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  1. Hello dear, i can't see your trading posts because I'm Early bird here and don't know how to get member status, woops. :D

    But I saw that u sell unicorns. What is your price if I can ask?:)

  2. Hello, 

    i would be interested in your horses, unicorns and maybe quez, depending if adult or egg.

    i have so far only hyaenodons for trade or ingots 


  3. Server na pve 194 still down for over 8 hours now
  4. So I went to redownload ark to play wth friends and now i cant becuse steam says i only have 104 gigs on my ssd when i have 138 and the game only needs 108 ? I'm at a loss i just want to play the game again.
  5. Having issues with hyenas not breeding not on cool down and not fixed anybody else having the same problem?
  6. Sever PvE 31 down

    Server still comming back up and going offline.....
  7. Server 31 has been down for about an house comes upa nd then shuts back down after a few min if that cant get on to feed babies.
  8. Water breeding removed

    lost 20 dinos adult and babys on pve official sever 31
  9. Water breeding removed

    I'm sorry but and again "Fixing" something with out saying anything in patch notes and we the players suffer. I lost all my dimes and all my babys. i logged off and woke up this morning with a 3.5gb patch yet again having to unistall and reinstall the game because for some odd reason this game hates ssds. when i know a small patch shouldn't be 3.5gb. I had a post about this and my game crashing consistently and no admin post i just got told to do the same things I already did to try to fix it by other players, and now i lost all my babys and dims to a stupid glitch, the water trick still works, not everybody lost there dinos in the water. Oh and hears all my dead baby dinos
  10. Game crashing

    Now my games crashing with out saying anything, and when i go to join a server it closes and reopens.
  11. Game crashing

    So I am still crashing doesn't show the errors, I've restated my game restarted steam verified files at least 4 times and restarted my computer and even uninstalled and reinstalled updated my graphics card and i'm still crashing randomly. I am at a loss i don't know what to do.
  12. Game crashing

    did all that still crashing
  13. Game crashing

    Game keeps crashing already verify file twice doing it again. I also already uninstall and reinstalled the game before the patch because for some reason the update was 33gb.....When my game crashes it just pops up with a blank white window and closes.