, racism, homophobia, bigots, sexism, trolling or anyone who tries to fill the server with negativity. Server Settings Experience = 3x Taming = 3x Harvesting = 3x Difficulty = Level 1-150 wild dinos Egg Hatching = 4x egg interval multiplier = 0.3 (More frequent egg laying so no need for kibble bases infact we have a community one open to all!) Maturing = 4x Cave Building = Disabled Flyer Carry Wild Dinos = Enabled Third Person Mode = Enabled Crosshairs = Enabled Friendly Fire = Enabled Floating Damage Text = Enabled Map Location = Enabled Battleye Anti-Cheat = Enabled Dino Decay = Disabled Structure Decay = Disabled Cluster Mods Structures + Classic Flyers Platforms Plus Pillars Plus Super Spyglass Fisters All Fog Remover Eco's Garden Decor Eco’s Trees Eco’s RP Decor (Ragnarok) Please send me a private message on the forums or sign up on the website ( and click recruitment if you would like to join us. Look forward to playing some Ark with you
  13. Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    Still no save files for legacy servers? An answer from the dev team would be really nice with some sort of update or at least if they have taken the saves. Our whole community on EU PVE 422 is waiting for these savefiles so we can move to our own privately run cluster.
  14. Lost Character - Mega Thread

    Your right Loke. I also had my thread closed down about a friend loosing her character from transferring from one server to another. I personally think the forums are the place for this sort of thing so that we can discuss the bugs in the game and help the developers get to the bottom of it.
  15. Lost Character

    This seems to be an issue a lot of people are having. I know players that have experienced this bug and are still waiting after a few weeks for support to get back to them. Would be nice if we could get some official response on this because it seems that forum moderators are just closing any posts down regarding this topic when really it needs to be talked about so the devs can try and look into whats causing this rather than just brushing it under the carpet.