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  1. As a hardcore servers player, with lack of servers stability and so many disconnects out of the blue, which cause many deaths, I'd really appreciate some kind of spawn protection. So nothing aggroes on you for like 15-20 seconds after you log in, or till you move. Cus it's very frustrating after game decided to kick you off, seeing your tek survivor being killed while the game is still loading and you can't do literally anything to deal with it.
  2. @Cedric I hope you already know, that fix wasn't really a fix, y? There are no more deinonychus or ice wyverns. There are normal raptors and fire wyverns instead. I've killed fire wyvern on ice dudes spot, and no others spawned anymore. I guess same goes for raptors, but its harder to test Is it going to be fixed any time soon? And one more question. Can your dev team launch anything without screwing something else up?
  3. Btw, why this topic is not pinned? @Cedric
  4. If im not mistaken, last year one was on Halloween
  5. Reading all the offers to nerf caves and can't stop facepalming. "Decrease turret limit, enlarge entrances" etc... maybe just ask devs to put you a button "Wipe this base" right away? Caves are now just harder to raid, and it is still not impossible. Just need to come to it from a different perspective. But I see many ppl around has the only setup - parasers or gigas, and to go anywhere out of that meta - brain freeze. Impossible! Unraidable! Nerf! Nerf! Raiding shouldn't be easy at all in a first place. And shouldn't require 2 days of a game time to be able to wipe a base being built during several months in an hour. If you want an easy game - go to play tetris. Nerf is not a solution. There has to be a complex changes to motivate people to get out to the sunlight. It's not "cavemen" fault, that the game gave them the option to live there for years now.
  6. People went to caves because 1 - you gave them that option and 2 - it's easier to defend. The only way to make people go out of caves - make it possible to defend their bases. When attacking won't need only a stego and few C4s, but actually will need an effort. You know, it's very frustrating, when you are wasting hundreds of hours to build up, but then the game is limiting you on defences. To protect the on-land base, I need to defend 360° around it. And people will come from only 1 side. So why would I waste other +/- 75% of my defences for nothing, if I can go to the cave and put all 100% to the only place they can come for me? Won't even mention titans and some "amazing" dinos features. But either you do, I hope it will come out as an improvement, motivation to go out, and not as a nerf for the ones in caves already.
  7. I'd suggest to pick videos you are featuring better. Video with base locations/caves is totally non informative. "Let's see here, no idea what its gonna be", "Let's fly through textures" and other bs. Or ark ran so low on movie creators?
  8. Yeah, 4 years ago first players joined the game. Paid you to test your game, and stayed with you for all these years. And this birthday you gave them amazing present - deleting servers, they were playing all these years. Good job.
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