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  1. dslick


    "Various fixes on Ragnarok". Gotta love those patch notes, and undocumented changes. Thanks for the find, however I can report that I have ran the alpha ragnarok run twice with the same crew since the TLC update with success. However, I do not use rexes. Perhaps this only particular to rexes?
  2. dslick

    Argentavis in Ragnarok Arena??

    The answer is no, no fliers in Ragnarok Arena.
  3. ^ real talk and I agree. Learned that after the 4th (80 dinos, 80 ASC saddles) wipe. Solo is not the route to go for boss fights, and need to bring in people for insurance.
  4. dslick

    Boss fights

    except that element drop on center though.. Seems broken IMO, do not attempt. Just head to Island and stay away from Center.
  5. dslick

    Ragnorak gamma boss creature stat requirements

    For gamma, what you have is fine. I would not recommend Allo's whatsoever outside of Gamma. Need enough DPS for Manticore as it's landing patterns suck, and you may not have the DPS to kill it in time.
  6. dslick

    Desert Labyrinth Feedback

    Loot is obsolete, can farm faster in other dungeons. The only thing they’ve made is that much harder to get artifacts, which will be easier to get on other maps. Not worth, and will not play in this new dungeon.
  7. dslick

    Spino Spawn overkill !

    LOL we asked for it
  8. dslick

    Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Sorry but if you are saying missing ONE imprint on a raise, AKA being a few % SHY OF 100% Imprint (we are talking like 2% LESS stats, or dmg/resist bonus), for the price of a huge lifestyle benefit, is bad, you need to get your priorities checked.
  9. Are Megalania's no longer dropping Toxins? They aren't for me on PC Official. Also all my toxins in storage are gone. Yet Boss requirement still there. Nice ninja nerf, so much for wanting to do alpha run before leaving on vacation.
  10. dslick

    What am I doing wrong - Gamma Dragon

    Interesting, wonder of the flee mechanic on Dragon is the same with Manticore? Right now on rag the dragon stays put with 14 claws hacking away until it dies. Manti flies up 2-3 times but has 19 max dinos biting it. Wonder if we put less dinos it will fly less at the cost of DPS? Or is the AI programmed for flight at burst DPS? This information is goldddddd if we can find out somehow..
  11. dslick

    Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Sorry, edited my post so that it is more clear. Imprinting bonus is essential agreed. But the difference between an 85% and 100% imprinted dino is not noticeable in application.
  12. dslick

    Question about dino dmg and dummies

    Then must've been a part of the silent giga nerf. Sucks...
  13. dslick

    Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    The only dino worth imprinting to 100% is a Giga. a 15% difference (100% vs 85%) in imprinting on any other dino is measles. The only thing affecting you is your OCD. The lifestyle change is a huge step, and grateful for that. Thank you!
  14. dslick

    Boss fights

    Been playing since day 1 and only got 1 clean mutation into HP and Melee in. I breed whenever I can, maybe 50-100 eggs a week. Still trying for the second mutation into HP or Melee, and damn clean breeding is taking forever.
  15. dslick

    Question about dino dmg and dummies

    If you are using a primitive saddle on your giga then sure, a 1000% melee rex is something to reckon with.