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  1. vtallbloke

    Any good Lightning wyvern names

    We have Spark Tesla Bolt
  2. vtallbloke

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    But if they are playing on servers that WC are planning to shut down and sadly they decide they dont want to start again, what has WC lost? Umm to my reckoning nothing? (again I am not defending WC here, its just my opinion) I was a staunch believer in allowing the legacy servers to continue upon release. Its what WC had always said, almost until the last minute, and a Lot (there were a lot) of whiners convinced WC to kinda meet 1/2 way. Not shut them but not support them. Trust me i was more than a little annoyed and like the people now VERY vocal about it. I came to the conclusion nothing was going to change, and either i had to get used to no CS on Legacy (lets be honest 2-4 weeks wait, before release is pretty much that anyway) or take it as a chance to make a new tribe so all in together with people I played with on Legacy. The latter being my decision- I have no regrets. I worked Hard to get what I had, but learnt much. We are now what aprox 6months from release and our tribe is WAY further on than we were on legacy. Its a sad fact- legacy will be killed off completely- Only thing I can suggest is move to current "new" servers, over populate then we have case to argue with WC about repurposing the servers rather than just closing (their appeared current strat, despite claims of otherwise) when the official are super camped again. Nobody will buy/stay with the game because they cant play (apart from some who will naturally go to unofficial). its official Legacy is dead- The sooner you guys accept that the sooner you will stop wasting time there, save perhaps to get the save games when they go, and use them on your own hosted games.
  3. vtallbloke

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    And that would be fair to all the legacy server players that moved away from legacy when they realised 1.Zero CS support. 2.They would be shut down over time anyway? If thats your view why wont we reflash all the legacy servers already gone, and allow others to move their 100+ chars to new also?
  4. vtallbloke

    Where are the new servers? (Answered)

    I agree, I think we will see at most 1-2 servers in each area tops. I think they run on a policy of 10% - take 10% down (but more than that in realistic terms) and bring back up 10% of what they took down lol
  5. vtallbloke

    thanks wildcard, im off

    I will say in WC's Defence and anyone who knows me knows that this is not something I do often: They stated BEFORE release that this would happen, rolling clear ups of the legacy servers. Also unusually for WC- It has been very well publicised on all their usual forums- Twitter, Steam and Here for starters. The lists as already noted of servers going this round were up over a month ago ( I was looking to see if my old server was going- amazingly it survived this cull also) Legacy has zero support-Why play there? Im not sure we will see the creation of a massive amount of new servers (looks back to release day) so I wouldnt expect that. Trust me, I hated making the decision to move to the new servers on Release- I had just started to get bosses on farm- and I would have to start all over again. Use the opportunity to make new tribes and alliances with people you were friends with on the legacy servers. You wont take long to get back to being well established. I look back and am glad in a way I moved- I have a great couple of tribemates (we were just alliance members before) and still have an alliance with old and new friends alike.
  6. vtallbloke

    Tek gen usage.

    nice setup rip- You could place one either side left to right as you look at that pic also, to get another couple down if needed lol
  7. cages seem to work better nowadays then they ever did before In legacy (well before release) I found a guide about having them in a room, and using storage boxes around the walls to stop them escaping- Left on wander mine couldnt work out how to get out past them
  8. vtallbloke

    Tek gen usage.

    yep i agree with Rip- Having had ours up a couple weeks When running uses 1 element on its lowest radius setting every 18hours I reckon we coupld easily get 6 troughs around it
  9. vtallbloke

    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    @Ranger1 my bad, tbh i have not checked numbers to often at prime-time because, well i have been one of those numbers I also remember the weekend where we had 100k and everyone was amazed. WC have done amazing things for a small studio, you cant deny it! Its often just the small things that can often have the biggest impact- and for me i think its a mistake to drop major updates at weekends. I Think WC needs to look perhaps at having Test servers or something similar, MANY other studios do this already there are always people that want to push games to their limit. (Perhaps put levels similar to evo events to encourage people to play) Then they can drop Major updates to that first when ever they like (I know that this is also not always fool proof)
  10. vtallbloke

    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    I dont want to be or sound rude, but seriously I know you have to defend WC but my goodness. I get what you say, but Weekends are where usually the most concurrent users are online. Thats not me making that up, its a solid fact. 18months now I have (mostly) played this game, and the total players are No where near they were pre release, and you think that the weekends where you hit records of 100k players are not prime-time? Can You give me a tue-thurs where you guys went over that figure to prove that I have made a mistake about weekends (within the different timezones) ?
  11. vtallbloke

    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    to be honest, looking at the twitter feed, I didnt fair as badly as many others. 100s of characters appear to be lost (even after the second rollback/fix) so loosing a few hours not so bad after all. I am not going to be moving servers for a day or 2 though, incase I get caught up in the lost char scenario. Im slightly worried about people saying "duping" is all back again, the game is still got a long way to go- This was why I did not buy aberation
  12. vtallbloke

    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    its not over yet. There are 100s of people complaining of lost characters now, there is something odd going on with my armor (appears to be glitched) investigating so that may also be broken Think I might just go to bed, wasted enough time on this for tonight
  13. vtallbloke

    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    Dont be an ass. You know exactly what I mean. There are no test servers so exactly what we fear has happened, they rolled out a broken update that now needs a rollback. So for all the euro players, thats another wasted evening, at prime time (namely the weekends) Im not comparing this to other online games, but most of those patch on a tues - thurs away from prime playtimes of the weekend.
  14. vtallbloke

    TLC patch this weekend ?

    I also agree- Look at the xmas one for starters. They really dont want to give anything away
  15. vtallbloke

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    TBH i dont get why they even mentioned it so extensively? IF they had no intention of banning anyone why even say so? Why not just say "we have found a long term exploit which we have fixed" leave it at that. I think Jats post was a mistake- All that has happenend is he alienated the player base that did not cheat. Sometimes (and only sometimes) less is more