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    Heh, a couple days ago we had over 10 lightning storms in a day (ive been told like.. 13?) To be honest, tek should be immune to storms.
  2. Giga

  3. Can we find rex saddle bp in SE red drops ?

    Yes you can get lower value ones in red airdrops. Cave drops are better, however, and are more predictable in where they spawn
  4. Nameless vs reaper

    https://goo.gl/images/cJ28WY That is a dog-like face. Reptiles do not have external ears with lobes
  5. Nameless vs reaper

    but theyre clearly mammal-like
  6. Missing skins still

    The game forgets both skins and explorer note collection progress after a short while. It boggles my mind how this is still a thing.
  7. Not sure which section to put this, but I tried taming a wild 150 phoenix with another phoenix (as pretty much all their attacks do fire damage) in singleplayer to test the efficiency of a tamed one vs a fire wyvern. Turns out, they're not bad at all. The dash attack (spacebar) sets targets on fire by grazing them and can outrun the wild phoenix, but there is a problem. Contrary to what the wiki says, where they will never lose taming efficiency no matter what, the wild phoenix lost efficiency pretty much proportional to the taming progress, meaning that it would have ended in 0 efficiency. Not only that, but the bite attack I believe actually reduced taming progress (6,2->5,2), which, again, should not happen. Fireball doesn't do anything from what I can gather. This might be an oversight, but I think actually having a phoenix should make all subsequent tamings easier to deal with (sort of like it's kibble!) as it's already excrutiatingly long to tame even a low level one, they can't be cloned or bred. But it appears that won't work, as their fire attacks make the target lose efficiency or progress even depending on the attack. Thanks for listening.
  8. Phoenix spawn blocked

    The ash pile falls to the ground as they despawn. The next heatwave, they spawn very close to the ground by the ash pile, but they seem to bolt upwards. Phoenixes wander a lot. I mean, A LOT. Wouldn't be surprised the wild phoenix on your server wandered to the edge of the map or something. Also, if someone flames it, it runs away so it could be wayy outside of it's usual spawn areas (inland by the scar, blue ob or east badlands)
  9. can confirm that this is possible with snakes at the very least. It doesn't aggro it either
  10. pve Rex stats for boss killing

    From what I've been told, it's because it can't find a spot to land, or can't choose a target to aggro on. So it pingpongs around between targets. Try grouping together and holding relatively still to let it figure it out (without, of course, getting shot by it or the dragon) and avoid having a solitary rex in a corner that might grab it's aggro or it could fly back and forth from the rex to your group. That's what I heard, but it kinda makes sense.
  11. Aggression Level: Evasive

    But sometimes I want my wyvern to not run off when a direwolf bites it so I can remount
  12. what is a most useless item in ark

    Did you all forget the lance?
  13. Phoenix wants to land bug

    Noticed this too. Tried putting it on a tek cloner but it would not stay still upon dismount (when i do manage to keep it on there it still cant clone, mind you)
  14. Wyvern levelling up

    Kill deathworms with it. You will likely lose quite a bit of hp if it isnt a lightning but still be safe enough to kill 2 before going into critical hp. My fire is currently 10k hp 1500 stam 540% melee, and i can kill one with my alternate character (no imprint bonus). If you do have a lightning, the second the worm gets out of the ground, wing flap it twice while backing up, then fry it. The deathworm should be too far to attack you, forcing it to dive. Repeat the process until dead and you won't take a scratch
  15. One time character only transfer from legacy

    One of the things is that many people got to do the ascension on cheap mode (no boss). Also it would imply linking both clusters which I don't think work completely on the same code or something