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  1. Rn my current plan is 18 theris with 25k health and 800%+ melee, whatever I can level them to, I got a blueprint with 77 armor that's only apprentice, then a yuty, probably about 20k health and a decent saddle, then a daedon, I'll probably also get it to 20k health then stack the rest into food along with I'd say like 80 armor on a saddle can keep it alive, I'm on singleplayer so its not gonna be too hard to take it down if I just don't rush the preparations, also sweet veggie cakes, having like 2 for each would work. Plan will probably work but it's always good to try and get feedback to make sure I can beat it
  2. Nah, I managed to beat Gamma, using megalos. Then beta and alpha did not go well, I had dinopithicus with good helmets for beta, they did not last long, then tek stegos for alpha, they did not last long either
  3. Honsstly i dont think ill need ascendent saddles, im on singleplayer and I got this 77 armor blueprint that's a lot cheaper and I have good crafting skill
  4. So I'm playing through the island now (on ASE) and I'm trynna do alpha overseer and I'm not too worried about the broodmother and megapithicus, broodmother is a pushover with megatheriums and the megapithicus doesn't do very well against good hexes, but that leaves the alpha dragon, so what would I need to take down the alpha dragon, I'm talking like the stats of the creature I need, how much armor a saddle for them should have, and what else I'll need to bring Edit: I'm gonna give a little more clarity, I'm limited to whatevers on the island and my current plan is therizinos but I don't know the saddle armor I'll need and stats are helpful to know too
  5. Whatever spawns on lost island are my options
  6. So I'm doing my first lost island playthrough on a singleplayer character I'm running through 9 different maps and I'm trying to fight alpha dinopithicus king by the end of it but I've heard he's pretty tough, so what creatures can take him?
  7. Ark has quite a few upcoming creatures, but if you had to remove one which one would you remove?
  8. So theres a lot of creatures that can be used for bosses, from the more traditional rexes to the more obscure ones like it being possible to use megaloceros on the dragon (don't faq check me on this I don't know what I'm talking about), but what do you think is the best boss running creature?
  9. So ASA has been out for a little bit now and there's a lot of creatures that have not gotten a TLC that people have been wanting for a while, so what creature in ASA do you think should get a TLC the most?
  10. Extinctions always been a very interesting map to me for its concept and lore, and it’s also a pretty fun map with a lot of good tames for it, so what’s your best tame for extinction? me personally I’m going with Carch, those things can run a purple osd with only 2, and they’re just better than gigas for the map in general now.
  11. I never have enough time to dinowipe because the exact frame one starts to emerge, my game has an aneurism and crashes
  12. Alright, so I’m running s+, Dino storage v2, creature finder deluxe, upgrade station, and awesome spyglass for my mods, all mods that are more just quality of life. But the main culprit behind the crash is I’m running the game on a Lenovo Thinkpad, which is not meant to handle games at all. But removing them altogether really just gives me a shot at getting a reaper in the first place, and I don’t need venom for drakes because they take an hour to raise. Nameless so far have just been game-crashers for me, it gets pretty bad when my game crashes because I’m spawning in with no charge light so I only have a few seconds to react to get out of there in fly before my game crashes again. But otherwise this really helps with the problem I currently got.
  13. I’m on singleplayer so the drakes won’t need nameless venom to finish raising
  14. Alright so I’m doing my first aberration playthrough and about to get my first rock drake, but I have a very big issue on my hands. Whenever a nameless spawns my game crashes, there’s nothing I can really do to prevent it, except go into fly and get away from there. So is there a way to just stop nameless from spawning altogether?
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