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  1. agreed with Zapha : You definitely need more ram. 16gb at least GPU is ok for medium to low range settings.
  2. Simply deal with the fact you just can't stack dinos inside each other... for example with 20 female rexes I achieved to stack 20 mutations on health and melee at same time in arround 3-4 weeks. Get enougth space->females placed in 2 rows->males on the middle of the 2 rows.
  3. if you are not talking about a cryopoded dino, maybe this will help : https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1333474229086117325/#c1741104717714907878 You also can restore your game to a previous state since the game do auto backup. It will rollback your game a bit far but at least you will get your stuf back. Personnaly, I never had problems with cryos so I would recommend you to use them instead of directly download your dino to avoid this kind of problem.
  4. troodons please ? last encounter there were like 10 on me...
  5. Hi ! Unless you have ridiculousy hight boost rate that make tamed dinos overkill against their wild counterpart, I don't see any reasons why your adventure will be ruined by keeping your dinos from ragnarok. Other maps still offer challenges, and personnaly I appreciate not being forced to grind everything again when changing map... and I wont be mistaken a lot by saying most people do same.
  6. Agreed with the above. I just did a massive mutation farming on bosses dinos : Always keep your lines for health and melee separated. It will be easier to track, and if you follow some basic rules your mutation stack count will increase only when you will have one new mutation. this video helped me to catch how to make things clean :
  7. Sure, rexes can match any bosses. I'm running for the island ascension on alpha, and yea... It's a real pain. 3 weeks of killing babies, hundred of thousands of ressources farming, leveling... but when it's all done, it defenitly worth.
  8. Did 2 attempt. The first one was with rexes and yuti. Rexes was imprinted but badly breeded, saddle was 67 points mastercraft and I got clapped by the dragon. The second time I took things seriouly. I went with theris. Breeded properly for hp and melee mutations, 248 asc saddle, 15 cakes on each one and it went smooth.
  9. Hi, It all depends on what boss difficulty you are targeting. Monkey is very easy, even in alpha. An army of imprinted rexes with 30k hp and arround 500-600 melee will be enougth with your saddle. You can use this army for gamma and probably beta broodmother but alpha is another story... If you want to stick on rexes, you will definetly need stats mutations for this one. They have to be very tanky. I'm preparing this boss fight solo with megatherium, but for now I'm farming mutations on them. They do insane damage with bug buff. Theri is very good for dragon, my army litteraly shr
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