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  1. Official EU Island, SE, AB, EX Jumped SE for some milk, my poison ivy xmas wyvern is nearly adult but it still need some milk. After transfer i back to IS. Day start like always, unfreezed all babies, imprint other, cooking some eggs and making new for hatching. After that i called my allys to my pyramid where they got one Velo per person. Full of hope we flew to green obi to try fight with pitiful beast, The Dragon. We realized we should first do gamma to see what can go wrong... That was strange adventure full of smoke, needles, fire and blood. We lose but now we know Velos deal to low dps or we did something bad. We start preparations for another beast, beta this time. In meantime hatched new quetz eggs and farmed some pearls with angler and after couple of minutes i back to base with something like 10k shiny pearls. Immediately i crafted nearly 5k electronics but 4k is reserved for trade. Grabbed all necessary tribute for beta dragon and went from base to meeting area which is localized couple of meters from my bridge to base. We regrouped our rexes squad and call the light from sky. Everyone rdy, again we were full of hope... One of our players crashed before tp so 4 free victims without commander . That was slaughter, everything was good, dragon lose 50% of hp and after that our rexes one by one become roasted, we lose again... After that horrible mistake i went for meat run, need to feed all those babies. On next day i start raising new rex squad. We did one hard ape run (friend got ~15 rexes as backup so we still able to do bosses ) and start collecting resources for next dragon. xd Now we are riched of new experience and next time we win!
  2. Like always in last days i first jump to the SE server, i call to my Sniper and we go to Scar with Milk mission. Nothing new, Sniper at position, lure target to cage and we back in glory with milk. Mission completed, babies are fine again. And my bad day started at AB. Bravely explored rock drakes nests, got some low lvl eggs, not bad maybe they be usefull after kibble rework for basilisk/titanboa taming. Venom hunting, sometimes i think those Master Rockwell minions drop less venom than before, or that was just bad luck. Got some, transferred and try jump to IS, nope you can't xd after logged in venom nearly spoiled. No problem, hunted again. :) Unfreezed some of babies and after that update message poped out. Trader become online in meantime and we meet after update. Have 2 new tek quetz eggs. Becomed a bit nervous when i back and noticed dead of 3 young megatheriums. Also young friend start asking about something... Rage +10 After resuplled venom and milk stock i crafted some cryopods and cryofridge, breed Velos so maybe we can maje a little test with Dragon at weekend, go to meat run and log out after that. Later i noticed that forgot put ele into generator... Have hope it will run until i back today. I start thinking how my pyramid will look with greenhouse sloped ceilings. xd Lol, transparent flying pyramid... That was fast and a bit nervous day with some DC. Like always i did everything and nothing.
  3. Logged in, unfreeze Gigas and baby velos( got nice pair in exchange for rock drake eggs ). Unfreeze rest of babies so now i have gigas, velos, theriz, ankys, argis, wyverns, rock drakes, rexes and one purple mighty flying pego! So much mouths to feed so i go out and happy slaughter everything at river. Together with friend we dance for ARK gods, they hear our prayand finally send us a light. When drop land we did one beta BM and alpha ape. Only beta BM because after visiting at dragon lair we lost 5 rexes. Refilled bins with dragon milk and venom so my and ally young drakes and wyverns don't starve. Jumped at EX for dust farming so i can finally finish another deal, also crafted rest structures wchich are part of trading after that i reloged to AB. In last days got 180 lvl rock drake egg so my friend can try raise his own at AB. In meantime our IS server crashed so we do little reorganization in our AB base. Rest of the day i spend on farming, hunting, taking care of babies, thinking about improvementes in my base and future projects. Not bad weekend. ;D
  4. PVE Official EU Island I log in at AB, quick run to rock drakes area, found one 170 egg, not bad but need one more 175+ to finalize my deal. After relog to IS i realized i have only half and hour so quick meat run for babies (Tiberium Head Argy :D). My friend came and showed me her new poison dragon with yellow accent, looks cool. Breed some ankys for eggs to trade and one for colour, pteras for stats and Barys just for backup if one die in cave. When i deal with eggs i realized trader become online so transfered payment and got new Gacha for me and my allys. She have nice base with epic view after that my flying pyramid start looking ugly for me. xd When i back i got fresh theri egg and bronto egg from my friend. Need them for weekend raising. Hope i got male theri from egg. After that i put all eggs into frige and log out. That was good day. Sry for my eng maybe someone will understand what i wrote.
  5. So if diana's people are from future with elements, from where they have it, maybe it come with meteor like tiberium in C&C? After years humanity know how to use elements, evolve into Homo Deus, elements spread through the world and in some case elements start corrupting earth. With some purpose it was deadly for new humans so they start ARK project where elements appear in some stage (AB, Diana in note mean they start minning element ore, why they start on AB? Maybe because they already know TEK). And years after project start something is broken in "main core" and friendly AI or one from Homo Deus can't fix it so it need our help (like note explain that) so ARK project will back into "good road". Sorry about my english xd
  6. I can't wait to try this DLC. I wish map will be bigger than others.
  7. Hah, little disapointed after all speculations but it looks surprisingly soooo cool. I need one, two or more... Keep doing great job WC. ^^
  8. Of course it will be TEK Achatina or Giant Bee, your personal tek bomb which produce paste or honey.
  9. When wolf meet snake and goat and angler... and you by accident pushed start button on clonning chamber... But it lloks nice.
  10. Good, good... soon we will look like Master Rockwell...
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