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  1. I used to bluescreen a few times a day... ever since the winter wonderland patch I am blue screening 3-4 times per hour. If raptor claus is flying around it is almost a GUARANTEED blue screen, even if I am just chilling in my base killing babies (thanks ark).
  2. Before you talk poop maybe you should learn what math is...
  3. I feel like the mesopithecus has been neglected for too long. It needs an upgrade. It base weight stat should get an upgrade since the Jerboa's did. Also... maybe some unique actions like it automatically picks up your bag if you die with it on your shoulder. Since it already "yells" to alert you of something close, maybe it could get a buff like the para - but much shorter range and it only pings the creature one time. I just feel like the mesopithecus could be so cool if it was actually given the time.
  4. All in all great announcements. I would like to ask if the mesopithecus is going to get any love? Now that Jerboa's have higher weight then they do it kind of makes them obsolete. Please give the mesopithecus some love, it is a really awesome creature.
  5. Am i the only one that goes through my chibi's when I get a bunch of a certain species. No need to keep the poop brown or the baby poop green ones... keep the nice ones throw the rest away. No need to have 100 vaults of these things. No one thinks your cool if you have the most chibis...
  6. If your having hard time getting cooked prime meat I think you're the one to blame, not the people that make the game. I don't understand the bitching about prime meat jerky.
  7. Get a descent saddle, and you will be fine.. Most Red drops only damage me around 3k (fully imprinted to me, 120 saddle), but sometimes ark throws a doozy at you. The wyvern can do some dmg if you let them hit you with more then 1 breath, but FFS stay alert for those raptoring trikes - and do not let multiple gang Unicorn you. I remember taking around 20k dmage from 1 red drop. Both waves 4 and 5 were loaded with trikes and wyvs. I was rushed by 3-4 trikes and tossed UP into the air, and I couldn't reduce the dmg by jumping off because wyvern were on me as soon as I was close to
  8. Skins no longer appearing during respawn I took a break from the game right before Valguero dropped. I just recently started playing again. My problem is the extra skins that I earned by doing the trophys (zoologist, explorer) etc. do not show up on my character when I re-spawn. I used to re-spawn with almost every skin - like the werewolf hat, top hat, bunny ears, witch hat - ad many of them the dino version as well. WHat happened? I know this is not a game breaking issue but I really do miss my skins (some of them took a long time to get too). Please help!!! Any information or
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