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  1. Rex saddle drops on Center map?

    I can tell you, i have been farming East lava and underwater drops, plus one other cave with red drops religiously for the last month, and I STILL havent seen one of any colour. I have found Asc Longneck, Shotgun, Mosa Plat and saddle, Ples Plat and saddle, Quetz Plat and saddle, couple fur and ghil piece BPs, few other guns several other saddles, but sadly STILL no rex lol. Will keep trying
  2. Saddles turning into engrams on dinos?

    this - Unless I am mistaken used to be an old problem with the Annunaki mod for some time (over a year back)
  3. Since one of your mini 1gig ish patches Group whistles not working again- but not 100% sure if its for all dinos. Since one of those patches, I have one char thats spawning in (from log off) to be thrown to the map ceiling then die from impact death- This is Regardless of where i log off in my base. Again this was an old bug you guys fixed, but seems to have made a return. Can you please achknowledge you are aware or looking into this, or which forum I need to report/move this too- Getting a little frustrating corpse hunting all over the base again for body (its often stuck in building parts that have to be demolished to recover it)
  4. Refund issued

    To be honest and with respect, you guys are not listening again. nothing new there! Perhaps you need to look at WHY they are asking for refunds? I will NOT personally be spending any more money on this game or expansions. you make promises and don’t deliver, you come up with 1/2 hearted fixes instead of fixing route problems, and despite claims to the otherwise you clearly DONT listen to what your player base Is trying to tell you. there have been some good ideas you should at least be listening and even acknowledging but as usual, it’s heads in the sand. The whole servers full/at Dino tame cap is nothing new.
  5. sadly we have been here before. They really dont give a toss. Look at the whole debacle on Legacy, where most server pops were probably about 30 or so prime time, and they got too cap. @Jen pretty much told us to go do one. Condense all the old legacy players onto less servers, well its inevitable that we would hit this problem again. I cant say I am surprised that we get no response, i dont know if its because they are working some kind of fix for this repeated issue (not really sure this is the case) or whether they are just rushing to push out the latest expansion in a hope that people will go there, and relieve the pressures on the current servers. Sadly when they "lied" about how they were going to repurpose the old legacy servers, cant say I am holding my breath. Reluctantly I purchased SE for my daughters account this evening, then after an hour trying to find a spot too build (pillars and just general over population) on both of the EU servers (thats right just the 2 we get) and 1 NA, I gave up and got a refund. Dont get me wrong I am not complaining about the use I have had from this game, but without some kind of RADICAL change, I just dont see how we move forward from here. With nothing left too do again, leaves me the only option to play something else. Good luck to us all and keep on surviving (but not breeding) ps- Like many before me, I get about the costs etc, but then their business model (current) is flawed and needs addressing.
  6. i knew this problem would come back, and I also realised it would be fairly quickly I just did not realise how quick. As already noted there is a game mechanic that requires you to horde dinos. For people suggesting 50 (really 50?) dino limit get real. When stat breeding and trying for mutations you would have 50 dinos between just 1 and 3 species. The issue here, is WC is cheap, really cheap. Instead of reinvesting those "closed" legacy servers they promised, they closed them. We have less servers now than when in EA, and the results we are encountering already were inevitable. 3 months and servers starting to hit cap- Ours has this weekend. Condense more people onto fewer servers, was bound to happen. I just cant work out, are they really wanting people to NOT play official? Its almost how the their ideas are coming over. Hosted are fine, but expensive once you start running cross-ark setups. (I Know, have done them in the past). I will wait with baited breath, while we build yet another base, on yet another server, to allow us to play in PVE as intended.
  7. Server Continual crash since patch

    well server wont even stay up 2mins now, you get about 4-5 lines of people talking and its down Any official input please- ie investigating?
  8. Server Continual crash since patch

    and 2 more times since last post
  9. Server Continual crash since patch

    thanks for the move.. And its still ongoing......5th time since patch
  10. Cant find anywhere else to post, NA56 in a reset loop every 1-5 mins back to patch restart point. Getting a little annoying now, anyone else suffering similar probs or just us?
  11. I have again been using latest update, and whatever was going on with the virus alert (false positive or otherwise) seems to have corrected now. Both the zip and the files seem ok again. Thanks for fixing, could you tell us what you did?
  12. I have the same problem. Have fed back as much as i Can about what its finding it as (and it does not appear at this point to be a false positive) but am disapointed by the lack of any further response or follow up For the people showing a virus, if you go back and check, I have it showing in this and the 2 previous versions, Prior to that is fine but I am having issues recording bred dinos with the older versions. Hopefully the dev of this great app will update (and even virus scan the file himself)
  13. Still no news (good news for you guys?) on the continued lack of server (PC) for the player base.

    You guys Clearly lied about the future of official servers. Make a decision please, be honest with us.  WE stood by you for as much as 2 years for some players and this is how you treat us?

    DLC while in EA, DLC almost asap after launch while game still buggy, and duping still clearly going on.


  14. Inactive players

    there would be a real quick fix, sort the capacity issue out and we wont have people queing - namely more servers
  15. That's a fair statement to make there Nathananddaddy One point is that you state WC intend to look after new customers which I do agree is true, if you have a console. There are a few of us that have messaged WC on every conceivable platform to get a reply about the lack of server capacity (some of us daily) and they choose to ignore all. I even emailed Snail games to air my annoyance but that was a waste of time as well. So I will be doing the only thing I can, NOT buying the new mod, and no recommending any of my friends to buy the game, because of the continued 2 finger salutes we are appearing to get from them currently. "we are going to repurpose the old servers" -repurpose for what? certainly doesn't appear to be for PC players. My old legacy server (which survived the cull) is dead now. I check regularly and at most 1-5 players online at a time. I am starting to think this was the plan all along. I think legacy days are very numbered and I am convinced even when they are closed, we wont see them repurposed as PC but most likely Console (the new cash cow for WC) If they communicated what was going on, we could all stop the speculation