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  1. It's a wild raft. Even if you kill your dinos it won't be claimable. Babies born at tame cap used to come out wild but they stopped that because of an exploit. The raft will likely despawn eventually.
  2. Spider and Bat Spawns too high

    I've also lost dinos to the bats spawning in my base area. And the loot drops haven't contained upgraded loot at all, just skins which most of us have already Tempted to just log on to feed dinos and stay offline so my tames are protected from the bats, not worth playing to get the skins that are nothing new. No pumpkins, no scarecrows, no tombstones, no fall leaves. Just really a let down. Kind of feel like it was a last minute toss out so that people would stop asking if there was going to be an event.
  3. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Any plans for working explorer notes on to the Center and including it into the Ark storyline?
  4. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will we be able to transfer aberration dinos we tame and element farmed there, out to the other servers we play?(Island, Center, SE, Ragnorak) Also will aberration dinos be breedable with a chance for mutations? (Since they are already kinda mutated)
  5. NA PVE Official 60 Center is capped
  6. Server Caps

    Excellent Post. As a member of a server that just hit tame cap today, something needs to be done. The game will be completely unplayable going forward.
  7. Breaking Bee Hives - Methods

    Ptera C spins. Ghillie, bug repellent and crouch.
  8. Any Cool Mutations?

    Green otters, but you already know that! - Risa @ishootpaint

    13 still down, anyone see or hear anything about when it might be up?
  10. Why are some Ragnarok servers down?

    ... and 13

    Anyone hear any news about Rag 13? It never came back up after the patch even though all of the other Rag servers are up. I heard a rumor that it may be gone, just looking for info if anyone has any. And yes I did submit a server outage ticket.
  12. Fishing rod disappears when uploading?

    All of the poles I had in my vault disappeared with 261 patch. Not sure if it's a bug or they did it on purpose.
  13. Server Wipe

    It's time. Official release is next month. @Jat Please just make an official announcement in regards to server wipes.
  14. I'll have to time it, but I'm definitely seeing more spoilage than I used to while dinos go hungry.
  15. Anyone else notice that raw meat is spoiling faster than it used to, in both trough and dino inventory?