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  1. Raiah

    Extinction TEK Engrams

    I know this is a satire thread but I want an engram that can virtually store dinos. Basically, it would count against the tribe that stores the dinos but would not count against server cap, so all those tribes that have massive amounts of dinos sitting around doing nothing can just load up said dinos to this tek device and retrieve them when they needed to.
  2. Raiah

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I finally went on a Ragnarok arena raid and got both of the bosses killed. I can now use a lot of tek stuff. In the past week I have also done Rockwell and Tek Cave, putting me the most advanced out of all my tribe and most of my server. I made a transmitter, and now I can trade easier. I also bred Shinehorns today and got a first generation mutation which is a red stripe down the back.
  3. Raiah

    Servers just vanished - Bug?

    I had access so some but they were the cross arks pvp. Might be some angry kiddos from pvp unhappy cause we are having fun here.
  4. Goes for anything trying to pin you really. Every time a group of ravagers tried to pin mine, I would take out the sword and go ham.
  5. Raiah

    Will ravagers aggro paraders?

    You never know when people say surface, but you make a good point. I forgot there was actually a little entrance area. I'm never on or near the surface.
  6. Raiah

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    My white Featherlight is now grown up and I've slat it to be the father of 9 babies. I'm trying to get his color again in more featherlights. Other then that, hatched another 185 egg.
  7. Raiah

    Super Impressed With Dino Painting

    Dino painting is good, but did you know you can take the templates of the dinos and color them using said templates? You can even paint yourself!
  8. Raiah

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I hatched a few drakes today. I haven't done drake raising in a long while. I'm also still raising my new generation of featherlights but when I do get done I'm going to try and breed good stats into the line.
  9. Raiah

    Tame cap

    A lot of servers are indeed capped. That is, the ones that allow fliers. For pvp that isn't a problem. Just wipe someone. For pve its just a matter of finding a server that isn't and hoping.
  10. Raiah

    What is yalls favorite abb tame

    Drakes and Featherlights. Very useful and versatile.
  11. Raiah

    Tips & Tricks

    PvP wise Aberration is unforgivable and there are only so many places to hide. The map is brutal enough without also adding a human element. Thankfully though not every bit is pillared, so you can get a spot and alternatively ask nicely if you can have a spot. Be warned though, Chinese players can be sausages even in pve. Another perk is that typically Aberration maps are not tame capped due to the limited space and the fact there are no flyers, so no easy mode. Avoid the river part of map until you can glide and climb. Climbing picks and glider wings and a good ghile set is invaluable for travel. Greater player mobility is one of the highlights of Aberration If you see Ravengers, avoid them and if you must go that way, wait until they aggre on something. If you are being attacked, seek high ground such as a big rock they can't get up to and shoot at them with a bow. You could also carry bolas to stop them in their tracks. There are mushrooms all over the map. The Red ones you have to be careful of. There will be a cone shaped one that has red on the bottom that will make you hallucinate, drown in your own own fluids, and poop yourself. There are brown ones that are safer to pick. They come in the brown ones which will fill your hunger, Auric which fills your stam but makes you thirsty, blue that increases torpor by a lot, and aqua which refills your water at the cost of hunger. There are also blue mushrooms on the sides of roads in the blue area, which will knock you out for a long while. I heard there are some mushrooms in Red that also do this. Pit traps are useful in the sense you use a ramp to walk a creature into the trap for pve. Grappling hooks can be used for some smaller creatures such as dodos and featherlights to drag them home. All in all, be very aware of your surroundings.
  12. Raiah

    Tell your favorite time for an earthquake

    When trying to feed Featherlight babies.
  13. Raiah

    Will ravagers aggro paraders?

    I would be careful about going to the surface. There are Reapers up there too.
  14. Raiah

    Tek parasaur

    I personally think we are going to be able to take Tek dinos to Extinction, which is why we are getting the basic ones. A Tek Para might not be as useless as you think starting out.
  15. Raiah

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Breeding Featherlights and I finally got a pure white Featherlight.