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  1. As mentioned in the title. The tek ATV is a really cool concept for an engram that never made it into official. I think it would be awesome to use it in a desert setting and it would be a great ride for the dunes on the outskirts of the map.
  2. To add to this: The reason the first hit always lands is that it is not directly following a previous attack. Timing your attacks like mentioned above will make the difference between literally 0 dps and low dps. Killing an alpha tuso or mosa takes forever this way, but at least you won't die from shark swarms anymore.
  3. It is very broken. For now I think I've found a workaround, but it severely cuts it's dps. You have to wait for the full animation to finish before attacking again. If you attack faster, it will basically cancel all futute attacks until you wait for the end of the animation. I just set a macro to 2.5 second intervals and hit most attacks. Although, this is very suboptimal and they should fix it.
  4. Someone on our server was kited to on our pve server the other day, they lost about 50 dinos, but their base was intact. Yesterday, someone was fighting a titan and it hit a tamed bronto, which fought back
  5. To develop on this, The titanosaur can damage your tames if someone stands next to them and lets themself take damage. At this point, if your tames are on neutral, they will aggro the titan directly which "gives it permission" to destroy your base. If your tames are on passive, they still take damage, but not your structures. So, if someone kites to you, the safer play is to whistle all your dinos in a spot that can't be reached, on passive. The titan will not damage your house at this point. Also noteworthy is that they have an extremely short attention span.
  6. If you want to preserve resource and dino spawns and not look inconsiderate to the rest of the server, do pillars and ladders. Although my tribemates tell me you need to double stack the pillars to make it work. If you are securing the inside of your pen or a perimeter where you dont want hostile dinos, then use foundation+other structures on top
  7. Hello, Not sure if this was a fluke or we were just extremely lucky. My tribemates were running a broodmother fight when the server crashed. Upon the server (official PVE) coming back up, we expected to lose everything that was in the arena, as is the usual if nobody renders it. Instead, we were pleasantly surprised to find all our dinos spit out on the platform and their characters alive and well. All the xp and mats (chitin from araneo kills) obtained in the fight show that it didn't roll back to a previous state. Can anyone else confirm that this issue has truly been fixed or it was some sort of fluke? If it has been fixed, this relieves immense pressure for people wanting to attempt bossing on unstable servers.
  8. Enabling teleporters on aberration is quite frankly the best decision you've made for this map so far
  9. They literally said it was for a week when the event launched. Entirely your fault.
  10. Forcefeed roll rats instead of a phiomia for poops, itll work trust me. Plant Z replace daeodons.
  11. Well yea, but earlier you were inquiring about if the rule change applied to legacy, and it doesnt. And yes I can see why legacy sounds more appealing... We moved off it but considering good ol' 440 is still standing and not tamecapped im regretting... Then again I bet dlc maps are awfully full.
  12. There is no GM support for legacy. Its the wild west, people can do as they please sadly.
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