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  1. Join us an play on our 10 Ark maps. We have a great community and are always doing events. Come and check out our Discord and if you are looking for something new come and take part in our latest The Hunted Map. Its a challenging and new experience on Ark and the Fjordur map truly is stunning.
  2. Come and join us to play some Ark. Genesis Part II coming in a few months. We have 10 maps to play on (11 if you inclide our Event Map) so come and build and prepare for the next installation of Ark and be a part of our Ark communtiy. Most of our players are really enjoying The Hunted game mode at the moment which has been tailored by us to work on Fjordur. The game mode really goes with that map and its a lot of fun if you like a challenge.
  3. Thankyou so much for one of the best tools I have ever used in Ark! Do you have any plans to add Fjordur to the list of maps in the tool? We are currently using that map and I know its becoming increasingly more popular. Thanks again
  4. Enjoy playing some Ark with us. We are all gearing up for Genesis Part II. We will be running community based Bossfights for all to join in the run up to Gen PT2 release. Everyone is also enjoying our new The Hunted on Fjordur map which is a tailor made experience which has been customised to be more of a survival challenge. Its so different to what you are used to in Ark is like playing a new game. Come and experience it with us
  5. Come and join our Ark community and play with a lot of friendly and happy people. We pride ourselves on our active admin team and helpful community. To top that our servers use some of the latest and up to date hardware. So if you want to play Ark come and pop in on our Discord. Full details are there on how to connect and we also have a starters guide to get you going and give you some usefull tips to using the mods and getting the most out of playing Ark on our servers.
  6. Genesis 2 is launching soon, we are allr eady to go and looking forward to it. Come and join our friendly Ark community to play on well run servers with awesome plugins and some great features you will not find normally in Ark that make things so much more fun. We have an achievements system on some of our maps that you get points for when performing certain tasks and rewards. We have a built in chat system that works across our whole cluster that really brings the community together. /suicide command to use when you get stuck and lots more
  7. Come and join our Ark community. Lots of fun to be had on organised servers, with a long term admin team that play the game and are active and enjoy what they do. In a community like ours this really shows. We offer you some amazing help and support. Its a big reason why our playerbase loves our servers and I am sure you will too The Valentines event is on! Come and fish for Chibis! Once the event is over we will be adding the Chibis to our servers so they will still be available!
  8. We have just launched a new Challenge map based on Fjordur using 'The Hunted'. The hunted is a great game changing mod that brings back the initial Wow you had when you first played the game. Its more focused on survival and has some amazing game mechanics. We have spent a few weeks tailoring this mod to work on the Fjordur map which is truly a stunning map. Come and check it out for yourselves. Its a lot of fun
  9. Brand new THE HUNTED map being released tomorrow with a special game mode that really brings the excitement back to Ark. Come and join our community to play some Ark with us. Lots to choose from to keep us occupied until Genesis is released
  10. We currently have 9 maps with a special 'Event Map' made specifically for us. We are always hosting fun events and have one of the greatest and friendliest communities out there with a very active Discord. Launching a new 'Challenge Map' next weekend. Come and join our fun Ark Community, make some new friends and play the game on some amazing hardware with a great community and servers with some excellent features
  11. Come and play some Ark on great UK based servers with 7 admins that know their stuff. Our admin team are always happy to help and we also have a great community/admin team available 24/7 who are here to ask questions to. So if your new or experienced this is a great place to enjoy Ark and have fun.
  12. Come and join our Ark community. If you want to play Ark with a large, friendlty and fun community then thsi is the place for you. Take part in breeding events, auction events and lots more. Hopefully see you soon
  13. Want to be a part of a great Ark community with lots of likeminded people that share a massive love for the game and are extremly helpfull and friendly? Then look no further Come and join Yggdrasil Gaming Community and have lots of fun. We currently have a Dino Auction event going on which is also part of the many events we do on our servers.
  14. We have a great Ark community with awesome rates and some brilliant extras that make Ark even more fun. Our servers have a built in shop you can use points that you earn ingame for rewards as well as some great plugins like a cross chat system to keep in touch with tribemates and other community members while you are on another map. We also have rewritten the Cross Ark syst dreaded 'Buffer Overlfow' errors you get from transferring too many items across. Now you can tranfer with up to 300 items without any issues and its also very fast. Got a new 'Rotating map' coming out soon that w
  15. Come and join our Ark community. We have very balanced rates and settings that are great for anyone who has a busy life outside of Ark and does not have to worry about refreshing bases every few weeks. On our servers we have a 6 week decay timer for everything (Thatch,Wood,Metal and Tek). So if you want somehwere to come play Ark in a nice relaxing and fun environment with a friendly chilled out community, this is the place for you. Come and join us on the links above
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