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  1. Come and join Yggdrasil Gaming Ark cluster. We have a super chilled and friendly community with some amazing hardware for our servers. We will soon be adding some more maps and game modes as well as a Boss Event map. Theres currently a Halloween themed building competition happening and people are loving it and having fun with the Halloween themed mods we have on this special map. Our cluster has some really neat features. You can also learn all the engrams and cross maps without having to worry about the 'Buffer Overflow' error. We fixed this issue and have a plugin that handles our maps tran
  2. Come and be a part of Yggdrasil Gaming Community. People are loving the speeds from our new 10Gbps connection on our 5950X server. We have a great mix of US and european Ark players from around the world. All our hardware has been generously funded by our community so come and join us on Discord and see what you think. We are always open to any questions and suggestions.
  3. Come and join our community. With our new servers and the high speed 10Gbps connection in our Datacenter we have people from all over Europe and the US connecting with amazing speeds. Our Halloween building competition is on at the moment. If you love building then come and check that out. We have a specific map setup for building on without limitis and you could win some amazing prizes
  4. Come and join our active and friendly community of likeminded Ark gamers! Team up and do bosses and missions together with a gbreat bunch of people. We have lots planned for the future including tailor made boss events. On certain days of the week unique, open world bosses will spawn that you can defeat as a group for some amazing rewards.
  5. Everyone is welcome here at Yggdrasil to come and join in with likeminded Ark players who really enjoy the game and have fun. We host building and Breeding competitions or maybe you just want to chill and play some Ark and explore the 11 maps and do bosses. Whatever you like about the game I'm sure you will love playing on our servers with the mix of mods and plugins we have that make Ark a much more enjoyable experience.
  6. If your looking for an awesome PVE community and like our rates and our collection of mods then check us out. We just moved to brand new hardware today and its running really smooth. We are launching our Halloween themed 'Building Bonanza' event map later on today too. So if building is your thing then come and see what its all about. There are prizes up for grabs including a Steam Voucher! Come and join our Ark family and play some nice chilled out Ark on Yggdrasil Gaming Community
  7. Our brand new server is setup and ready to go and runs like a dream. We finally have our own hardware thats hosted in a Datacentre with 10Gbps connection. Lots of events on currently. We have our Dino Market thats still running as well as the release of our next Building Competition map in the next few days. Can you build something Halloween themed and win the Steam voucher up for grabs?
  8. Come and join our friendly Ark community and play on some great servers with awesome support and help. We are doing some special boss events on our server with some custom open world bosses not normally in Ark. This week we will be doing the 'Giga Experiment'. This boss will be a challenge and all are welcome to join in on the fun. We also have an amazing Halloween themed 'Event Map' especially designed for Yggdrasil that we will be hosting a lot of our events on over the next few weeks. Join our Discord to see what its all about
  9. Theres lots happening here at Yggdrasil this month. Halloween themed events as well as our 4th Birthday celebration. We will soon be swapping our hardware for our own personally owned server with a 10GBps connection in our London Data Centre with an AMD 5950X with some super fast PCIE 4 NVME drives. Our community is open to all so feel free to come and join us and play on our servers with some like minded and friendly as well as helpfull people
  10. We have a Dino Market event currently on with lots of things happening this month. WE also have a building competition coming up for Haloween which everyones excited about. CAn you build the best Haloween themed base? You could win the Stream gift card as a prize. The Breeding competition event is also on so lots of things happening. If you want to be a part of a really active and friendly community thenb come and check us out
  11. Play some Ark with Yggdrasil Gaming. We have a great event thats on this weekend. There are multi coloured special rare tames appearing on our maps that you have to hunt for. The rough co-ordinates get announced in chat and onscreen and you have to hunt for these higher level rare tames. Our commuinity are really loving the event. Come and join in with us
  12. Do you want a really nice and friendly community to come and play Ark on with great hardware and an awesome team of admins that will give you some amazing support? Then come and join us. We have 11 maps with more to come soon and we also host a lot of nice and fun events. We currently have a weekend super 'Rare Tames' event going on. Messages will display across the screen with rough coordinates of special dinos that you can hunt for and tame. There are also high level boss type creatures that will spawn that you can kill for really nice loot. You can also type a command in chat to see a
  13. Be a part of our chilled out, friendly and fun gaming community. Yggdrasil Gamings 4th Birthday is fast approaching. We have lots in store. We always have events going on and things for everyone to do. Join the community chat on our discord and you can ask us about anything. Our players are a really helpfull lot and can advise you with technical/game issues. We also have had a new high end AMD server delivered today with PCIE4 Nvme drives which is being setup for us to move everything over to. Very exciting!
  14. Come and be a part of a really friendly and helpfull community. Everything on our servers with 11 maps has been very well balanced to give you the best experience in Ark along with a great choice of mods and plugins. We also host a lot of events and competitions for everyone to take part in so theres always lots to do. Feel free to join our Discord and see what you think. You can also check out what our community have been up to lately on the main page of our website
  15. Join Yggdrasil Gaming Community and be a part of a large group of gamers from all walks of life over the world. We mainly play Ark but also Conan Exiles, Valheim, 7DTD. We host our own dedicated server which we rent (Soon to have our brand new server owned by us with a very high spec thanks to our lovely communities donations). So come and be a part of our community. We welcome everyone. You will get free and amazing support and all the help you need to enjoy some Ark without issues (Or any of the other games we host). Hope to see you here with us soon
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