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  1. Wazzamaniac

    Best way to breed shoulder mounts

    can you grab them with a dino (karkinos etc) and have em mate while held?
  2. Wazzamaniac

    A game before the ARK Survival Evolved

    Then again we are talking about a company that makes it's money off of a single game. So it could happen.
  3. Wazzamaniac

    Green plus signs surrounding Argy during fight

    It ate a corpse, and is regenerating rapidly
  4. Wazzamaniac

    Reaper King = Strong?

    There are 20k 700% eggs floating around as we speak. Unimprinted
  5. Wazzamaniac

    Reaper King = Strong?

    Boss rexes are at 655% without any leveling currently. Imagine if this were leveled, it could surpass your reaper
  6. Terrible experience with this server. Spent hours just to try to evacuate my items and dinos- failed, settled on transferring my character away instead. After multiple attempts and crashes, I finally successfully abandoned my things.
  7. Wazzamaniac

    Is Account Sharing Bannable?

    I thought this was more to warn you against account theft rather than tell you they don't allow it? Sort of like saying... "I'm warning you, don't do it, or it voids your warranty"
  8. Wazzamaniac

    level Getting 150, feasible?

    Look at the xp scaling on the wiki- it sometimes decreases, especially 105-115 compared to 100-105
  9. Wazzamaniac

    Baby reapers and karkinos!

    Keep in mind, dinos held in claws when out of render can sometimes disappear.
  10. Wazzamaniac

    Remove instant kill when got dc in the boss

    Speaking from experience you should never solo a bossfight, bring a spotter
  11. Wazzamaniac

    Smithy dinos/saddles for Aberration

    You could also make a replicator with the freely available element you can craft. Then again youd need the engram from another map but still
  12. Wazzamaniac

    Tek Transmitter Boss Summoning

    For your last point I don't agree. There's plenty of things you can do in the wilderness that can require you to be semi-afk. I know for certain if I am on the Island there are many spots where it's safe to leave a large mount unattended for a minute. This gives them enough time to port the dino. As for only allowing tribemates and allies this would just add too many restrictions, often times people do bossfights without being allies for safety reasons.
  13. Wazzamaniac

    Tek Transmitter Boss Summoning

    Well this could also apply to someone leaving their tame unguarded in the wilderness, for example when taming something. Sneak up behind their mount and presto its gone
  14. Wazzamaniac

    Lost inventory while sleeping

    Which... ruins the whole point of a tek sleeping pod entirely. lmao thats hilarious
  15. Wazzamaniac

    Lost inventory while sleeping

    What I don't get is how they accessed your inventory in the tek pods- not even tribemates can do that without breaking it. Which would likely kill you.