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  1. Yea it can get insane hahahah
  2. Then again, 10000% melee is impossible. 50k Hp is doable
  3. It's just that the fact that some bosses, like the broodmother, can kill your rexes in two hits or all the bosses can oneshot you off your mount. And the arenas are very small which makes using guns not really viable unless getting the bosses stuck. So right now glitches are the only way without losing 20 rexes. They should make it so it was possible to stun bosses, for example, then you could use the rex trapping strategy that you use on all the bosses currently in a glitched manner, but in a legitimate way. Then the boss recovers and can attack, rinse and repeat.
  4. Do tek turrets block tek shots? If not they should, but tek is supposed to be better, it's a higher tier, so it shouldn't be balanced with obsolete equipment in mind. It's like wearing chitin, using a crossbow and complaining that you get killed by players with riot and fab snipers all the time.
  5. PVE players don't like it either, man. Getting pinned by a couple quetzes is aggravating for everyone. Every dino needs a hitbox rework because they always get in your way or get you stuck somehow.
  6. Same video I saw. Walking cacti, watch yourself.
  7. If I were a raider facing this my first instinct would be to run up naked to the enemy's base, hug it and let the auto-missile turrets destroy it for me.
  8. I mean you should use the appropriate food for the task if you want to tame a max level. That's a given. I suggest you don't try to stone tame a 150 rock elemental either but if you hate yourself go for it lol
  9. 50 mins on evo events according to dododex
  10. I saw a video where a wild giga killed itself on a pack of like 100 lv 1 kentros. The damage is not to be laughed at
  11. Yes and maybe hurt your neck. It would likely daze you but you would be definitely much more protected than without a helmet. Also I said this in another topic, but I will repeat again: The reason why clubs seem so strong is, in this game, IT DOESNT MATTER if you hit them in the head, it still applies full torpor. So I could KO someone by hitting his fully metal-plated shin (and metal grieves will definitely protect against a blunt hit from a primitive club IRL). They should make it so that you have to actually smack the head of the enemy to apply torpor at all. Then it would still be effective to the skilled low level player but won't be abused as a terrifying murder stick by trolls and make any armor other that riot pointless. They could also add a wind-up mechanic, similar to a thrown spear, slingshot, bow etc that makes damage and torpor scale with the duration of the charge. This would turn the club into a stealth sort of weapon where you have to sneak up to a player to perform a takedown and hit him in the noggin and not the spammy sleep dispenser that it is currently.Then you wouldn't have scenarios where a club beats a sword in a 1v1 fight. It would also categorize the electric prod as the most effective instant torpor weapon that it should be.
  12. At the very least they should add a degree of torpor protection for all armors so that we will miss riot less. Also it's kinda dumb that you unlock it only 2 levels before you can unlock full tek. (Which ironically doesn't benefit from torpor protection AT ALL and you still get oneshot koed by a troodon or in a couple hits by a club)
  13. Poison wyvern? They are meant for long-ranged attacks, and in fact their special has the longest range out of the 3 types.
  14. I have done the cave multiple times in just a couple of hours, so in my experience it is possible. The meganeura swarms give ridiculous xp.
  15. Probably was a freak accident. There were like 15 of them in the same spot haha, just giving you a warning