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  1. Auto hit or repeat key pressed

    I would Love to have a function implemented in the Game so i dont have to Click the mousebutton 300times if Killing an alpha mosa or something similar. Or if gathering ressources have to repeately click the buttons on the Keyboard. Like gathering thatch with wyvern. Please implement something like a automated Key Repetition. The Mantis has for example, for all dinos.
  2. Tek Bed and Tek hatchframe (behemoth size)

    Hey have you checked the latest patch notes. Tek Teleporter "only" needs Tek Generator and no more extra elementel. And the Quetzal will fit through the giant hatchframe. Not all wishes but a step closer 😃.
  3. Tek Bed and Tek hatchframe (behemoth size)

    Yes true, but else no one would use Dinos for travelling anymore i think.
  4. Tek Bed and Tek hatchframe (behemoth size)

    You know there is a teleporter Platform in the Game? http://ark.gamepedia.com/Tek_Teleporter
  5. Mind wipe for dinos

    Hey Monkey you did not get it right. I like the idea. It would rly help getting dino Population down. For example i am using for different Boss fights different rexes. Like dmg, Tank, high HP and middle dmg. So i have like 40 rexes. Just for that... If i could mindwipe i would only need the maximum of 20...
  6. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    This all just one side ure looking at. What is with all the people who spend months on breeding good dinos? The Devs just made them useless! Consider you have put a month work in buidling something and someone comes buy and just destroys it. No one that hasnt invested this time and work himself can feel that anger! And this could habe been avoided if just thought about a solution before doing something like this nerf! Like refunding points and calculate new levels... It has nothing to do if this nerv is necessary or not! But it has to do with a respectful dealing with customers! So one thing is that Wildcard will adapt the nerf but what will happen to the dinos breed to a high level and just lost 50 and way more lvls!? Or even just the tamed lvl 150 dinos after perfect tame to lvl 224 and now nerft to lvl 170 and something!? If i now tame a lvl120 its above the "old" 150!? You rly think thats fair and good considered?!
  7. Im thinking on how i will go on playing? So here are a few things i will do due to the nerf! Here is one for the "newbees like the patch": I will breed wyverns. Should be easy i have a few wyverns allready. I will sell them to the new Players for good stuff where they have to work there ass off. I hated this nerf, but now New Players cant make concurrenz anymore. Thats perfect for me and the other ppl. owning wyverns.🤑 I wanted to get them without the need of them. But hey, Wildcard just wants it this way😂. And be sure i will only take deliveries directly to my house door. (For the small mindet of you, this post is ironic written but the truth what i will do)
  8. WildCard please adjust the nerf! I dont understand why it has to be this radical !? You just took the fun out of the game for me...
  9. Update releases

    Maybe they are working people like many others. And its normal to try to get work done until friday So Friday seems the perfect day if i where a WC employee. On one hand im a user like MajorPain and would also recommend to have the updates on Mondays or in the middle of the week. To get everything fixed for the weekend. On the other hand you can enjoy new content starting from friday. Im not sure if this makes a real differenze and what i should prefer...
  10. Crazy

    So what help you need?
  11. Sponsored Mod Update & Community Crunch 86!

    Awesome stuff i could look at these, or wait i am looking at this, for hours and hours!
  12. Easy black pearls

    Yes thanks, i just figgured out that pearls also lay around in SE like stones.
  13. Dismounting on disconnect. FIX IT.

    So we need to stay on dinos while disconnected and dinos acting like neutral while players on them are disconnected . I also lost dinos and asc stuff and so on beeing disconnected. In my oppinion staying on the dino would be very helpfull
  14. Remove wood from beaver dams

    I would suggest that the dam just slowly refills. Every time the beaver visited it and keeps filling it to some maximum like the inventory of the snails. So either you take all and it will disappear. Or you take what you need and beaver harvest it up again.
  15. Community Crunch 85!

    Awesome how creative people are!