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  1. We have a great community of Ark players and a helpfull and active admin team. Come and check us out
  2. We have a great, friendly community, come and join in and be a part f it. We have a Primal Fear map opening this Saturday too
  3. x8 Weekends now starting. Come and play on our servers. We will be adding an Ark Genesis map upon its release.
  4. If you would like to play Ark in a nice, friendly environment with nice relaxed settings and active admins available to help then please come and join us.
  5. Come and play some Ark with us. We have 6 maps and will be adding a new Primal Fear map a week Saturday.
  6. Come and join our Ark PVE gaming community. We are releasing a brand new Primal Fear map a week Saturday! Its going to be a lot of fun. All our servers run on great hardware in the UK with active admins and a friendly gaming environment.
  7. Come and join us. We have a great community with streamers, active admins and a friendly playerbase.
  8. Come and join our Ark community. We are active on discord and have a nice friendly player base as well as active and friendly admins.
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