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  1. Kareth

    Ice wyvern nest locations

    47 51. 44 58. 42 55 33 68- 38 65 ice wyvern spawns around 35 63 but ive never been able to find the nest for that location unfortunately i look but cant find it. its a shame really cuz it usually has the higher lvl spawned wyverns so if u ever find that nest location let me know
  2. Kareth

    Ice wyvern nest

    no worries, i appreciate the replies were good and valid points
  3. Kareth

    Ice wyvern nest

    only mod we are running is s+ i believe. i know we arent running any mods that affects dinos or spawns.
  4. Kareth

    Ice wyvern nest

    am on a private server, asked everyone who plays no one has seen a nest there. sorry should have posted that
  5. Kareth

    Ice wyvern nest

    Hey all, so im hoping there is someone out there can help ive been searching for a few days now and i cant seem to locate a nest spawn for the ice wyvern that tends to spawn around 35, 61. ive seen numerous wyverns there but cant seem to find a nest close to it. anyone know of the cords? i have the other 5 cords if anyone can help id be greatful thanks
  6. Kareth

    Best color mutation

    love the rex !!
  7. Kareth

    Best color mutation

    omg wow those are beautiful!!