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  1. Bobs tails are live, if you can even get into a server. What an utter shambles- really am glad I did not waste my money on this, if you are not even going to get close to the need of the player base and open up a sensible amount of servers. Release day pushed back (and rightly so I agree) then you take almost another whole working day to start releasing servers. The EU player base had not choice but to sit up all night, or like today spend hours trying to even get in. Utter joke and a shambles, as always. Nothing changes.
  2. I do find the statement about delay slightly comical Makes you wonder how bad it really must have been, because they were happy to launch the main game in the state it was in on release? To be so close to release date before making a final deciscion to postpone- was very disapointing, and like a few others- Island for me was my least fave map, but here we are nearly 6 months from the release, and already missing 2 expansions that were supposed to happen within their own timeline. How to utterly fail, set your own agenda and timeline, then continually fail to meet every one of them.
  3. Do any of the other admins monitor these forums can nudge someone to look at our server please. I have submitted 2 tickets myself and I gather others have also, but 4 hours and still showing 0/70 and timed out connection. I dont want to keep putting a ticket in every hour, but would be nice if someone could kick it to restart properly? Thanks - on behalf of the 5250 population
  4. If its PVP- well thats unlucky there is nothing you can do about it. PVE you are not allowed to block them- Submit a ticket with the Screenshot of items blocking- Admins will come and deal usually within a couple of days
  5. welcome to ark, and not a new problem. THis would be why we need CryoPods more than any other reason that the DEVS might list. If all goes to plan you just have another week or 2 to wait
  6. So I gather from talking to others its not a uniqe issue with our server. I hatched a Giga egg 10.5 hours ago at time of this posting, and the baby is still 2 hours 42 mins away from first imprint. I mean that is some impressive lag/rubber banding or what ever you want to call it. I mean kudos for stabilising the servers, but at least the crashes were predicatable to a point. At this rate these giga babies (I got twins, yippee) are going to take a month to get to adulthood. Can we work on that problem moving forward? We have no EVO event, yet server pings are almost double where they were when servers were full and crashing every couple hours. I honestly cant bear the thought of the event weekend next weekend when there is a chance the servers could get about 2x wowser.
  7. As a very long time player from ASE way back when game had been out, maybe 6 months (EA) there were lots of bugs, and I mean lots. From complete Character losses to dinos vanishing and eggs. Mangaged to get a couple of reasonable fert giga eggs last night, had them out in the hatchery for ooohh maybe an hour, go back to check on them 1 is missing. Ripped up every foundation all around the area, dropped eggs and used F to collect all, but no its gone. They are not in the Oviraptor either. Its prob under the mesh with my max tame Argent that just decided to pop down there for a rest- with my giga egg. These are NOT new problems, these are OLD ASE problems which really we should not be seeing now. Unless this truly is a quick, cheap new GFX overlay on the original poor coding. This is the 2nd time I have lost eggs, and now at least 3 dinos poofed under the mesh. So at the DEVS- How about we start focusing on some of these issues also please? I loved ASE- I didnt always like the direction it went but seriously, between this and the continual shooter error crashes (also not new btw) this is just lazy and we really should be starting to see some of these issues being addressed? All we see are small patches for stability- which have been coming few and far between I have noticed Since the delayed launch of Xbox. /rant off
  8. Well you can now add 5250 to the list, offline, ticketed by many people, still not up- only an hour currently so not as long as others, but clearly not coming online atm Clearly we are seeing an increase in servers offline for longer periods, I guess we wait for the US team to be awake, and hope that some of them are working this weekend
  9. Really really cant express how disapointed I am that we still know nothing in truth about the PC release, yet the Console players have just seen their demo. I am guessing it will look very simliar but we are now close to their planned launch, still with no specs and no trailer for PC- where the game began? Really poor show WC
  10. tbf they are prob fixing other things that are broken as a result of todays fixes Usually why the big patches are before the weekend. My guess they are all hard at work sorting something, and hopefully what ever fix that is, x2 will follow. Guess for us EU we will wait until tomorrow
  11. that was my fave event ever...got so much done.............said nobody Just kidding- Please can we switch it on, us EU peeps going to bed in an couple hours now- really need to replace stuff lost with the very short notice patch and then 5 mins rollback this afternoon
  12. It looks like its been pushed back to 4pm PST so thats teh UK players out for today I guess Sad that after all the delays that we wont even get a look in on release day if thats really the case
  13. I have again been using latest update, and whatever was going on with the virus alert (false positive or otherwise) seems to have corrected now. Both the zip and the files seem ok again. Thanks for fixing, could you tell us what you did?
  14. I have the same problem. Have fed back as much as i Can about what its finding it as (and it does not appear at this point to be a false positive) but am disapointed by the lack of any further response or follow up For the people showing a virus, if you go back and check, I have it showing in this and the 2 previous versions, Prior to that is fine but I am having issues recording bred dinos with the older versions. Hopefully the dev of this great app will update (and even virus scan the file himself)
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