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  1. What Animal Family do you think the Reaper is in?

    In my opinion, the reaper would be a mutated dilo, with the ability to produce acid, and a similar morphology when it comes to spikes on its body, general shape, the shape of the tail tip, the head crest and its general absence on the map. The giant size would be explained as the same reason why the basilisk is a giant titanoboa.
  2. Could the Reaper Queen be a Mutated Ice Wyvern?

    Maybe were thinking too close to its size. Mutations have turned the smallish titanoboa into a basilisk (I think), therefore its not unreasonable dinos can turn into a gargantuan size. It could be a dilo; This is what we have so far: the head crest (notice the placement of the spikes in the dilo's neck frill as well) the general shape, the tail widening at the tip, the "spikes" on the back (the hairs could be just larger and thus tougher, becoming spikes in the case of the reaper.) They are also placed in the same areas roughly, on the shoulders etc. Both of these also have the ability to produce acid within its body. As a final argument, the dilo is also strangely absent while the reaper is present on ab. The only gripe would be the amount of digits on the feet; The hands are ok. I could say that polydactia is a side effect of radiation in this case, for lack of a better argument.
  3. Could the Reaper Queen be a Mutated Ice Wyvern?

    Except Aberration isn't there on purpose. Its malfunctioning. Also, if you look outside the giant windows in the overseers chamber, there are multiple copies of only 2 types of arks. Diana says they moved to the caverns below- (might I remind you, there is an extensive cave system in the Island already in the form of artifact and tek cave)
  4. Could the Reaper Queen be a Mutated Ice Wyvern?

    The thing is, considering the fact that aberration is a regular ark gone wrong- that would mean that any animals from there would have to be mutated from the ones present in the undamaged ark. That said, only two ark types are canon to the storyline; the island, and scorched earth. Considering that multiple creatures are present only on aberration and the island, such as the spino, its safe to assume that it is an island ark that has been destroyed. The ice wyverns are only present on ragnarok, which is so far a non-canon map. Plus raganarok is way too massive to be this map. They do share similarities with reaper queens though.
  5. Placing flag on gate

    You could try getting a frame with pillars and ceilings over the gate and placing it on that
  6. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    Hold up. You say it does 20 less than your bary. Do you have damage indicators on? You do know the base damage of a giga is 400? And bary 35(I think)? The damage stat of the dino is not the pure actual damage output; it is a percentage of the values mentioned above. So your giga which is probably like at what, 100+%? (Not too familiar with the low dmg scaling of a giga) compares to a 1000+% or so bary
  7. Loot tables broken?

    I wish alphas would at least drop regular alpha loot, so we can have limited access to high quality picks and hatchets (they do also rarely drop from earthquakes)
  8. Reaper King

    Seriously. you underestimate the orbs. These things wreck players and riding a reaper you have zero chance of dodging it (they home on you and you are in its face biting the tentacles, making it easier to hit you) Thats why shotguns are better. they can get you to avoid getting hit by tentacles... and take out orbs with ease.
  9. Reaper King

    Id even argue that the extra dps dinos arent even necessary. Shotguns do more dps alone than a lot of things, and from a safe distance. But I agree that if youre taking on the final boss of the game so far, you might as well go all in, they couldnt hurt.
  10. Reaper King

    Meant more like melee mounts in general
  11. reaper queen Quick reaper queen FAQ

    The xp heavily relies on the level of the queen. High levels give extreme amounts
  12. Reaper King

    Agree 100% with everything in this post, have had the same experience. Not using guns means you cannot keep the orbs in check, and you have to get in right next to where they appear to bite. Although, you dont need to dismount to attack
  13. Death satchels

    When you die it brings you to a respawn map. The bed or sleeping bag will appear on the map, you click on it and select respawn (sleeping bags, as opposed to beds, can only be used once)
  14. Death satchels

    Build a bed, you can select to respawn there
  15. Reaper King

    Well, the problem with only using reapers is that you get overrun by the orbs and get killed off your mount. You can definitely achieve the dps (we got close to killing it on beta with 4 bad imprint reapers and a drake+gun). A full crew with serious reapers and gear could do it, but using only guns has the appeal of being able to get rid of the orbs by shooting them before they reach you and kill you off your mount.