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  1. Well if they add volcanic eruptions they should probably warn everyone who built there beforehand...
  2. Not to mention even when you are at boss farming stage there are issues with teleporting, so all your rexes coul go in without you, making you lose them all regardless of their strength
  3. I would argue these are much worse than troodons. With decent armor you can take a hit or two, they only fight you at night and they don't have an AOE. Plus their advantage is removed once you hop on a tame. Electrophorus on the other hand... I'm gonna stick with the whale thank you
  4. Stun could just slow your tame and your attack speed and it would be fine. If you are unmounted, I have no problem with the current effect however, as you shouldn't swim unprotected in the first place.
  5. Good luck
  6. Yeah it is But be warned, the tuso can grab your tamed in a bugged manner that makes it unresponsive to anything
  7. Pretty sure it's not an eel, but a knifefish. That said I don't know where they fit in ecologically.
  8. Sorry to say man but if you are talking about the same thing that happened to my mosa, your plesi will despawn as soon as it exits render
  9. Did you imprint on them? As long as you don't, I think they don't technically belong to you, so it might screw it up a bit
  10. Last patch added that though
  11. They'll probably not only not adress fairness but they'll likely just patch the exploits and strategies people used to beat megapithecus and dragons as well to make sure no one can do em
  12. When was this? Low levels can starve in 2-3 days unattended so you probably should. Lost one that way
  13. Yes. Force-feed them. It's important
  14. Darts don't work on bosses and boss minions Could you get the monkey to accidentally kill the spider with rocks or something?
  15. The thing is, for the past few months rubberbanding was fixed on official. Last major patch seems to have broken it.