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  1. Tek armor

    it does, actually. Full powered armor gives 200 insulation both ways.
  2. Fast Travel Bug

    And all the foliage appears but isnt actually there, like someone put refertilizer inside your house
  3. WOW Caverns of Lost Hope!!!

    I do it with my basilo that has 350 dmg or so and 40k hp. Just dont aggro the dunks. If you do, rise to the top of the cave and they de-aggro. Then go back down and they should be passive. Not sure what randomly makes them angry, but they won't immediately attack you again after that My biggest concern is the entrance room, because there are usually like 8 sharks there. If one of them turns out to be alpha, I'd suggest not trying to brute force it. Alternatively, now that eels don't dismount, you could use a mosa, just mind the jellyfish
  4. pve Allo vs boss

    has anyone tried megatheriums vs broodmother? one araneo minion kill and you get a 250% damage bonus for 2 minutes vs anything. Considering the megatherium has a bit over 30 dmg for primary attack and over 50 for secondary, you could out-dps a rex. ...Assuming spiders count as bugs in the game.
  5. legacy cluster gets ALL content, which includes ragnarok
  6. Grinding XP - Share Some Good Methods

    griffin itself can kill titan if you are dedicated enough. Killed 2 wild gigas with mine so far. Apparently baby dinos give xp. I was getting loads from us killing unwanted high level babies. Otherwise, you could clear the caverns of lost hope, it's very dangerous but the high level dinos give a lot of xp in there.
  7. Tamed Eels are amazing

    ok, but how could they balance them now? I really don't think bringing back stun and dismount is a good idea.
  8. Where are the zombies

    Yeah, im confident they have time to do that, with release date being so far away and all
  9. Caves

    from my experience, rabies do about 250 or so damage. if your hp is higher or you have healing brews, it might not be necessary

    someone didnt read the multiple threads regarding the boss buffs in the last two patches...
  11. Where is the specific mesh representative?

    Dumping an inventory of meat and junk would've made us lag so hard
  12. An Introduction I suppose

    Sup Gnome
  13. Maximum Dinosaur achievement bugged

    the island, this week. Im not even sure the golem was max lv... however i was using my singleplayer world to make creative builds, so I had cheated all my xp into weight so mightve done it while riding the golem or something. That was a long time ago but a couple days ago i came back to my game, rode the golem to move it out of the way and got the achievement
  14. Reclaim Bullet Slugs from dino corpses

    Wouldn't they distort on impact, from a realistic standpoint?
  15. did you leave your dinos on the platform? people can just activate it, and it teleports everything on it, no matter the alliance. If no one teleports with dinos, its counted as a loss and they all instantly die. Likely, someone did it to troll you.