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  1. Wazzamaniac

    Getting undermaped right now

    To add to that, video recordings are much more useful- screenshots might not count as proof
  2. I think titans do as well. Phoenixes don't, but we find on awfully fast once one leaves the server but that might be a placebo effect
  3. Wazzamaniac

    Alpha Carno matchup

    They can damage stone- so either metal (its good to have a dino trap near your base anyway) or you make multiple layers of stone. I doubt they can fit through small gates
  4. Wazzamaniac

    Alpha Carno matchup

    Careful with the allosaurus though, it might get hurt. Good luck! I would suggest maybe kiting it into a box to kill it in case it goes wrong for whatever reason, then you can escape
  5. Wazzamaniac

    Alpha Carno matchup

    Then yes you can kill it definitely with your herbivores I think just the anky might work but id recommend bringing your backup dinos... might as well! the carno will have anywhere from 8-15k hp and 80-100 dmg according to wiki. Sometimes alpha dont fight back... if that happens you have a free kill!
  6. Except for unicorns. Tamed fill in the single spawn slot they can have.
  7. Wazzamaniac

    Alpha Carno matchup

    Your doed I think is able to tank it for a long time while you bite it with the allo. What other dinos do you have?
  8. Wazzamaniac

    Alpha Carno matchup

    Whats your saddle? Id say maybe not. The alpha carno has more hp and does more damage. Might want to soften it up with arrows first... I can likely outrun you as well
  9. Wazzamaniac

    ELEMENT Crafting , to hard or missing something

    You get each ingredient in bulk. So you pump a rock drake with weight, get a good pickaxe and go to either the surface (right outside the red zone surface exit there is a huge element ore cluster) or around the black skeleton by the drake trench. As for red gems you can go where the queens spawn, there are huge amounts of red gems. Again, drake and pickaxe suffices- there are LOADS. Blue gems are very abundant at one of the blue zone entrances from green leading into the lake (sorry, dont remember coordinates). Green gems are pretty much everywhere. Gas balls I reckon could be tricky on pvp if you do not own a gas node, then again you can also steal one. Put all your mats on a weight drake and pick a path that lets you be in close proximity to multiple charge nodes at once, for quick element crafting.
  10. Wazzamaniac

    What dinos are these?

    Looks like 1 raptor that saw you, one argentavis flying overhead, and two trexes chasing two pulminoscorpius
  11. Wazzamaniac

    artwork TEK DODO !

    You know, skill like that can and has made it into the game before. I hope your tek dodo does! its friggin awesome!
  12. Wazzamaniac

    DLC Worth it?

    Or enough hp.
  13. Wazzamaniac

    Max wild dino levels are 147 not 150

    basically difficulty states the level increments of wild dinos. Normally wild dinos spawn at increments of 5, up to 30 increments (5, 10, 15...,150). Increments of 4.9 will give you (4.9, 9.8,....147)
  14. Wazzamaniac

    Wanna know why Ice Wyverns hardly spawn?

    With that many mammoths i wouldnt be surprised if the wyvern aggroes on them and gets killed everytime
  15. Wazzamaniac

    Lets show our Evolution 2 Dinos?? Heres Mine :)

    Found this 170 fire wyvern last night... alongside a 170 fire egg Chances are very good that it laid it. I'm excited to hatch it!