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  1. Cheels

    How about Small tribe PvE servers?

    I doubt a small tribe server would stop any of the above. Seen on multiple servers, solo players hitting tame cap or creating multiple tribes.
  2. Cheels

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    I'm a little on the fence over which circumstances I buy mutated/unmutated dinosaurs. For example my boss rexes, the ones i have currently probably have over 350 mutations on each side, but I only use them for one purpose - to farm boss runs. I don't see them as dinosaurs I breed to optimise, since they perform the task they already do suitably. Farming dinosaurs - quetzals, therizino, mammoths, giga, doedicurus, ankys etc - the better stats I can acquire, the quicker I can perform medial tasks such as farming resources, whether it is meat or stone/wood, the quicker i can return to playing the game. So another circumstance I wouldn't be too bothered about mutations and try to gain when I can. For me personally, un-mutated dinosaurs increase my end product potential. If I can get as high stats as possible without mutations, thus allowing me to offer a better end product - I can then either breed repeatedly to hopefully fill a gap in the market (for example having the highest stat on a dinosaur on the market) or can offer clean lines to customers. From my experiences, little or no mutations definitely makes a sale more encouraging to the buyer. Then there is dinosaurs I class as my "Interests, or hobbies". Every breeder probably has a few breeding lines they take priority with or often hunt for their best stats available for and actively search out improvements. Yes there is some dino stats I wouldn't sell, but this is mainly since I have seen reluctance from other sellers in situations to share their own. I keep these dinosaurs aside as "Leverage" in a way, to offer tricky or difficult traders into making a deal. By keeping my rarer mutations more exclusive, it definitely will help secure a deal on my end. However - i'm not too sure if people are more willing to trade stats etc, if that would be a possible solution for the tame cap. There is a large difference in opinion of the value of certain dinosaurs/stats and I feel bridging it between some traders on the forum might be too difficult an obstacle to overcome for it to be viable. I have always tried to price my dinosaurs on the lower end of the pricing range - encouraging myself to sell "many eggs/dinos at a lower price" than "fewer at a higher price". Which hopefully has given buyers the potential to step into the trading market and create a foothold. However I often see trading posts where players are selling similar or the same dinosaurs for a higher premium.
  3. Cheels

    Rollback on prime time ?

    Wildcard devs right now.
  4. On Live servers only seen the occasional Wyvern suicide into the lava - Never "everyone". Should be able to aggro the Wyverns at the cove entrance and kite out to gain access.
  5. Cheels

    Please devs make x2 permanent

    I feel the rates are in a not bad position right now, can be a grind for certain items - but it doesn't feel like the game is spoon feeding me everything I need.
  6. Cheels

    What's your main land mount?

  7. Cheels

    rag giga spawns wierd

    Furthest north east of the map seems to be a great spawn point for Gigas on Rag.
  8. Yeah the high multipliers meant farming was very efficient. However I found with 8x it was quite difficult at times to achieve a 100% imprint on certain Dinosaurs. For me, 2x every 2nd weekend or so is completely fine. Although the 8x was a refreshing change and was very fun, I certainly wouldn't want that sort of level on a daily basis