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  1. I have an external hard drive where I keep a lot of games and only ark has been having this issue, the drive for the past about 6 months had stopped letting me access the external drive all it says when I try to open it is "D:\ is not accessible. The sephamore timeout period has expired." additionally around an hour ago i've uninstalled the game and it's currently reinstalling which I think could fix the issue, not fully sure though.
  2. I'm on steam and i've tried to start it up with nothing else running in the background and that didn't work, I checked my hard drive and it still has 450 gbs left
  3. Recently, My ark has not been starting whenever it tries to open it says "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.", this has never happened before and just starting happening.
  4. The main reason I dread the water is due to the fact that it has forsaken me too many times, i've lost an amazing rock drake to accidentally running into a few jellyfish, i've gotten close to losing my basilo to a mosa coming out of nowhere, i've been chased by about 7 mosas at once, I somehow even fell into a river in a valley on fjordur and lost a good moschops and all my loot to megs and jellyfish. and this somehow all took place over the span of a single playthrough, but i've been slowly increasing comfort across that playthrough as well, I tamed a high lvl basilo, I helped one of my tribemates tame a tuso, and I was also able to tame a mosa with that tuso, it was slow, but i've kinda managed to increase comfort going into the water.
  5. The ocean, a place I dread personally, but many may not and actually enjoy the hellish water molecules of the sea, so what is your best underwater creature?
  6. This is by far the best reply I’ve seen yet, honestly just reading it made me agree, I have around 1000 hours in the game and have barely used thylas, but reading this I’ll definitely be using on in my next playthrough.
  7. A note for this poll, I would recommend that for best overall should probally go off of a few things, keep in mind these are recommendations and you don't have to use them, or you could not use all of them, or you could add your own, my personal recommendations are how easy it is to tame (there can be a really good creature that is hard to tame which can lower how good it is overall), how early can you get it (a good creature that can work for every phase of the game early - late could be best overall), how much utility does it have? (combat, resources, caving, etc.), anyways, there are many creatures that are great all around, but out of arks many creatures, which one would you say is the best overall?
  8. I personally really like extinction theme and king titans theme, but aberrations main theme just hits different.
  9. There are many pieces of music for ark, from waking up on the island to king titans theme, what is your favorite ark ost?
  10. I like using rexes for my boss runs, all around good creatures that are easy to tame and provide good combat capability. outside of that a good magmasaur is vital for late-game resource runs. Gigas are great meat runners for breeding up an army, and on fjordur are a great choice to take down the mini-bosses. And deinonychus are good in terms of kibble, eggs provide extraordinary kibble, they don’t take too much space, and raise up rather quickly also when utilized correctly, can be used for boss runs with their bleed. wyverns are also pretty essential on most maps with their travel and combat skills.
  11. Taking it to the boss fighting and tek of the ark, late game is full of just doing whatever you really want, so what is your best late-game tame?
  12. Rock drakes are up there, especially when you mutate them, I’ve gotten a few with purplish feathers. I also really like the sight of a tamed direwolf, probably because I really like dogs. But overall I think tropical Crystal wyverns look amazing, especially at night when their wings glow, along with the cool colors they have already and overall cool looking tames
  13. I'd go with a wyvern (depends on the map) good travel mounts (can be utilized for metal runs with enough weight) great combat mounts (lightning wyverns are severely broken) and also it's literally a dragon.
  14. Following the poll I made yesterday, when expanding into mid-game you can manage to tame a whole plethora of unique creatures that were once much harder to tame, so whats your best mid-game tame?
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