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  1. New idea You know they should add to the roster of survival items? Ark version of a hopper like minecraft. An item that can be used to suck up loose items like gacha crystals, poop, owl pellets, etc. You could also link up the hopper to deposit said resourse to say vaults, fridges, grinders or garden plots. Havent you ever gotten a gacha and stated making resouces from it and find out that there were more crystal that disappeared because you were gone to long? Then the hopper is the solution. Cost: 500 metal ingots 30 wood 60 oil 80 polymer 25 electronic 50 black pearls Crafted in fabricator Let me know what you think about this. Also i know the gacha kinda already does that but they dont pick up the crystals.
  2. I hope when genesis is released it will include an update that fixes the current issues with the game. Them being the boss arenas not working. Eggs on SE RAG AB VAL and no wyverns. Other then that you guys at wildcard have done a fantastic job. Keep it up. I cant wait to see what you do next.
  3. It would still be balanced if everyone used them unless im wrong. Perhaps they should make a section of the game specifically for mek battles. But i would would still love to see it in the base game
  4. I know but i thought of these as practical use. Flamethrower: getting rid of plants for example. Yes most of these are destructive weapons but i love customizing. Having the same thing is boring to me. And come on who wouldnt want this even if its just for fun.
  5. Mek customization(update) This is an update from my last post on mek customization. Detatchable Augments: Flamethrower Cryopod launcher: stores cryopods and can be used to grab multiple dinos at once and at a faster pace. Handheld deflector shield: used to shoot back incoming fire back at your opponent. Sword or blaster to be put on both hands. Bare fists: used to grab a single animal. Anything smaller then a trike. And create stunning ground slams. New backpacks: M.J.E.M MEK Jump Enhancement Module Basically a jump jet. The jets that are currently on the mek only makes you hover. What if you needed to go up? When activated it creates a burst of thrust like the tek chestpiece. M.S.A.U MEK Sonic Alert Unit This was just an idea to use for like a raid or something to tell your enemy youre there. Like a war horn sorta. Completely random. When activated the backpack emits a very somber horn sound. M.A.D.I MEK Anti Detection Interface Stealth is also another means of attack. And implimenting this into the meks may be useful. Or could be used to get out of a dangerous situation. When active, weapons and sprint are deactivated and your movement is muffled. Modes: Two optional modes id like to see are turret mode and deactivation mode. Like the velonasaur the mek will strike anything that it detects but only if the blaster is equiped. Deactivation mode would be similar to when you make the golem go into rock form. Other updates id like to see is mainly the meks appearance. The military of the people in that time were super advanced youd think the mek would have a more human appearance and walk. The size is fine and its pattern design as well but its form and movement are a little janky to me. You did a great job with everything you do and i look forward to what you do next. But like a wise man once said. Just because something works doesnt mean it cant be improved. I hope some of these ideas will be implimented one day. Thank you wildcard for bringing us a spectacular game. Have a great day survivors. Side note: Id like to see a pilot suit skin.
  6. I also forgot about beaver dams but there could be other objects of similarity that arent spawning
  7. The game needs a debug before genesis. So i love ark. Its one of my favorite games. But im having some issues that are stopping me from progressing both with my creative and legit character. 1. Eggs and wyverns on SE AB Rag and valguero are not spawning in 2. All the boss tributes except the overseer and titans are not sending me to the arenas. If this could be fixed then we would be grateful. Other then that good job with everything else and looking forward to genesis. Ps. I like the atv as well i hope that will be fixed as well.
  8. New Items (Updated) List of items id like to see in ark Drone upgrades: Resources Scanner (For me its easy to miss resourses like obsidion especially at night) Combat Mode Weapons: Emp Grenade Dual Pistols Laser Cannon saddles Tek handheld laser gun Chain Spear (Like Scorpion) Misc: Torpedo/Missle Launcher Saddle w/ tracking War horn Tek Diving Pod Sirens Electric Fence Spider legs (faster climbing) Music Player (kind of a joke but at the same time not) Interchangable pieces on the Mek Hands Ark Transfer Portal (A faster way to transport to other arks.) In game item updates: ATV fix Dino Leash Code activation for tek generator and forcefield Manual Save Function New hairstyles and Beards: Elsa Bloodstone Evil Genius Elvis Helena Goatee For Story: more of a prediction than a desire. A cinematic interaction between Helena and Rockwell before the boss fight and after. Add to the level cap when defeated the alpha king titan by 5 to 10 points. Best i could come up with but things ive wanted in game. And i know some of these things are unrealisitic. But so are bloodstalkers and volcanic dinos. But id love to see at least a few of these in the game. Let me know what you think.
  9. List of items id like to see in ark Drone upgrades: Resources Scanner Combat Weapons: Dual Pistols Laser Cannon saddles Tek handheld laser gun Rope Spear Misc: War horn Tek Diving Pod Sirens Electric Fence Spider legs (faster climbing) Best i could come up with but things ive wanted in game. And i know some of these things are unrealisitic. But so are bloodstalkers and volcanic dinos. But id love to see at least a few of these in the game. Let me know what you think.
  10. Switching arks I just remembered something that i realized i want in single player of ark. I was playing in a group online when you go to an obelisk and can select which ark you want to go from there. I find annoying to have to exit the game, select my next ark and go through the long loading screen again. Can this please be a single player thing please.
  11. And what i mean by adding a new challenge with achievements is for those players who absolutley do not cheat it will make their victory in game feel more rewarding. If a guy went on hardcore mode, high difficulty dinos, low resourse respawn, ETC and beat the game, hes gonna want some kind of reward for it. Whether it be a announcement to the community or an achievement worth 500 gamerscore(I play XBOX) thats how i feel about video games. I want my struggle to be more rewarding. Now that i think about it, that tag line shoud have said rewarding instead of challenging.
  12. I get where some of you are comming from. You could cheat to get them making them worthless and if thats the case then wildcard should put a program in place that disables achievements when someone accesses the command insert like how bethesda disables achiements for modded fallout 4. But if they cant then i guess it was a good suggestion but kind of a mess in practice.
  13. A way to challenge ark players. Over the last couple of years ive play games because I like Getting achievements. But recently I shy away from ark because the Dlcs contain no new achievements. Like on scorched earth there should be one for beating the manticore or rockwell on Aberration. Or like say: "Beat the alpha king titan with each different titan or all of them in the arena." something like that. Yet nothing. So to all of those at studio wild card please make new achievements.
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