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  1. How exactly do you starve tame without using dododex?

    Yes. But it does require searching up the amount of required kibble to some degree. And remember, some creatures get more/less food per kibble. These exceptions are rhino, bronto, (about 50 something food per kib) and megalosaurus which is around 130. Also of note is the fact that the daedon takes about 10 food per raw meat.
  2. How exactly do you starve tame without using dododex?

    different creatures require different amounts of food. So you can calculate how long it would take for it to eat a piece of a certain food, but starve taming does not involve having its food reach 0, because it will die. You need an external calc because you are not told how much affinity the creature gets per bite.
  3. Is Aberration worth it or should I get season pass?

    With the limited amount of information about Aberration it's hard to tell but I'm told you get a season pass discount if you have SE?
  4. Wyvern milking

    What I saw people do was trap a wyvern in a cage by kiting it one at a time, positioning yourself in the cage and shooting at it, then flying through the bars to escape and close the gate. Then, as long as you do not leave render, the wyvern should remain in the cage, and should also regenerate it's milk after a few hours. You can do this with multiple wyverns while remaining afk (using macros since officials apparently autokick now) and tranq the wyverns when needed.
  5. Do you still have the boss trophy? Or did that disappear too?
  6. Are you sure it's not in a dino inventory? The creature that gets the kill also loots the corpse.
  7. Dododex Question

    the old change to 2x rates is now built in to dododex, therefore unless it is an event you should leave it at 1
  8. Crafting skill useless with Caped BP

    The thread refers to officials though. Items do not survive a reset with those stats on official.
  9. Trike won't sprint

    It happens too when something just got stunned by a jellyfish, sprint is disabled for a solid 20 seconds though
  10. Realistic animal DLC

    On that last point, i like the approach with the megatherium. First you see a sloth, you're like cool, its passive... Then a bug crawls past and you start running for your life.
  11. How can I recover the oxygen in the basilo?

    Hm. Guess I haven't transferred my water tames enough to notice
  12. How can I recover the oxygen in the basilo?

    You are correct, however the change is permanent. Also, when it hits 0, you see the suffocation icon, but the basilo will not lose hp.
  13. Realistic animal DLC

    Nice post. Although I disagree on one thing regarding the rex, first off the in-game rex is absolutely gigantic compared to a real life rex. I would also like wild carnivores to stop running away mid-fight when clearly they have the advantage. It's weird that when something sees me, instead of chasing me it runs full sprint in the other direction only to change its mind a few seconds later.
  14. Season pass without Scorched Earth?

    When I bought season pass, in checkout it warns me that I will not get a second copy of se. I think you get the discounted 33% if you already own se.
  15. Level 27 Alpha Raptor

    raptor prob realistically has like 7-8 k health, however I would not recommend it with your two carnos. You will very likely lose.