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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Hello, i have a problem with my notification settings. I just joined a bigger tribe and they are hatchign like 100 babys a day so i turned off the notification for it but i still keep getting hundreds of baby hatch notification can anyone help me and tell how to fix this? How can i turn this off for real? The notification setting is broken and even send u a notification when disabled.
  2. One more important questions so you remove babys eat less in stasis is this only for babys or all dinos in general? I was able to stay offline for 4-5 days without having my dinos dead so now i need to feed my dinos every 1-2 days cause mantis and giga starve superfast and dont have stasis anymore? Or still less food consumption on adults?
  3. Its because of that bug which i just tried to explain. Babys "stop" eating for some time and if this baby eats too fast they just die with food in inventory.....
  4. Really funny how nobody cares that all jerboa, troodon, pegomastax and co will how have a die rate of 99% between 0-10% maturation even with food in inventory....
  5. Sorry but befor u fix waterbreeding u really "need" to fix this babys stop eating and die with food in inventory bug.... those dinos like troodons, jerboa, pegomastax and co are "not" able to breed without 24/7 beeding forcefeeded or swimmin in water. They will just stop eat because of some strange bug and die with food in inventory only waterbreeding allows us to breed those.... Fix this befor u take waterbreeding from us....
  6. Changes to Pillar Structure Decay!

    Can confirm double pillars work and are not affected by 12 hour decay.
  7. Changes to Pillar Structure Decay!

    Already got ppl building right now on top of metal spawn and there is nothing u can do to stop them anymore thx for that
  8. Boss Arena Exploits

    hm i just tried yesterday many many times to move rexes in middle of boss arena on manticore with "move to" whistle and they never moved.... only attack this target worked a few times but not always
  9. Boss Arena Exploits

    Would be nice to get a fix on the whistles too.... as u can see in the video most of the whistles are not even working. I am a soloplayer and tried to solokill a few bosses for example Manticore but for some reason my rexes kinda ignore most of all whistles. "Move to location" does 99% NOT WORK and attack "this" targent does not work most of the time too even if you spam those they mostly dont work....
  10. Random Mutations Color or Stat based?

    ya idk i moved him befor screenshot but looks like they are so tiny that legs bug into foundation can do another one when adult.
  11. Random Mutations Color or Stat based?

    Just got nice orange mutation on my black ovis breeding
  12. Pteranodon speed for wyvern eggs

    Would be amazing if everyone realizes that.... on my server 3 nests are bugged and block respawn. The issue which is causing that is wyvern eggs "can't" die! They never ever lose a single Healthpoint. The looted nest only despawns if you eat the egg or bring it far away like to your base etc if you just drop it near the pit they last untill they spoil which is i think 2-3 days. So you block a respawn for a few days. Back to the speed. I used to farm my first eggs with 200% speed and 2.5k stamina ptera a few days ago and changed to a different ptera with more speed. 200% speed works pretty good but my new ptera with 250% speed can just fly from nest to nest and pickup every egg without a break cause the wild wyverns cant keep up with that high speed. Stamina is a really big thing in my oppinion. You should go minimum 2.5k better 3k stamina so you can nonstop spin to win and you are even faster and not a single wyvern can hit you. Health doesnt matter at all if you have enough speed just have more then 1.5k to not be oneshot in case u get hit by a fire breath or lightning. Poison doesnt really hurt your dino its more direct dmg to you and prolly oneshots your survivor. But i wouldnt go higher then 250% speed because it will get a bit hard to control with more speed in the pit. Better go more stamina or more weight since eggs are heavy and u can pick up 4-5 eggs without a break on that speed.
  13. Random Mutations Color or Stat based?

    Btw does anyone know if Wyverns can get Mutations? Like Colors? Maybe even Stats? or just nothing cause they are "different"?
  14. I dont know if anyone important will read this but PLEASE do something with this rock golems.... you disabled titanosaurs which is totally fine and i like it but on SE are no titans and rock golems are kinda the same if you think about how easy they can crush a non metal building... We build in a 3 player tribe a base for 6 hours and after 6 hours 3 level 6 guys came over and lured a golem to our base which just destroyed all the 6 hours of farming... since u cant tame them anyway maybe disable them or just make them as can not damage adobe/stone? I really like and enjoy the kind of ark but this rock golems are not fair when lvl 6 guys just lure them to your house and everything is gone.
  15. Random Mutations Color or Stat based?

    Thank you very much for that information just came back to ark and im a big fan of breeding.