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  1. I do know there is an event- I am not a hermit. I had wyvern eggs out, they have gone from 2k food to zero and baby is at 4% health even at increased rates- its not right. So unless you have something sensible to offer.....?
  2. Also noticed giga babies are POURING through meat
  3. Just hatched a couple wyvern eggs, babies at 4% after 20mins or so, and all starving to death Anyone else having food issues?
  4. yea- as usual not a word from the Devs Clearly something serious - Prob hardware related. Guess I see what I have lost when I get up for work in 6 hours, assuming its even been fixed by then
  5. Yup have - everyone I have as friends on that server also done a ticket but this looks pretty serious if whole cluster is off. From memory Nitrado runs 4 servers per machine- so would make sense
  6. looks like whole cluster is off- 859. 860 and 861 also all down?
  7. 862 still offline 1 hour after patch Just wonder if there is any news about CI server 862? Its been down since the patch - have submitted a ticket but as of yet no sign of life or reports of any issue ongoing? @lilpanda any news sir? I know you guys dont reply to tickets- but seems a long while now Thanks
  8. File check the whole install. Try making a char on another server thats also Val. If file check fixes great. If you can make another char on another server, then likelyhood you are proper bugged and may need to submit a ticket
  9. Submit a ticket- but expect to kiss the char goodbye unless you get incredibly lucky- You might get another high level char back but no tech unlocks if you had any
  10. Im sure its just in the area you select to start the game type (well it is on pc so could be different on cosole) There you would just increase the rates you wanted?
  11. I have been fighting this issue all evening. A full reinstall fixed it for one load then went again. For me finally it was a full uninstall of ALL nvidia drivers, then let windows run its own. I would suggest if you are a NVIDIA owner give that a whirl For reference my card was a 2070 super RTX Good luck
  12. there are more videos than i can count on youtube with hints, tips, building locations, things to avoid, things to always do. Other than that, its practice and trial and error. Good luck
  13. tbf they are prob fixing other things that are broken as a result of todays fixes Usually why the big patches are before the weekend. My guess they are all hard at work sorting something, and hopefully what ever fix that is, x2 will follow. Guess for us EU we will wait until tomorrow
  14. that was my fave event ever...got so much done.............said nobody Just kidding- Please can we switch it on, us EU peeps going to bed in an couple hours now- really need to replace stuff lost with the very short notice patch and then 5 mins rollback this afternoon
  15. It looks like its been pushed back to 4pm PST so thats teh UK players out for today I guess Sad that after all the delays that we wont even get a look in on release day if thats really the case
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