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  1. DarthSim

    Gaining knowledge about mutations.

    ARK wiki: "For each offspring there are three possible stat-mutations which can happen on the same time. Each one of the three possible mutation has a chance of 2.5% to happen. The probability for at least one mutation in an offspring is 7.5%, for two mutations 0.0625% and for three mutations 0.0015625%.[1]" Maybe because, time between dino mating is shorter so basically you can produce ferti eggs faster = more chances for mutation ( i know ovi make time between normal egg laying shorter but idk if it affect mating). Also, look here:
  2. DarthSim

    Ark Theories

    So if diana's people are from future with elements, from where they have it, maybe it come with meteor like tiberium in C&C? After years humanity know how to use elements, evolve into Homo Deus, elements spread through the world and in some case elements start corrupting earth. With some purpose it was deadly for new humans so they start ARK project where elements appear in some stage (AB, Diana in note mean they start minning element ore, why they start on AB? Maybe because they already know TEK). And years after project start something is broken in "main core" and friendly AI or one from Homo Deus can't fix it so it need our help (like note explain that) so ARK project will back into "good road". Sorry about my english xd
  3. DarthSim

    Brand New Extinction Teasers!

    I can't wait to try this DLC. I wish map will be bigger than others.
  4. Hah, little disapointed after all speculations but it looks surprisingly soooo cool. I need one, two or more... Keep doing great job WC. ^^
  5. DarthSim

    Most Annoying Creature

    Pego, Troodons, Flying Pegos, Purlovias, Tickle Chicken of Doom and flying cats in redwoods which trying eat your face like Pennywise...
  6. Great job man. Maybe my tip will be useless but maybe someone use it. You can reset spoil timer if you transfer old egg from box to your inv when there is fresh one. Works also for meat and other stackable items. You can spoil meat faster, split old stack in your inv and transfer fresh one from box ( or dino, etc.) fresh one will get timer from old stack then just split it again and wait some seconds for spoiled meat. It also should work for items which you transfer. I try explain it on salt, when transfer some stack of preserving salts from SE, on Island get one stack to your inv (from full stack we should only got 5 items) split it and others won't lose amount when you get them from ARK data.
  7. DarthSim

    september's tek dino's????

    I think it will be the most fearsome creature on island... it prey without mercy... on cakes... tek achatina.
  8. DarthSim

    How do I get ammo for tec wepons

    TAB button for PC or change in options. Ammo are elements. For elements, like others say, kill bosses, craft on AB or try trade from other players (if you play on server).
  9. Of course it will be TEK Achatina or Giant Bee, your personal tek bomb which produce paste or honey.
  10. DarthSim

    Favorite dinos

    Giant bee, dung beetle and argentavis. Insects, just look at the colours. Bird, because it looks so great after TLC.
  11. When wolf meet snake and goat and angler... and you by accident pushed start button on clonning chamber... But it lloks nice.
  12. DarthSim

    What Do You Have In Your Hotbar?

    well, they are hard to eat but provide big dose of nourishment and crunch ... after one you will need new tooths...
  13. DarthSim

    What Do You Have In Your Hotbar?

    PVE 1. Pike/Structure slot 2. Pick/Structure slot 3. Axe/Structure slot 4. Spyglass 5. Some delicious custom recipes products (Tekburgers!) 6. Canteen 7. Crossbow/LG Rifle 8-0. Randon stuff
  14. Good, good... soon we will look like Master Rockwell...
  15. DarthSim

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Very nice, new content looks cool. ☺️