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  1. I love them both but I do find myself using the mana more, the only other bad things I can think of is that their attack is disrupted when being hit and they cant attack in the water.
  2. I only laugh because thats just how it is, the moment you ask for help it stops I am glad it is working now though!
  3. I really love wyverns, managarmrs, desmodus...I dont remember what else
  4. I've loved that giga as your avatar for years now. Or however long you've had it as your avatar lol. My Gigas are actually similar colors but opposite, pink belly and blue body!
  5. I have seen it played on them on YouTube and it ran really well, I do have a laptop but it can't game, it even has ark downloaded but I don't think it could actually handle it (but to be fair to it, I chose it for mostly streaming sites and things like Facebook and doing internet stuff, not gaming)
  6. Hey all, sorry if this doesn't go here, I did look for a subforum for steam deck but I didn't see any. I was wondering first if I got a steam deck could I use it to play on official servers where I am established already through steam PC I house sit often so if I could use it to refresh timers and feed dinos at least that would be awesome. Also, does anyone know of the 512gb chip is big enough for ark? Even if it's JUST Ark and the dlc on that chip? Any general opinions about them? Thanks!
  7. It wasnt bad I enjoy rolling around on a spino looking for tames, I love to tame things, especially during events when there are colors!
  8. Mine will forever be Easter. I love the animal colors sooooo much! One time I tamed like 2 and a half cryofridges full of easter dinos in one event.
  9. Its possible that the IP changed and it USED to be a server you had a survivor on, I am not sure if that same thing applies to the survivors filter but it definitely has happened to me with my favorites filter.
  10. Ohhh ok, that sucks but I am glad it wasnt worse!
  11. When did ark get hacked and rolled back?
  12. You could try spinning on it with your ptera, it would take a while though and youd have to watch your stam. Before the great flier nerf I killed an alpha carno and raptor at the same time.
  13. So I just went to check on some babies I am raising and I have my tek thing set to almost 5 radius. I went and checked the shard/element numbers to make sure I was still good on those and the thing was eating at least 1 shard per second! It was ticking down like crazy! It had not done that before so I am pretty sure it was a glitch. I was wondering if anyone knew what caused it so I could hopefully not do it again if it is a player caused glitch. I took the fuel out and put it back in and it stopped eating it so fast.
  14. I got a good BP or rod (I cant remember which) from killing an alpha squid on official PVE, no cheating.
  15. If thats the island map theyre supposed to be a rare spawn.
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