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  1. ok ... then its not just us havin probs with those golems ^^ I've read so many posts about them, but nobody has an answer to gettin a 100% TE at the beginning
  2. Well we ve tamed eight 140+ now due to those 1.5 events ... and all started with around 90%. Dododex said with a kibble tame the end efficiency shouldn be around 90% ... Someone tried rockets? Best Regards Gilrhia
  3. Hi survivors, i am new to this forum stuff and as a "early bird" i am startin my first topic ... We've tamed four 135+ rock elementals with only headshots (cannon balls) and started with around 90% taming effiency everytime. Is there anything else to regard? Thanking you in anticipation Gilrhia p.s.: any chance to get ranked up so i can access the trading area?
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