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  1. Taming them with berries is something you don't wish to do
  2. I feel like some of the water dinos need some rework
  3. Taming griffins, trading off wyverns etc etc
  4. I wish they made it earlier as where i put my tek replicator it wasn't in the middle ?
  5. Anyone tried to crypod giga during it's baby stage? like every 8 hours so imprint timer doesn't reset? or even anything else? like mosa? basilo? etc
  6. If you render them out then they will despawn, happens when i go to get milk from wyverns
  7. Lightning it best as the attack lasts the longest. but i find fire just as good for PVE
  8. I really like the idea of tek troughs and thats about it. makes it easier for me to raise
  9. Had a wyvern hatched from no where cause it's egg vanished. just to cryopod it
  10. Anyone know if there will be breeding event during this winter wonderland?
  11. Rex need alot of meat during the early stages... I'd recommend filling up 2-3 troughs to be on the safe side or even more.
  12. I just threw out tons of baby wyverns and luckily it didn't effect the imprint timer
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