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  1. Why always make the Plesio slower? Its the second Time now you nerved it.😤 Soon no one will use it anymore...😒
  2. 544Predator

    Attack repetition

    No not yet
  3. 544Predator

    Suggestion for cap tame limit on the new cluster

    I dont think this will make something better. Storage is a Problem Yes. But you dont Store for Eggs. Egg farms are 60 Dinos maybe. If we want we breed 30 Dinos a day... Just New Servers will help! Christmas Time and still we have like 10+ new People joining a day... Theres is no Change which would ensure to let these Players become a big tribe if they dont open enough servers for them.
  4. 544Predator

    Attack repetition

    Please make the Dinos repeat attack when staying on the left Mousebutton! I hate killing alphas or Bosses because of clicking like a Idiot😲
  5. 544Predator

    Don't teleport offline protected dinos into the boss arena

    Why dont let Dinos starve quicker on Obis! That would make schmuck Dinos dissapear quicker.
  6. 544Predator

    Suggestion for cap tame limit on the new cluster

    Its a Problem on all Servers. They should put up more Servers.
  7. Im thinking on how i will go on playing? So here are a few things i will do due to the nerf! Here is one for the "newbees like the patch": I will breed wyverns. Should be easy i have a few wyverns allready. I will sell them to the new Players for good stuff where they have to work there ass off. I hated this nerf, but now New Players cant make concurrenz anymore. Thats perfect for me and the other ppl. owning wyverns.🤑 I wanted to get them without the need of them. But hey, Wildcard just wants it this way😂. And be sure i will only take deliveries directly to my house door. (For the small mindet of you, this post is ironic written but the truth what i will do)
  8. WildCard please adjust the nerf! I dont understand why it has to be this radical !? You just took the fun out of the game for me...
  9. 544Predator

    Sponsored Mod Update & Community Crunch 86!

    Awesome stuff i could look at these, or wait i am looking at this, for hours and hours!
  10. 544Predator

    Community Crunch 85!

    Awesome how creative people are!