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  1. Come and be a part of our friendly gaming community. Lots of things to do and some really nice mods across all our 9 maps. We have a new custom map coming very soon Also looking forward to the Ark Fear Evolved Haloween event tomorrow! Going to be a lot of fun!
  2. Its great to see all the nice comments people are leaving here. Thankyou! Glad we are doing a good job of making Yggdrasil a nice place to play some Ark. come and join the fun
  3. Come and play some Ark with us and our great community Our admin team are also very helpfull and friendly and you will love the support and guidance you will get from being a part of our community. If your looking for a friendly home to come and play Ark, then look no further.
  4. We have a really nice, friendly and active community with currently 30+ players online throughout all our maps. come and join in on the fun
  5. Yggdrasil Servers are a nice relaxed community to come and play some Ark on Some of the features of playing on our servers :- - Tailored mod selection for each map so while most maps have the 'Essential Mods' a lot of the larger decor mods are particular to certain maps. This speeds up loading time and gives each map a certain attraction and helps things run smoothly. - We use a custom Ark Transfer system for transfferring items and materials between maps. You can fill your inventory and cross over without getting 'Buffer Overflow Error'. - Our very own tailored 'Event Map' designed
  6. Come and play some Ark on our PVE servers. We have 10 maps in total if you include a custom made 'Yggdrasil Event map' that was made for us by a very talented modder. We judge our monthly breeding competition on this map as well as our monthly Auction Event where people get to auction off some of their dinos and we hold a lot of other fun events on there
  7. Come and join our great community. If you are looking to play through Ark and do bosses and see all endgame content you have come to the right place. We have 9 maps you can cross between as well as our very own specially designed Event map. Our community holds regular Boss Fight events where we invite anyone to come and join us in taking down Arks bosses and ascending, so come and join us and have some fun and be a part of an awesome and friendly community
  8. Yggdrasil Ark Servers have been running now for almost 3 years and were setup so that everyone can have a nice and friendly environment to play Ark. Our admin teams commands are linked to Discord so we get no admin abuse at all. If you want a nice, enjoyable and fair Ark gaming experience then feel free to come and join us and check us out and see what you think
  9. Come and join Yggdrasil Ark Clustered servers. We have a great, helpfull and friendly community. Most of us hangout on Discord so feel free to come and check us out on there first to get a feel for everything
  10. Check out yggdrasil Ark servers. We are hosting a Breeding Competition event Saturday on our Event map. All are welcome to join in and see the entries. Come and check us out you will love it and the community we have
  11. Come and join Yggdrasil servers Discord. We have 9 maps, a great community and also lots of event sand things happening. We even have our own custom made Event map especially made for us. Come and check us out
  12. Come and join our Ark Yggdrasil servers. We have 9 maps and an event map and have been going for a few years so we are a permanent fixture
  13. Come and join our PVE Ark communtiy. We have 9 maps in total and an Event map with a very active Discord server
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