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  1. @Cedric I hope you already know, that fix wasn't really a fix, y? There are no more deinonychus or ice wyverns. There are normal raptors and fire wyverns instead. I've killed fire wyvern on ice dudes spot, and no others spawned anymore. I guess same goes for raptors, but its harder to test Is it going to be fixed any time soon? And one more question. Can your dev team launch anything without screwing something else up? ?
  2. I'd suggest to pick videos you are featuring better. Video with base locations/caves is totally non informative. "Let's see here, no idea what its gonna be", "Let's fly through textures" and other bs. Or ark ran so low on movie creators?
  3. Yeah, 4 years ago first players joined the game. Paid you to test your game, and stayed with you for all these years. And this birthday you gave them amazing present - deleting servers, they were playing all these years. Good job.
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