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  1. I appreciate your comment. Its only 6 months away now
  2. What genesis shouldve had Genesis part 1 introduced us to the idea of side missions to enhance our progress. The races were most fun to me. I love a good race. And it made me think why was there no car races? A while back they gave us the atv and genesis was the perfect oppertunity to make them useful because right now they arent. They wont even stay still when youre not in them. I really wish wildcard would fix the ATV so we can have fun with them. I even atempted to build a race track for the hell of it but the cars still buggy no pun intended. So please wildcard please fix the ATV.
  3. Genesis part 2 items So i had this thought when i was playing the gauntlet missions on genesis and how some of the weapons youre given have a fire effect and it made me think of something ark hasnt done yet. Augments!! Atrachments you add to weapons to make them more powerful. Like how the scopes or laser or silencer make them more effective. Augments would give the weapons more piwerdul by adding an effect to the payload. The augments i had in mind would be: Burning effect - more damage Shock effect - Paralyzes your target for a a few seconds Frost Effect - slows them down Poison effect Note: augments would be permanent and can not be removed. Only applies to the tek weapons excluding the grenade launcher and cruise missle. How to make: In an augmentation bench(new crafting structure) 5 black pearl 1 electronic 5 microchip (found on tek creatures. Very rare) 1 Absorbant substrate Tek weapons i want to see. Tek minigun Tek pistol Tek shotgun Tek compound bow or crossbow Tek galting gun Tek Vacuum Cannon (sucks up loose resouces. Very useful on aberration) Tek propulsion Gloves Tek Climbing Gloves Side note: Think they should add more shoulder pets into the game im kinda looking forward to a cat pet Anyway what are your thoughts on this and id love to hear your ideas and theories on genesis part 2.
  4. Moeder boss on genesis broken While i kinda feel im the reason for this issue. I cant get the moeder boss to work anymore. I activate the portal and it doesnt teleport me. I see the tags to kill the baby eels but as soon as i get close to them by ghosting through the mesh. They disappear and i cant kill the moeder. It just fails and i get nothing. I dont know what to do. Can someone fix this please?
  5. Specific admin commands So ive been having an issue with admin commands lately. I cant use gfi or giveitemnum. The text just vanishes like i never typed it. I use single player for creative free play not grinding. can this be fixed please? I love the game and have high hopes for it. I cant wait for genesis part two. Keep doing what you do best.
  6. New plants in the garden One of the things i like about ark is the gardening stuff. Being able to grow veggies to make those special rockwell recipes. But why does it have to be narrowed down to 4 veggies, berries and 3 big plants? There are bush berry seeds but you cant grow them. What about other veggies or big fruits to make even more recipes with the addition of new dlcs. And i know there are other items in primitive+ but thats been shut down and before that it didnt work. There should be some new things in the garden My list of recipes and ingredients: Fruit salad Filete minone (didnt know how to spell) Fish jerky Ice cream Cocao beans Regular beans Pineapples Watermelons Apples Banannas Fruit Punch Hot cocao Sugar cane Vanilla Red Wine Caeser Salad Lettuce or Cabbage Three bean salad Sugar Cubes Pizza Beats Wheat Garlic Peanuts Some of these recipe will have practical use. Like the wine could be a more expensive way but faster way of taming the chalacos or the equus with sugarcubes. The ice cream would be used in areas of extreme warmth but also decay faster in those areas. Same for the hot cocao. Also some of these ingredients are realisitic items to have in a survival situation. And i know some of these are a bit weird but hey arks a weird game just drink beer while looking at your bloodstalker and youll see. Let me know what you think and if theres some youd like to add write it down. Orher wise have a great day survivors.
