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  1. Cheels

    Argentavis vs Manticore

    Similar experiences with rexes, tried the standing in centre method and waiting patiently for them to land. However you just sometimes get the AI refusing to find a location. Even if it does land, be prepared for it to fly again before your rexes have even reached manticore. Lost a few sets of rexes myself. Now just given up bothering to do it at all.
  2. Cheels

    Global ban

    So if a person was to come to your server and create a tribe with solely rafts, 500 of them. You would be happy, since he can do as he pleases?
  3. Cheels

    Global ban

    How many rafts did you have? Since I doubt they would take such drastic action without there being a considerable amount of rafts.
  4. Cheels

    Bugged teleport

    Usually you can punch the teleporter to reveal your dino that is hidden in the ground after teleporting.
  5. Cheels

    Manticore Is Still Problematic

    On Ragarok Manticore has a smaller health pool and you also have 35 minutes to complete the encounter. A completely different experience and not comparable to SE at all.
  6. Cheels

    breeding baby dino floor question

    Only time I have had issues, was when I was outside the base when eggs hatched - then they glitch through the floor. Usually if you're in render they are fine.
  7. Having similar issues on Scorched Earth 372 - cant connect, intermittently disappearing from server list, when connected 255 ping.
  8. Cheels

    pve Exorbitant prices at Forum

    A lot of people overvalue their items. However I find the bane of the Trading Forum to be the ones who auction items with terms and conditions such as "if I don't get a high value enough offer, I reserve the right to cancel the auction". As if that's how auctioning works in the real world. I personally set an value i'm happy to receive for the item I have, rather than the plague of people who want to leech every $ possible for an item.
  9. Cheels

    How about Small tribe PvE servers?

    I doubt a small tribe server would stop any of the above. Seen on multiple servers, solo players hitting tame cap or creating multiple tribes.
  10. Cheels

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    I'm a little on the fence over which circumstances I buy mutated/unmutated dinosaurs. For example my boss rexes, the ones i have currently probably have over 350 mutations on each side, but I only use them for one purpose - to farm boss runs. I don't see them as dinosaurs I breed to optimise, since they perform the task they already do suitably. Farming dinosaurs - quetzals, therizino, mammoths, giga, doedicurus, ankys etc - the better stats I can acquire, the quicker I can perform medial tasks such as farming resources, whether it is meat or stone/wood, the quicker i can return to playing the game. So another circumstance I wouldn't be too bothered about mutations and try to gain when I can. For me personally, un-mutated dinosaurs increase my end product potential. If I can get as high stats as possible without mutations, thus allowing me to offer a better end product - I can then either breed repeatedly to hopefully fill a gap in the market (for example having the highest stat on a dinosaur on the market) or can offer clean lines to customers. From my experiences, little or no mutations definitely makes a sale more encouraging to the buyer. Then there is dinosaurs I class as my "Interests, or hobbies". Every breeder probably has a few breeding lines they take priority with or often hunt for their best stats available for and actively search out improvements. Yes there is some dino stats I wouldn't sell, but this is mainly since I have seen reluctance from other sellers in situations to share their own. I keep these dinosaurs aside as "Leverage" in a way, to offer tricky or difficult traders into making a deal. By keeping my rarer mutations more exclusive, it definitely will help secure a deal on my end. However - i'm not too sure if people are more willing to trade stats etc, if that would be a possible solution for the tame cap. There is a large difference in opinion of the value of certain dinosaurs/stats and I feel bridging it between some traders on the forum might be too difficult an obstacle to overcome for it to be viable. I have always tried to price my dinosaurs on the lower end of the pricing range - encouraging myself to sell "many eggs/dinos at a lower price" than "fewer at a higher price". Which hopefully has given buyers the potential to step into the trading market and create a foothold. However I often see trading posts where players are selling similar or the same dinosaurs for a higher premium.
  11. Cheels

    Rollback on prime time ?

    Wildcard devs right now.
  12. On Live servers only seen the occasional Wyvern suicide into the lava - Never "everyone". Should be able to aggro the Wyverns at the cove entrance and kite out to gain access.
  13. Cheels

    Please devs make x2 permanent

    I feel the rates are in a not bad position right now, can be a grind for certain items - but it doesn't feel like the game is spoon feeding me everything I need.
  14. Cheels

    What's your main land mount?