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  1. Hello, I saw somewhere that the surveillance cameras refresh your timers and I was wondering if that was true? Thanks!
  2. If you are out and about and you whistle "attack this target" on a target it changes your dino to "attack my target" I learned that one the hard way. Just letting you know in case you didnt know. Other than that randomly whistling "neutral" around.
  3. Do you mean it healed while in its cryopod? Also that mele....
  4. Are you testing it by picking up rocks? Cause they changed it so that on current 1x which used to be 2x it is now 1 rock because 1x=1rock.
  5. You can try podding it till the V day event or the next breeding event but its not a guarantee. You could also try kangaroos but they might get too big to be carried. You want to hatch/birth things in 1x and raise on 3x if possible but if not you can always breed them again, especially if its a female baby you can breed the baby and the mom and get 2 instead of 1. Imprint doesnt pass on in breeding so breeders dont really need to be imprinted.
  6. It said that last night too
  7. You would have to put dinos into groups and direct the whistles at those groups. Also you could manually put specific dinos on stuff and turn off their heeding group whistles through the wheel bar when you hold E on them and click "behavior" Here is a tutorial on using the group whistles.
  8. But they're supposed to be better, thats why tamng them is so much harder than a KOing kibble tame.
  9. How long of break? A while back they implemented some AI that causes them to run away if theyre chasing you and they dont get any bites in (this applies to all dinos) and they (all) also run away when they get high on torp. Maybe not getting bites in is also why it went to eat wilds.
  10. Also just so you know, if you yourself dies and you are there without tribe mates (not sure if it applies to being there with allies) your dinos die and also if you dont beat the boss in time you automatically lose everything you brought in (dinos/gear/etc)
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