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Schelmixi's Feedback

  1. GoodOmenz left Positive feedback   

    Thank you for the the trade and coming to SE much appreciated. Good luck with the color and thank you for the mount... ... hope we trade again.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  2. Kareth left Positive feedback   

    very fast and smooth trade once again. wonderful trader :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  3. Valys left Positive feedback   

    Very easy trade, very friendly and would love to trade with again. Definitely recommend!!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  4. TheJelly left Positive feedback   

    Great trader as smooth as always, i would recommend.

    Schelmixi was Trading

  5. wolfbastion left Positive feedback   

    As always, smoothless and perfect trade :) hope to see you again..

    Schelmixi was Trading

  6. Elegies left Positive feedback   

    Awesome trader! Will continue to do business with her shes fab! :D

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  7. silverbullet1989 left Positive feedback   

    Awesome person to trade with :D

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  8. tulikurat left Positive feedback   

    Smooth trade. Will trade again for sure.

    Schelmixi was Trading

  9. Kareth left Positive feedback   

    absolutely wonderful trader, wonderful colors and completely understanding when i nubbed it an forgot part of the trade. hope to trade again in the future :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  10. silverayn left Positive feedback   

    Another perfect trade!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  11. Nina left Positive feedback   

    Love what Schelmixi has to offer, definitely trading again soon :)

    Schelmixi was Trading

  12. Jabbakoid left Positive feedback   


    Schelmixi was Trading

  13. Wazzamaniac left Positive feedback   

    Really nice person, epic thylas :D 10/10 would trade again

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  14. Bolty left Positive feedback   

    Nice and Friendly trader will do more trades with him for sure

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  15. GoodOmenz left Positive feedback   

    Very nice decent person. Great trade I am very happy and hope they are too. Thank you

    Schelmixi was Trading

  16. ShadowRoo left Positive feedback   

    very good trade very satisfied with delivery :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  17. Zephyrbell left Positive feedback   

    Very friendly, trade went well. Hope to trade more in the future.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  18. wolfbastion left Positive feedback   

    As always.. one more perfect and smoothles trade with you :) hope to see you again..

    Schelmixi was Trading

  19. Demerus left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic trade experience! Great communication and fast/smooth transaction. Will deal with again, Thanks!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  20. Penney left Positive feedback   

    100% fair and nice trader can recommend. Lost the bought dino right after trade and still gave me positive feedback.

    Schelmixi was Trading

  21. silverayn left Positive feedback   

    Very good trade fast and easy!

    Schelmixi was Trading

  22. Tech2Logix left Positive feedback   

    Awesome, smooth and fast trade once again :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  23. sepulcra666 left Positive feedback   

    Fast and courteous trade. Thank you!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  24. yungman left Positive feedback   

    Would trade with again, good deals!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  25. Gilrhia left Positive feedback   

    Super friendly trader, fast response and fast trade :) Totally happy 'bout my first Thylacoleo

    Schelmixi was The Seller

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