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  1. They are fixing the kibble tree after Extinction they have stated this multiple times jeez.
  2. I finally went on a Ragnarok arena raid and got both of the bosses killed. I can now use a lot of tek stuff. In the past week I have also done Rockwell and Tek Cave, putting me the most advanced out of all my tribe and most of my server. I made a transmitter, and now I can trade easier. I also bred Shinehorns today and got a first generation mutation which is a red stripe down the back.
  3. My white Featherlight is now grown up and I've slat it to be the father of 9 babies. I'm trying to get his color again in more featherlights. Other then that, hatched another 185 egg.
  4. I hatched a few drakes today. I haven't done drake raising in a long while. I'm also still raising my new generation of featherlights but when I do get done I'm going to try and breed good stats into the line.
  5. Breeding Featherlights and I finally got a pure white Featherlight.
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