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  1. Image courtesy of @Demerus. As you can see, it's already 1/3 of the durability down, but repair costs are in line with a primitive tek rifle. This is of course bp crafted
  2. Ill have to show you the costs of mine. When extinction released titans dropped premade tek. Maybe those particular pieces are bugged and dont have a repair cost increase?
  3. Tek suit repair costs don't scale with blueprint quality. So not really... If you get a 1k dura suit Id think its worth spending the 1k ingots (and no element) to repair. It'll only be primitive repair costs.
  4. Your average perfect tamed rex has 7-9k hp. 18k is monstruous, but by no means the best currently (on pc it would be @BertNoobians's line with 23k hp). 18k is better than the top rex breeds that were available on legacy before the game officially launched, and they could do bosses just fine.
  5. -You can also bring all extinction creatures minus the snow owl. -A non aberrant variant of a radiation immune dino isn't radiation immune iirc. -Aberrant dinos boast slightly more damage and slightly less hp (on the top of my head its like 5% less hp, 4% more damage or something. Here's a tweet from Jen about it. https://mobile.twitter.com/bubblywums/status/941202783830757376
  6. @Vaculity was saying that cryoods cease to function when the cave entrace door closes (this is after 5 minutes I believe). They also said that gigas cannot teleport at the end to meet the boss. So you'll go through the entrace, unpod your giga, do the cave and then be forced to leave your giga inside the cave and do the boss on foot because it's now stuck in there until someone reactivates the tek cave. So unless you're quick enough to do the whole cave before it's sealed, you'll just be wasting a giga.
  7. What they're saying is if you cant finish the cave before the gate closes then your giga is unable to exit via pod, the front gate, or the teleporter at the end so youll have to leave it in the cave
  8. It's ark, it's a survival game. You lost a dino fair and square to legitimate albeit unfortunate game mechanics. Getting the dino back from a GM would be basically cheating. If it were due to, say, a server crash, or something, it would be a legitimate claim.
  9. Unless your creature is so fast that you don't notice, approaching the limit by going past the towers give you a periodic warning beep, with the message telling you your implant is unstable and you should turn back.
  10. Except it's not intuitive at all. Take a game with a "soft" map border, for example Battlefield. While it doesn't physically restrain you from leaving the map, you get a big fat warning saying that you'll get killed if you stay too long. On extinction the light gets stronger the further you go but it should just start draining your health faster and faster or something instead, not making you go from 100% to 0.
  11. Yup, found this too... gotta be careful, it seems like the brightness becomes blinding when you get to the edge also
  12. Enabling teleporters on aberration is quite frankly the best decision you've made for this map so far
  13. They literally said it was for a week when the event launched. Entirely your fault.
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