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  1. can someone at WC enlighten me as to why you would allow val a 2x just one weekend before but rip it away this weekend?????????? PLEASE PLEASE give me a reason that has any real justification..
  2. as someone who lives under VicLeGIr93.. this was extremely annoying... and its 100% griefing.... before he got wise with the teleporter (only after transfers in where allowed GG WC) he broke into my ground base with corrupted 150 dinos and stole all my tribes kibble and titan boa eggs
  3. ohh i know.. sadly i know
  4. i watch him a lot. I just get jelly of his mutation videos because we can't do it at that speed.. just got a cloning bay built so hopefully that will speed up my process
  5. yes on official.. and i'm not saying they don't spawn where you say they do.. i'm saying the spot i'm talking about is not the same spot
  6. these are not near drops.. and since our server doesn't do purples normally its inconsistent with the sightings. Also i'm talking 60 35 on the map no where near the desert biome deff not to the north of it.
  7. well be good to keep an eye on this.. i love new places to build and building on the ground in extinction in the city is baddddd
  8. with the changes to them no longer ignoring armor.. just find a big dino you own take it out.. when the mana agros you.. shoot it.. when it breathes ice go under your dino it will dive bombs you tranq the poop out of it.. they go down pretty fast.. or build a trap and hope you can lure them into it. lots of trap videos on the youtubes. I have no issues with mastercraft flak and a few healing brews
  9. we have looted a 155 journey enforcer.. all its stats are better than my 150 asc. really a piss pot to be honest.. look at level and stats ignore quality unless your epeening it.
  10. do you mean the box it built completely around the quetz or theres a box on the back of the quetz protecting the people. building a box that protects the quetz from being shot is against TOS/CoC. but if they have a box that just protects the players and not the quetz than you need a better turret setup.
  11. if you have the megamek do you need all three titans? ascension gets you what exactly? extra levels? do you need to be max level to ascend? i'm only 94 is it a waste to kill him now?
  12. leave render distance and return normally works the best.. if your worried it will get hit.. spikes around it
  13. are tamed rock drakes breedable? can't find anywhere that says they are not. but wasn't sure
  14. I've seen an enraged rex between green obi and sulfur zone 10 or so times now
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