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  1. Hey everyone! If you would like to join a very active community with up to 80 players currently on our Fjordur map at peak times then come and join us. Even with that many people online its running extremely smooth. If you want a friendly server cluster with non-toxic people and admins then come and join us. The amount of people on our server speaks for itself Its all about having fun and enjoying the game. Hope to see you there
  2. We have just opened the new Fjordur DLC map. Come and join in on the fun with our friendly and helpful community. We have 16 maps in total with a great collection of mods so something for everyone
  3. Thank you for looking into this. Versions and are still giving an error when using FTP. It lets us add the server using the FTP details. We can navigate to the save folder and click the save game but when we attempt to load in the map it gives the same 'Unable to download latest game data. Login Incorrect'. If I go back into the settings and try and edit that servers connection, I put in the password and it gives the same error. The server runs Filezilla Server 1.3.0 and using Explicit FTP over TLS and insecure plain FTP. Hopefully the info helps.
  4. No problem at all mate. Take your time, in no rush. Appreciate you looking into it. Feel free to DM me on Discord if you need to if I can help with anything. Thank you
  5. Hey! Thanks for getting back to me. Appreciate you looking into it. Its standard FTP that we use and we have two dedicated machines with full RDP access. I get the same issue on both machines so I think you could be right. If you would also like a server to test on I can get you a free server for testing if you like? Just let me know
  6. Hi Mirage. Hope your well. Great to see you back! I installed the latest version of ASV the other day along with the dotnet framework (Desktop and Console versions x64) and am having issues with the FTP on the new version. I imported my config over from the previous version and it would not load up most of the save files via FTP so I deleted the config.json and added the servers manually in ASV. I keep getting errors when trying to access the servers saying the password confirmation failed. Strange thing is when adding the save files in settings--->map data--->add new server, it will let me browse and add the save files. It will work intermittently but pretty much only 5% of the time. If I use version it works ok. Not sure if there is anything I can do or if you have any suggestions? Thank you
  7. Come and join our Ark community. We have two dedicated machines that we run our Ark servers from with all the maps. If you would like to be a part of a fun, helpful and friendly Ark gaming community then look no further
  8. Yes you will need to register on our Discord. I don't think they allow questions on the forum adverts as we are only allowed to post every so often to bump the adverts, its better to join us on Discord or on our website if you have any questions and we will be hapyp to help
  9. Come and join us if you are looking for a great Ark PVE community. We have 12 maps plus two special event maps and an Ark Omega map that we just launched
  10. If you like Ark PVE and want a new server to play on come and join us. We have a website and our Discord is set up for people new to the game as well as experienced players. We have a friendly and helpfull community as well as a great and supportive admin team. Join us and see what you think.
  11. Come and join us and play on our Ark servers with a large and very friendly community. We have just added a Ark Omega modded map that our community is really enjoying right now. So if you bored of normal Ark and want a change come and check it out. Our main cluster has all the official maps and we will be adding more soon. Currently 58 people playing on our Ark servers. Come and be a part of that
  12. We launched our new Ark Omega map today along with our second 5950X server so we now have two top of the range servers. Which means we have a lot more maps in store. ITs great to see everyone enjoying the new map. If you would like to be part of our fun Ark loving community then feel free to join us on Discord or use the server links above to join. Hope to see you there
  13. Come and be a part of our very active and friendly community. Our Discord is also a great place to come and ask if you need any help or advice. We have a lot of experienced Ark veterans that are more than willing to help you out. We also have a new map launching in a weeks time so come and join in on the fun.
  14. Come and join us! Over 45 players currently online enjoying the experience on our servers. If you want a PVE cluster on amazing state of the art hardware with top notch admin support and a thriving community that helps and answer all your questions then look no further
  15. We now have two 5950X servers with 128GB RAM and high speed PCIE 4 NVME drives. Our maps are being spread across these two powerhouse machines so you will have the bext performance and gaming experience. Also more maps to come. Come and join us and check out our great community. If you want to play with a friendly and helpfull community with excellent support from admins then come and give us a try.
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