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  1. Not sure what the point is in doing this but im gonna try anyway lol So i was thinking about this a while back and why doesnt have use more items with wheels? Sure youve got the atv but that thing is broken beyond repair anyway and it really doesnt have a pupose if it did work properly. So heres my suggedtion for more advanced wheel items: Multicycle: The multicycle is an advanced vehical that adapts to its environment or simply different modes. A ocean move where you can ride on water fast like a jetski, terrain mode which is obviously the ground which cosumes gasoline, mo
  2. Say its on offical servers, the creatures by default are weak so i think to keep it UP every mutant will always start at level 1 it wont be like eggs where it will breed them at a random level, i would also make it so they would either do less damage then normal creatures or less defense. To put it simply theyll be nerfed but will have something special to do which will make people want to do it, besides wanting to play dino dress up. What that special thing is im not sure just yet, but ill come up with something. I can also see this could make certain holiday theme creature pointless bec
  3. Coding issue asside it still would be awesome and if your worried that making these hybrids will break the game then why not make it more restrictive by only allowing 5 hybrids be made per player. Im sure if wild card considered this they would find some balanced work around. I hope they see this and consider it.
  4. So i was reading the explorer notes on the island and helena theorizes that the animals were genetically modified for the environments and it got me thinking, why werent we given the oppertunity to play around with genetics? Im calling this idea "The Mutator" How this works is with a device like the taxidermy tool you can approach dead or tamed creatures and extract genetic material from them and take those samples to a machine that can be used to make eggs. What kind of eggs? Thats up to you. The samples can be used to make cross species animals for example: A polar bea
  5. So i watched the trailer for gen 2 and had a realization. Rockwell said he will control its destination and his will will spread across the cosmos. What if that destination is arat prime? I always assumed the arat prime facility was another place on earth but leaning into the space thing. What if arat prime is the planet that element came from and humans set out an outpost turned facility and they found something rockwell wants to exploit. Another possible theory is that helena, mei yin, diana and many others made it there too.
  6. Its installed but thanks for the tip. I'll check it out
  7. So i waited about a day installing the tlc3 update as well as the stuff for genesis part 2 and when i booted up a fresh character i saw there was nothing in my inventory. I have the genesis season pass but there is no noglin chibi and no hlna. Can someone please fix this? And if anyone else is having this issue on xbox please let me know
  8. New ideas Been a while since i last posted. Got some new ideas for items and stuff. Tek Laser Cannon(Stationary) Small Tek Fighter Ship Quad barrel rocket lancher Cryopod Platform Fishtank Buffet Counter (food crafting) Food Slicer Oven Glass Maker(converts sand into crystal) Resource tracker (scans a certain area for a specific resource) Tall Lampost Alternate Arrows: *Explosive *Acid *Flash *ETC Cryopod platform definition: The platform is connected to a cryofridge and you can land your creatures on i
  9. I appreciate your comment. Its only 6 months away now
  10. Genesis Part 2 So ive completed the genesis simulation and i was very suprised by the ending. Rockwell appear on the colony ship and takes away. These are my theories on what we could expect for part 2. Part 1: Where did Rockwell take us? Part 2: content for the dlc Part 3: what will happen after rockwell is defeated perminatly. I have 3 theories from most likely to least likely to start. My first theory is rockwell took us back to earth where the aberration ark landed after the arks were called back to earth. Second is because we were on a colony ship it takes
  11. I hope when genesis is released it will include an update that fixes the current issues with the game. Them being the boss arenas not working. Eggs on SE RAG AB VAL and no wyverns. Other then that you guys at wildcard have done a fantastic job. Keep it up. I cant wait to see what you do next.
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