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  1. rexgutierrez

    Tips for making your Base more Secure

    PvP seems very easy to me. In PvE the mastery is to enter a base without breaking anything ... 😉
  2. rexgutierrez

    Se pasa de pve a pvp a matar animales

    You cant go with a PvE character to PvP server. What you say is impossible.
  3. rexgutierrez

    Spartans quit ark

    what? only 5 servers for Aberration? really?
  4. rexgutierrez

    Spartans quit ark

    What bothers me the most is the poor quality of the servers, the tremendous lagg and the loss of dinos or material in the obelisks. For me a HATELOVE but cant stop playing
  5. rexgutierrez

    Raptor Claus this year?

  6. rexgutierrez

    obelisk dino camping

    Offline Protection is activated after 15 mins offline. + All the dinos are put on passive
  7. rexgutierrez

    Please add snap to gates.

    I lost last day 100 Element (one frame and frame+ Tek door) Sometimes are really very bugged and lagged. Need to wait 30 sec before you click. I am very angry.
  8. rexgutierrez

    Raptor Claus this year?

    We have this year the pride of being able to see Raptor Claus? I say it because Halloween there was nothing at all...
  9. rexgutierrez

    Arena Spawn Problem

    last day i have the same issue i go to Beta Ape Kill him and after kill take the Element to my Inventory all my rexis spawns again to my server but I not...lost 2 rexis /falls down) and all the Element. This is not normal...