  7. Genesis Part 2 So ive completed the genesis simulation and i was very suprised by the ending. Rockwell appear on the colony ship and takes away. These are my theories on what we could expect for part 2. Part 1: Where did Rockwell take us? Part 2: content for the dlc Part 3: what will happen after rockwell is defeated perminatly. I have 3 theories from most likely to least likely to start. My first theory is rockwell took us back to earth where the aberration ark landed after the arks were called back to earth. Second is because we were on a colony ship it takes place on some alien planet and rockwell hitched a ride. Third rockwell put us in his own simulator that he created to punish you for what happened in the og simulator. New content such as creatures, tools and weapons, etc. are hard to narrow down. But i assume there will corrupted humans where we are going because of the ship. Creature could be random, i was suprised by the ferox and bloodstalker. Because i couldnt come up with that in a million years. Some new equipment we'd see would most likely be space based. Such as shuttles, oxygen tanks, scanners, pressurized structures(or use the underwater tek) but we wont know for a while. What id like to see is a lot more animals more then extinction and genesis combined. If wildcard is putting more emphisis in story then i think its safe to assume there will be an alternate ending to genesis. One of them being the real ending where you aid helena in killing rockwell forever. The other being the bad ending where your insufferable urge for power makes you kill rockwell and helena and take over the entire ark and federation system, making you the new god. I'll bet that if in the good ending helena congratulates on accomplishing this might feat and just before the screen turns black or when it turns black your character will say: "Thank You" and you wake up on earth only to meet some unfamiliar faces. That being mei yin, diana and maybe even santiago, (Never really confirmed his death) living amongst the humans who migrated from the arks in a new rebuilt society. Those are my theories for part 2. Id really like to hear your thoughts and your own theories. Let me know what you think.
  8. Issue with missile launcher So another item i have issues with is the missle launcher. When i use it it takes damage when i fire it and damage after i hit something. How can it be taking damage when im 50 yards away from my target? Does anyone else have this problem. Let me know
  9. Primitive plus My thoughts on primitive pluss? I think they should get rid of it. But move a majority if its content to regular ark. Why you ask? Because the game is called ark survival evolved. The evolution of survival through building and hunting. In ark you start with stine tools and thatch structures, wooden cabins, stone houses and primitive firearms, metal structures and advanced firearms and irrigation, then jetpacks, jump pads, teleportation, laser guns and meks. What about the stuff in between? In primitive plus ive noticed items and resourses that would be realistic to survival such as tomatos, grapes, stone grills, lanterns, wheat, huts, etc. Those items would be perfect survival items to go into regular ark. Hell you can even make pizza and tobacco in primitive plus can you believe that? So why not in regular? Primitive plus need to intergrate with regular ark. I know ark has enough problems as it is and the merging would create more but in the end isnt that worth the risk. Dont you guys want this to happen? Let me know in the comments and cedric i know youre a busy man with genesis but id like to hear your expert opinion.
  10. New idea You know they should add to the roster of survival items? Ark version of a hopper like minecraft. An item that can be used to suck up loose items like gacha crystals, poop, owl pellets, etc. You could also link up the hopper to deposit said resourse to say vaults, fridges, grinders or garden plots. Havent you ever gotten a gacha and stated making resouces from it and find out that there were more crystal that disappeared because you were gone to long? Then the hopper is the solution. Cost: 500 metal ingots 30 wood 60 oil 80 polymer 25 electronic 50 black pearls Crafted in fabricator Let me know what you think about this. Also i know the gacha kinda already does that but they dont pick up the crystals.
  11. I hope when genesis is released it will include an update that fixes the current issues with the game. Them being the boss arenas not working. Eggs on SE RAG AB VAL and no wyverns. Other then that you guys at wildcard have done a fantastic job. Keep it up. I cant wait to see what you do next.
  12. It would still be balanced if everyone used them unless im wrong. Perhaps they should make a section of the game specifically for mek battles. But i would would still love to see it in the base game
  13. I know but i thought of these as practical use. Flamethrower: getting rid of plants for example. Yes most of these are destructive weapons but i love customizing. Having the same thing is boring to me. And come on who wouldnt want this even if its just for fun.
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