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  1. From what I have seen, all will still aggro with light on. The light just makes reapers and nameless easier to kill.
  2. That being said, 30 min should still be notice since boss fights can run over 25 minutes
  3. The server saves when they take it down Your charcter will be fine
  4. Yeah Ive had it happen before. I just relogged after emptying off some space and giga was in pod. Did freak me out a little bit though.
  5. Everyone thats worried about Aberrations release date. Its wild card. October 31st.
  6. Any news on if there's an event weekend this weekend? and also. First.
  7. Hey can you seen a gm to 756 scorched? Got someone luring. Ive been recording but id rather  not lose my dinos as well


  8. From what I've heard The Center has it on PC so I presume Xbox Center would as well. Nevermind. Guess I was wrong.
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