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  1. i hated it graphics at first but i am so used to them now after a few months. just waiting for some DLC or split screen
  2. true but i have not had another bug for a while. but on another note for e the studio that never listens. what the heck guys you said full PS4 features... that means the split screen i bought this for split screen. i should have went and fixed my ps4 it would be cheeper
  3. hey wildcard is there any DLC being added? im having fun but i really want DLC also what about split screen? or bug fixes are any of these in the works my game crashes every 10 minutes the crashes have killed me way to many times pls fix this.
  4. hey i saw that you have a really good trader rating  well i own a small tribe on the nintendo switch 

    and im looking to trade for dinos or items... if you dont use the switch do you know any traders who do?

  5. hey is there any DLC being added? im having fun but i really want some DLC
  6. i am loving this game so far LVL 13 how ever my 2 tames got killed by a carno that came out of no where. the dinos were used as my chest but the carno took one of a cliff and well i cant find the body..... also any one planning any tribes in a server i am looking for one.
  7. any one planning to start a tribe for the switch game play this should be fun every single player will have this game at the same time so lots of small PVP battles as we grow and fight for land
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