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  1. tbf they are prob fixing other things that are broken as a result of todays fixes Usually why the big patches are before the weekend. My guess they are all hard at work sorting something, and hopefully what ever fix that is, x2 will follow. Guess for us EU we will wait until tomorrow
  2. that was my fave event ever...got so much done.............said nobody Just kidding- Please can we switch it on, us EU peeps going to bed in an couple hours now- really need to replace stuff lost with the very short notice patch and then 5 mins rollback this afternoon
  3. It looks like its been pushed back to 4pm PST so thats teh UK players out for today I guess Sad that after all the delays that we wont even get a look in on release day if thats really the case
  4. I have again been using latest update, and whatever was going on with the virus alert (false positive or otherwise) seems to have corrected now. Both the zip and the files seem ok again. Thanks for fixing, could you tell us what you did?
  5. I have the same problem. Have fed back as much as i Can about what its finding it as (and it does not appear at this point to be a false positive) but am disapointed by the lack of any further response or follow up For the people showing a virus, if you go back and check, I have it showing in this and the 2 previous versions, Prior to that is fine but I am having issues recording bred dinos with the older versions. Hopefully the dev of this great app will update (and even virus scan the file himself)
  6. Still no news (good news for you guys?) on the continued lack of server (PC) for the player base.

    You guys Clearly lied about the future of official servers. Make a decision please, be honest with us.  WE stood by you for as much as 2 years for some players and this is how you treat us?

    DLC while in EA, DLC almost asap after launch while game still buggy, and duping still clearly going on.


  7. sadly just cant wait any longer bed is calling
  8. Recent Jen update that PS4 servers are rolling out. Think they have forgotten about PC that was supposed to be rolling out 3 hours ago?
  9. I wonder if the delay is something to do with x-server transfers? Would explain why they are not online? Patch has said new servers coming up for an hour now, stil not EU Centre map for PVE Sure they will be up during the night at this rate!
  10. I have posted on several threads both here and on steam. I agree a change for PVP was needed, but PVE play is very different. The game is all about the building, the super bred dinos (that they want us to do), the deals of one good dino for another. I cant fly anywhere now to collect an egg, let alone a dino I see many posts from people saying Give WC a chance the devs are working on it. If they are really doing something, be honest say so. One of the WORST problems with other online games in beta/EA, even release was a lack of comms. They have staff whose job it is, is to keep people undated. WoW was absolutely terrible for this, breaking more than they fix, then nothing, then another patch, nothing, no comms at all. Eventually they might say something when after breaking so much and fixing it, would kind of be an apology (between the lines) Dont want several 1k's of people REALLY pissed, talk to us. Tell us, Yes we know, we are doing the first change and this will be....." You added the "Flyer nerf" very very quietly at some point in the last week or so. I cant believe it was added any earlier than that, then only picked up in the last few days. I have concerns that you claimed the "devs" tested it. Did they really? Honestly? do they even play PVE at all? Please, Make a real option to have different environments for PVP and PVE (and the dinos contained within) This also would then work for private run servers, to allow people to "tweak" according to the player base that play there, as well as the game hosted ones. I like many, are now sitting here waiting to see what comes next. But lets hope we hear something soon, from the DEVs who are usually very vocal and passionate.
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