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  1. Really? id appreciate that....but until i can get a better computer and programming experience that won't be for a while
  2. I think i've gotten over the top with ark So inspired by neketus i want to make my own ark map in the future and ive spent the last six months planning out content but i think i've gone too far 33 inspired creatures over 100 new items Half of them being TEK a bunch of cosmetic items 9 explorer not characters and a personalized DLC with more items (Also i know a dlc with in a dlc) Have i gone too far?
  3. Cygnus Falconeri is a prehistoric Swan ranging between 190 - 120 cm in length and weighs 16 kg with a wingspan of 3m. not much is known about this creature only that it went extinct before the rise of human activity and the cause was climate fluctuations or superior predators and is considered flightless but that doesn't have to be the case. Swans in many cultures are considered good omens, symbolizing love, romance and contentment and with that in mind these creatures could be valuable in terms of breeding. When paired with a mate they can increase breeding speed, incubation\gestation speed and can give a health boost to babies to keep them from dying and also add a balanced chance for mutations. If they are like modern day swans, they should be able to swim on water and gather a massive number of fish. according to diagrams I've seen it's a bit smaller than a human but i would like to see this creature as an actual flyer. I hope this idea is to your liking and i hope we can see it on fjordur I'm so excited. Cygnus falconeri - Wikipedia
  4. i don't know if they are doing some kind of update but for some reason my xbox tells me the dlcs are not installed and i check three times and they are. is it my account? My console or are there others dealing with this problem. can someone help me?
  5. i do agree the stryder should be cryopodable and why arent they? what exactly is the issue?
  6. In depth description of my motorcycle and revamped ATV idea: The mororcycle is a ground vehicle that can be forge in a fabricator and is a very fast and agile vehicle. On its own the motorcycle moves as fast as a sprinting gallimimus but with attachments you can increase its speed or abilities Attachments: Front: Spotlight Machine Gun Shield Accelerator Back: Grapple Launcher (Only real purpose is to stop yourself from falling off a cliff or knocking riders off their tames and bikes) Backseat Flag Storage Box Skins: Tek Bike Ghost Rider Tricks: Like the hover sail you can do tricks on the motorcycle. Tricks can be selected and favorited Front wheelie Back Wheelie T Pose Backflip Feet on the grips Handstand Controls: Hold Y: trick wheel Tap A: perform trick LS: Move LT: Use front attachment RT: Use Back Attachment As you know the Atv is probaby the most broken item in the game that they apparently cannot fix it wont sit still when your not using it and the only thing it can do is blare its horn which does nothing. I hope they decide to change it before ark 1 is done next year. Until then heres my take: Working headlights Louder horn A storage trunk Two exra seats and a third of a standing position to aim weapons Jump Jet (Launches car up slightly) Winch (Could be used to lock down large dinos without the use of chain bolas) Speed Booster (propells you forward) The ATV will be fueled by Gas and powered by Element Shards. Youll also be protected by an energy field that protects you from all forms of damage but its limted depending on the ranking of the car. Primitive taking about 500 points of damage before the field goes down and ascendant taking 10000 points. Thats all i can say....let me know your thoughts
  7. So i watched the trailer for gen 2 and had a realization. Rockwell said he will control its destination and his will will spread across the cosmos. What if that destination is arat prime? I always assumed the arat prime facility was another place on earth but leaning into the space thing. What if arat prime is the planet that element came from and humans set out an outpost turned facility and they found something rockwell wants to exploit. Another possible theory is that helena, mei yin, diana and many others made it there too.
  8. I hope when genesis is released it will include an update that fixes the current issues with the game. Them being the boss arenas not working. Eggs on SE RAG AB VAL and no wyverns. Other then that you guys at wildcard have done a fantastic job. Keep it up. I cant wait to see what you do next.
  9. I have an issue with taxidermy. Im make a museum on extinction but i cant get some dermis to appear and i think its because those are native to their maps like the island bosses, rockwell, nameless etc. Can you make it so all dermis works on all maps? Please
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