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  1. Come and be a part of our Ark Yggdrasil community and have fun with our friendly community who are here to help and guide you if you have any questions. Our Discord and game chat are linked so you can chat on either platform to communicate with everyone. We have a great collection of carefully balanced mods and plugins that make your experience all that much more fun and enjoyable. Genesis Part II is released soon and our server is setup and ready to go. You can start a character with us now on our cluster and transfer across to Genesis on launch.
  2. @MirageUK Thankyou so much for the latest update. Its running really well. Your save tool is a massive help to myself and my admin team! And thankyou for adding Fjordur! I was happy to see that you had listened to my feedback and actioned it so quickly. I just really wish you would do a patreon or something for this tool. I would hop onboard right away. Thankyou
  3. The Auction event last night was a lot of success. 46 people online across the cluster. It really nice to see everyone getting together and playing Ark and enjoying it as a community. Come and be a part of our organised and fun community and make some friends playing Ark. We have lots of experienced people here more than willing to help out newcomers and show you some Ark tips when it domes to building or breeding. We have a little starter guide to get you going with us on the road to using our mods such as Dino Storage and KBD. They make breeding a lot simpler. come and join us and see
  4. Come and be a part of our community. We have lots of events going on and people teaming up to do Bosses. Genesis Part 2 just over a week away. nows the time to create a character on our maps if you want to cross over as soon as GenII is launched. Its the communities auction event tomorrow night. You might be able to get yourself a really nice deal on a Dino and have some fun! Hope to see you there
  5. Be a part of our friendly Ark community. We have all the official maps (As well as a couple of the modded ones). Decay is 6 weeks so you do not have to worry about loosing your dinos and structures. We have a superb Discord where you can come and chat and get help from our seasoned Ark players and also give help to others. We have some great plugins and mods that really add to the game and we have tailored everything so you get the best Ark experience. If you have any questions or wish the know more then come and join us on Discord or check out our website
  6. Come and join our friendly community and get ready for Genesis Part II. Yggdrasil Ark Gaming has been running since 2017 and we have never wiped and are still going strong. Our decay system is a great feature as everything you own has 6 weeks until it goes (Even if its thatch) and we have a great chat system linked across all of our maps so you can chat to your friends ingame no matter what server you are on. It even works through discord too. Join our Discord from the link above and try out our servers with some amazing mods and plugins to give Ark that something extra coupled with
  7. Come and join our wonderfull community. We are a very friendly group with organised events always happening. come and check out our website and look at our events calendar to see what we have been up to and also join us on Discord. Make our servers your new home to meet up and play some PVE Ark with a really great bunch of people
  8. Come and join our friendly community. You can play on any of our 10 maps and transfer your character over to Genesis Part II when it launches in a few weeks. We currently have a Dino Market event running. This is a social event that everyone is welcome to come along. Players have stalls setup to trade with everyone for easy to gain matrials like Stone, Wood, Fiber so you can pick yourself up a few things and get to know everyone
  9. Lots of great new things on our server in the run up to Genesis Part II. Our community are very excited about it. We have Eco's Chibi Display mod on some of our servers and also you can get Chibi boxes now on our servers which are a great way to collect those lovely companions and display them in your base for all to see! If you want to get a character going now ready for Genesis Part II then come and join our community and play on any of our maps. You will be able to transfer your character over to the new DLC via our Cross Ark system as soon as its released. Hope onto our discord if you h
  10. Our community breeding event is about to start. Come and join in and have a look at the entries of what people have been working on over the last month! Come and be a prt of Yggdrasil and our friendly community. If you want a nice place to settle and call your Ark home then look no further
  11. Come and join our ever growing Ark community. If you want somewhere stable to play that is not going to dissapear then we have been running for over 3 years now. We have a great mixture of mods and features that give Ark that extra bit of fun as well as a great Discord community where you can join in and ask questions and team up and do bosses with people. We are a friendly group and have a lot of group bossfights that we arrange. Got some new boss arena events coming up soon and a community breeding competition this weekend
  12. Our Allosaurus breeding competition is coming up next weekend on our specially designed Event Map! Come and check out the colours and lovely creations that our talented community have produced. We also have the Eco's Chibi Display Mod thats being added to our servers in the next week. We have extra ways to get Chibis on our servers, including ALL the Chibis from past events. CKF SciFi mod is now also on Aberration after feedback from the community. You can now build some amazing SciFi-esque looking bases on Extinction or Aberration for all those builders out there! Auction event is comin
  13. Be a part of Ark Yggdrasil Gaming Community. Lots of fun events on the horizon. Playing with us is like playing Ark but with sprinkles. We do a lot of extra fun events such as our own customized Boss fights for amazing loot. This gives our players a new challenge to breed out the best Dinos endgame to get the best Tek BP's. Just had a 'Rare Dino' event where we had a certain amount of rare coloured and higher level Dinos appear across our maps. Got the Breeding event coming up soon. Players get to mix the best colour combination on their creatures to win prizes. Steam vouchers and amazin
  14. Come and join our Ark community, Lots of people to play with and chat to. We have some great features of joining our servers and a great mixture of mods and settings you will love. Dino Storage V2 Krakens Better Dinos Super Structures Eco's Decor Mods These are the mods we have on every map and we sprinkle in a few others on different maps to give you that extra. See what you think, come and join us on our Discord if you have any questions
  15. At Yggdrasil we believe in offering an awesome level of support to our playerbase. We have an admin team that are active and ready to help. We also have a lot of seasoned players to give advice. You can ask for advice in game or on discord. The two are linked so you can get help and chat with the community and it brings everyone together. Our community has been running since OCT 2017 and we have never wiped any of our maps so anything you build on here is safe for 6 weeks (No matter what material you build from). Our community is a great place to come and play Ark and make it your new home.
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