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  1. Tusoteuthis taming broken So. Someone found a 145 tusoteuthis on the PVE server I play on. Excited, I bring my turtles and my ally brings his. We have everything ready. The tuso grabs the turtle with my ally on it. I swim up to it and get greeted with "tusoteuthis does not want to be tamed right now". While it's grabbing the turtle. Confused, we try again, and after another failure we conclude that maybe it has to be a turtle from my tribe. It doesn't work. Tusoteuthis can not be tamed with turtles. So I use the next best thing, my mosasaur. I'm excited! It works and i can get my mosa free for a second attempt. It is extremely irritating to get to the tuso's mouth: it flails all over the place, pulls itself to the mosa so you clip through it, get blocked by tentacles making it extremely difficult to reach the mouth. At the third feeding, however, the tuso did not feel like being fed, even though it has a grab on my mosa. Not only that, but apparently, while grabbing a tame, it can use tentacle slap so it makes sure to break your scuba tank when you swim up to it's mouth. Yes that's correct: it still attempts to hit you and in fact spins around so to hit you, all the while holding your tame. The closest comparison to this behaviour is that it looks like it's trying to beat me with my mosasaur. So now I'm dead and my mosa is grabbed. Thanks to very friendly people I manage to swim back, only to find that the mosa has become ethereal. Visible, yet unmountable, cannot interact with it and invisible to wilds. Upon relogging it's gone. Not dead in tribe log. But this is another issue entirely than the post. In conclusion, normally I am not a salty person but when the official strategy to do something doesn't work you have to wonder what's going on. If turtles were simply useable like they should I wouldn't have this issue.
  2. I suggest this as well. Pump oxygen on it so it can escape anything, and also removes the need for scuba gear.
  3. I agree with everyone here. Currently raising 5 rexes (got triplets and twins in two eggs). Would never raise them at standard rates. My suggestion would be, if wildcard were to increase the maturation speed, they could signifacntly lengthen the breeding cooldown. That way, they wouldnt worry about alpha tribes mass producing monsters, and people with less time to play could start breeding.
  4. Right click
  5. Would like to know as well
  6. That's not too bad honestly considering the damage on the bary. However the salmon still make it lose oxygen when it hits which is worrying
  7. I'm going to go on a guess here and say it's a multiplier and not a sum of all the damage resistances. Could be wrong though but I'm sure its not intended to let you reach 100%
  8. I've failed to stun fish with my bary as well, but I haven't tested to see if it does it all the time. I play on pc
  9. I hope theyre good cause we're sending em against the brood after they made all their chocolate k
  10. I bet you're gonna get more chocolate from them shep sard
  11. Thank you, I thought the same
  12. Are you on official?
  13. Unless it's someone from your tribe you can't pick them up with a flyer.
  14. Either ou ran out of gas, left a door open or something broke a wire. In PVE anyone can shut down people's gennies and it's happened to me once.
  15. Well maybe it varies from servee to server? because I had what you are describing before, but not anymore. A few frame drops but rubberbanding is way less severe.