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  1. Image courtesy of @Demerus. As you can see, it's already 1/3 of the durability down, but repair costs are in line with a primitive tek rifle. This is of course bp crafted
  2. Ill have to show you the costs of mine. When extinction released titans dropped premade tek. Maybe those particular pieces are bugged and dont have a repair cost increase?
  3. Tek suit repair costs don't scale with blueprint quality. So not really... If you get a 1k dura suit Id think its worth spending the 1k ingots (and no element) to repair. It'll only be primitive repair costs.
  4. I assume this is doable via trading forums, as double crossing people is generally a bad idea especially when there is a trader rep system in place.
  5. Your average perfect tamed rex has 7-9k hp. 18k is monstruous, but by no means the best currently (on pc it would be @BertNoobians's line with 23k hp). 18k is better than the top rex breeds that were available on legacy before the game officially launched, and they could do bosses just fine.
  6. -You can also bring all extinction creatures minus the snow owl. -A non aberrant variant of a radiation immune dino isn't radiation immune iirc. -Aberrant dinos boast slightly more damage and slightly less hp (on the top of my head its like 5% less hp, 4% more damage or something. Here's a tweet from Jen about it. https://mobile.twitter.com/bubblywums/status/941202783830757376
  7. Rip sorry ? The mobile version of the forums doesn't actually show me which forum i'm in until I back out of the post. Right now it only says you posted in "general"
  8. Their spawns bug sometimes. If you go where you find the first explorer note and k mode your camera through the ground, theres a really huge pit below the mesh where they hang out. Last time I tried taming one there was a long time ago on legacy. Theyre much, much easier to get on literally every other map (North cave in SE, carnivorous caverns below the castle in ragnarok, the trench in extinction and anywhere in blue zone on aberration). If they do still spawn in that pit and if that bug still exists, you can toss a rock in the ground with a chalicotherium and it'll kill stuff in the pit.
  9. If the devs are unable to find an actual fix they should at least make it so that baby dinos start crying or something when they're at 0 food so you know theyre starving...
  10. Well if it has something to do with stasis, then Im not sure why my giga was at 0 food while i was standing right next to it for the entire evening (rendered). It's tried starving itself twice now. I found cryopodding and deploying help them eat again if they stop.
  11. Not sure I understand what you're saying
  12. Catnip plays official and I reported to them what happened to my friend on 443 extinction OFFICIAL which is the incident discussed in this post
  13. Source please. I don't believe you because they made a whole show about releasing legacy server saves for shutdown servers. I am sure they did not release current, running official (not legacy) server saves. This is the page I am looking at: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/server-backups/
  14. Players don't have access to game saves of official servers
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