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  1. Valys

    Where is the ARK: Extinction Hype?

    Originally they had listed Spring 2018 but then they removed that post from the forums, so who knows. They aren't really discussing it.
  2. Valys

    Extinction: Confirmed and Hypothese

    Is there an ETA yet? I'd heard spring of 2018 but that's now.
  3. Valys

    Easter Reapers?

    Nice Zombiebabykiller,, pics? Would love to see! They seem to be more rare than the Christmas ones, not hearing about anyone getting them.
  4. Valys

    Easter Reapers?

    Has anyone actually gotten an Easter colored reaper ?
  5. Valys

    Tek Cave - Ascension (Island)

    He did not show the right implant until he relogged and got his toon unglitched.
  6. Valys

    Reaper Twins/Triplets

    Nope, at least not yet.
  7. Valys

    Tek Cave - Ascension (Island)

    Did it this past weekend and we did have have someone whose toon reverted to level 1 with no points to level up. This was a level 100 toon. He eventually got it to reset back by logging out and back in. Also some people lose all of their gear and inventory and some don't. We did all access an obi beforehand per Jats instructions, including the guy that lost all his levels. So, yes it's still glitchy.
  8. Valys

    Reaper King mutations

    Is that Negi's? Im so jelly.
  9. Valys

    Drake nest tips?

    Just be aware that nests are glitched on most servers and eggs have fallen under the nests where you can't get them. Fix is in the patch on the 18th.
  10. Valys

    Basilisk taming efficiency???

    Ravs are fine just watch stamina and keep moving. They also lose TE if they aggro on localwilds.
  11. Valys

    The Big foot is visiting Abberation?

    Zip lines have been transferred out of ab to island and center, so it doesn't necessarily mean the ape is coming to ab.
  12. Valys

    Holiday event?

    Have they made any kind of announcement yet? Only a few days left till Christmas.
  13. Valys

    PvE Passive Tame Damage Prevention

    Completely agree. This has gotten out of hand on the aberration pve servers with many new passive tames.
  14. Valys

    Spider and Bat Spawns too high

    I've also lost dinos to the bats spawning in my base area. And the loot drops haven't contained upgraded loot at all, just skins which most of us have already Tempted to just log on to feed dinos and stay offline so my tames are protected from the bats, not worth playing to get the skins that are nothing new. No pumpkins, no scarecrows, no tombstones, no fall leaves. Just really a let down. Kind of feel like it was a last minute toss out so that people would stop asking if there was going to be an event.