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  1. Perhaps 6 jumps instead of three? Three feels too few.
  2. If it is transferring in a character to a server that does not accept items yet, the items will drop to the ground. You will be given a prompt that warns you of this happening first.
  3. That is a valid question. The explorer notes say that the obbies are a more primitive type, which means they might not function as intended, which means we might need transmitters to get out at all. Overall, something my tribe will be providing the server if that is the case. Just in case, I've set up a character to take care of my dinos on multiple servers while my main is in Extinction.
  4. They are fixing the kibble tree after Extinction they have stated this multiple times jeez.
  5. I finally went on a Ragnarok arena raid and got both of the bosses killed. I can now use a lot of tek stuff. In the past week I have also done Rockwell and Tek Cave, putting me the most advanced out of all my tribe and most of my server. I made a transmitter, and now I can trade easier. I also bred Shinehorns today and got a first generation mutation which is a red stripe down the back.
  6. My white Featherlight is now grown up and I've slat it to be the father of 9 babies. I'm trying to get his color again in more featherlights. Other then that, hatched another 185 egg.
  7. I hatched a few drakes today. I haven't done drake raising in a long while. I'm also still raising my new generation of featherlights but when I do get done I'm going to try and breed good stats into the line.
  8. Drakes and Featherlights. Very useful and versatile.
  9. Breeding Featherlights and I finally got a pure white Featherlight.
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