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  1. well damn xd it happens to me aswell, cant move at all after killing ice titan ….Well I was freezed by him . I guess its a bug. Just kill yourself, it will work after that.
  2. so its just 2x breed , xp , and harvest ? No 2x tame ?
  3. Was about 10 Hours ago. to set up an appointement . I just cant believe something like this happened to a gaming company... XD that asks pooploads of money for a poop game.
  4. yeah, this morning . I heard rumors that they give tek engrams back aswell. Seems not.
  5. So after 5 days I got a reply, letting me know that all that I get its a noob 105 character and only imprints back ! What we CANNOT help with:-Restoring levels past level 105-Restoring items, blueprints, element-Bringing your original survivor back to life-Ascending players That's it for me. F wildcard, I will ask refund from steam . This is bullpoop !
  6. I don't get it why you guys removed my post ...the one I quoted now ….that's just the truth . nothing more.
  7. yeah man I get that. But why shoud we suffer because of them ?? This is not a free to play game. We bought it, most of us got all dlcs. And they just screw us now. They did a huge mistake, not sure any other gaming company did something like that ….And now what ? We should wait weeks/months to get our characters back ? I am lucky because I have tribemates. But what about the players that play alone ? What about their base ? Dinos ? That takes time. This is not cool at all. They should freaking work 24/24 to fix their own mistake. If I would lose my character during a transfer because of my own fault I would have been ok with waiting that much. But this is not our mistake, its theirs, and they don't give a fk about it. Its something like, hey you lost your chars, soryy, make a ticket, wait 1 month, and maybe we will give it back to you.
  8. Ticket opened for 3 days, not even 1 damn answer....what a freaking joke
  9. You should ask for a refund from steam . WC don't give a damn about us, we lost everything because of them, not because of us . They should be able to refund you. I know I will, if I don't get my fking 123 full tek engrams character back.
  10. Weird stuff ! I hope we all get them back .
  11. Guy with who I did trade is telling me my char its in his base....But I cant log into him...
  12. Is your support ticket closed ? After you got your char back ? I am still waiting.
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