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  1. pve Rex stats for boss killing

    true, it also looks like a landing issue as the terrain is uneven so when it tries to land it pops immediately back up, just like how it is hard for fast flyers to land (ie wyvern). well for the record, the strategy of running around to "give it space" to land did not work (thought with all the dinos and golems, there was no spot for landing). will try sitting and getting stuck on golems next time. perhaps there is a better spot to fight the manticore other than the center of the field? also don't forget that cart to the left where you can get stuck.
  2. Game Breaking Bug

    probably a bug then, i know for ragnarok therizinos don't farm fiber on some bush nodes.
  3. pve Rex stats for boss killing

    for the purpose of killing it, or to get it to land?
  4. pve Rex stats for boss killing

    anyone know why some times the manticore won't land? last time I tried ragnarok boss on easy, 40 minutes expired due to manticore not landing some days i kill them both within 5 minutes, the other days i kill dragon and RIP to timer.
  5. WC, Everytime you publish a patch, I run the risk of my baby/jvuenile dinos dieing due to that horrendous render glitch. They have food and sit next to troughs. I've lost countless dinos now, sucking each one up because who has time to wait months for customer support. Server mates have lost their 80% matured gigas. Either fix the raptoring issue or stop patching every few hours.
  6. How Does Your Tribe Operate?

    When I get lonely I talk to my Dodos in my solo tribe. Basically it's hmm, what do I need today. Right, meat and berry runs for days. And that's all there is to it folks! But to add value, if I had a tribe I'd probably run it based on tribe needs and ranks. Weekdays should be for farming crates/artifacts/building/bossing. Weekends for breeding and farming maetrials. That's the general schedule I'd run as solo. If I had an even larger tribe, dynamics totally change as the pure numbers negate the need to be efficient in farming. So I'd probably have a schedule for bossing/farming/doing whatever days. If my tribe mates are close that is. If I had a tribe full of randoms and ranks, I'd probably have a reward system in there too.
  7. Game Breaking Bug

    you have to craft a saddle and farm it yourself, if you are expecting dinos to farm autonomously, those dinos do not.
  8. meant cross server dino trades on tame cap for PvE just became harder
  9. ah dang, glad it's all worked out. but RIP dino trades!
  10. Stuck inside dragon corpse during bossfight.

    yeah on top of the horrid landing mechanic of the manticore, the cart that gets you stuck 100%, this is a bug ridden arena.
  11. Ragnarok Boss Arena w/Sloths?

    Therizino hits once correct. We see two swings but damage is registered once. Now factor in attack speed and you will see therizino has slightly higher DPS.
  12. Ragnarok metal cave

    I have lost maybe 10 ankys now to under the meshes lol. I dont even bother with support tickets and just eat it and raise another one...sucks
  13. Battleeye and Teamviewer

    thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Did a recent patch block the use of teamviewer with Ark? Ark will now no longer launch with teamviewer running due to BattleEye. What on earth do I do now with all my free time at work lol.
  15. Fighting Iceworms

    You're doing it right, except: Block the first hit with a shield. use a 220%+ shotgun so you TWO hit the worms. Essentially, you will only tank only the initial hit when it pops up. Then it is dead. Except for when the server pop is low and server ping is low, the iceworm will sometimes get a second hit just before it dies.