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  1. send me a private message with your steam :P 

    1. Orion123


      for the boss fighting :P 

  2. Hey, i saw your post on my call to join forces to do the tek things together. Hit me up when you can! i am at server rag13. or you can look me up here and send me a messagge to meat on your server :P

    1. rose639


      9_9HI, your steam?

    2. Orion123


      Tell me your server and i will pop up as soon as posible. dont want to put my steam on open places :P

      I am base on Ragnarok13. but i can go visit your server :] just let me know you character name :P


  3. So out of 100 dinos only about 10 are really the ones to have. Here is my list and the reasons for each: 1. REx: REx is the boss killer and also for some tribes the meat gatherer. 2. Anky: Well, it is obvious metal is one of the most important resources on ark. IS the coin to trade and the main thing to build the high end stuff. If you are in a tribe, have a Quetz that carrier a lot... around 3k is a good starting weight and have a friend carry you while you smash metal. 3. Theri: It gathers thatch, wood, and fiber...enough said. Some people use it for bosses...not recomme
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