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  1. I've seen them lay on The Island and on The Center, so i'm sure they would lay elsewhere on Ragnarok also.
  2. in reference to On 7/21/2017 at 10:10 AM, Eichkater said: We visited the iceworm cave in Ragnarok. We went with 4 guys and a lot of firepower. It was a bit overkill thou as a good shotgun could shred them. The rest was all firearrows. We got 4 iceworm horns out of it and a ma quetzplattform saddle bp. Not bad. I've seen them lay eggs on The Island and The Center, so i'm sure they would lay eggs elsewhere in Ragnarok
  3. hmmm where to begin! went hunting flowers for the beehives since all the flowers have now gone poof. was in the river and suddenly a 1 minute shut down notice came. scrambled into somebodys public taming pen, putt all my gear in my dino and crossed my fingers that i was actually in the pen and not lagged out in the water. took about an hour to get logged back in and the server had rolled back to before i left, ok thats good. repeat gathering the flowers, hunt, get knocked off my thyla by a microrapther WHILE fighing an alpha raptor. respawned, took my best argie to get my gear and my thyla,
  4. Me too! I'm thinking, it might be cool to find a piece of land of suitable size to set up a server race track and have competitions. Actually i think a sky course for birds would be just as awesome, just harder to enforce that every racer goes through every marker enroute to the finish
  5. Hmm my Ark today, so far .. its just after 8 am .. havent been to bed yet from last night, did some hunting, hatched a Gali egg, which for some unknown reason said gali died about half an hour into baby stage. I dont know why, I was right there, she had 91 berries on her, she had been eating. At the time i was in the inventory of the ptera i had just hatched. i have roughly an hour more to go before this one starts feeding from the trough and i can go nap for a few hours.
  6. Saw some thylo's for the first time today and OMG i'm in love, gotta get one
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