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  1. You need to work this issue out with support via ticket: https://support.survivetheark.com
  2. You have missed the last vote, the Gigantoraptor won.
  3. Just remember 'confirmed' dates are far from 'confirmed', usually be safe to allow a few months.
  4. Scorched is probably the hardest environmental map there is (with aberration being hardest overall in my opinion). Everything is designed around extreme weather, water containers will empty as a result of heat. You get 3 major weather conditions, Heatwaves will cause you to lose water faster and get heatstroke. Electrical storms prevent the use of tek/cryos. Sandstorms will reduce visibility and drain stamina You also have to build from adobe/tek, stone and metal structures become ovens and will slowly kill you. You will need to build near a water source, either the central river or near a water well location. You can also get water from different dinos such as jugbugs or store water in a morellatop. You can also tame and carry a jerboa, they will give you warning of what storm is coming; Lightning Storm: The Jerboa will make a low toned growl-like sound while lowering its ears and wagging its tail. Sand Storm: The Jerboa will emit a high pitched chirping-like sound while it seems to bark at the sky. Heat Wave: The Jerboa will make a medium-toned growl while digging and pawing at the ground. Despite the map being rather unpopular, its quite enjoyable for a single biome.
  5. "Fish food" - Log in and found you been dragged into the water in PvE "Arked" - Do everything to the best of your ability but lose everything you have for no fault of your own. "In the dome" - Get your head popped by 10 aimbotters "The fast and the furious giga" - Get chased by a speedhacked giga
  6. You wont find anything until roughly September
  7. You character will be gone, you will have to create a new one and force join your tribe with admin commands. Maps will be available via a download list as with old legacy severs, you can then host your own game using the save, i cant see how consoles will do this since you cant access the game files so either wildcard will have to create some kind of workaround or we get to sit back and watch a giant poo storm when all console players find out you don't even get access to the save games anymore.
  8. and have that invalidate the refund policy so they are stuck with a worthless product they cant return.
  9. It sounds like ASA is a 'new' game and not a dlc so i would assume it is like buying any other game, you start fresh (excluding global anti cheat software like EAC which will affect your account and all games on it ) I personally hope they go hard on cheaters and make the punishment harsh.
  10. I would assume a full(ish) list of changes will be available before release but don't expect much until are close to confirmed release date. You are really reaching if you think this developer will ever stay in touch with its own playerbase, i completely agree with your post but i also have very little faith in the developer or publisher so we are likely to receive a slightly more polished yet bug ridden mess anywhere between august to november.
  11. It will essentially be the same as it now, you will join the saved ark and be have to force join your tribe to be able to access your stuff, then you will be able to continue how you left off. Other bases will just be empty bases and depending on your server settings they will either be there forever or decay over time, you can either enable pvp and 'raid' them, or do some admin to let yourself in.
  12. Do you mean like tribe or alliance chat that is in game already?
  13. If you sit and think for a moment, actually combating spam is difficult to solve, almost everything has a counter and in pve especially pillars are essential to stop all sorts of issues because you are unable to do anything if someone builds in your way.
  14. If price is the issue just think, asa with all dlc + ark 2 would have cost $90, now it likely to cost $120+ for the same products (this is assuming the unit price of a new game in 2-3 years is $60)
  15. Nobody knows, once again a product has been announced long before it is ready to show so all we have is the tiny little snippets of info
  16. I mean is a real negative response , however, shame i didnt hear it ~8 years ago.
  17. I wouldn't want to be the first person to break radio silence from wildcard, if we get a crunch Friday it will get ripped to shreds by the community.
  18. Probably worth mentioning that the save wont work with the 'new' version and support will stop for 'old' ark so unless you plan on playing the unsupported game version, the saves are just a little trophy of what is left of your stuff.
  19. But why bother? The game is over, nothing much worth doing now.
  20. I'm sure everyone has the complete poo storm by now but you may not have seen this So I don't know if this is an elaborate April fools, though seems like typical wildcard. You have until somewhere between Aug-Dec to play your official pve/pvp base then you need to shell out another 100+ to play the remaster for another year or two and lose everything you have ever done on this game. And I already know some will support this (likely people without large official bases) and also that you can run the map unofficial and single player but that isn't the point as most people I know play official because it like a feeling of accomplishment and success which unofficial takes away due to modding and admin commands. Either way it's a huge kick in the gut and although I'm hoping for a "Haha we fooled you", I'm not so sure. What about you guys?
  21. What has annoyed me most other than paying for the 'free' update, is the official server wipes!!!!!! Think they have finally killed the game.
  22. Really depends on what you plan on taming, my normal kit for server hops is; Food, water and medbrews A weapon (crossbow, longneck and shotgun with ammo and grapples) kibble for tame (or a podded ovis) Armor (ghillie for SE, flak for other maps) Few structures (some dino gate, maybe foundation and walls) A fast flyer, normally a PT. But this is situational, like for golems you will need a cannon and ammo, or ocean tames you want scuba etc. or you could just go the boring route and take a tek suit and ele dust but that isnt my style. As for traps, i think its a good idea to demo a trap when you are finished but most people leave 2x2 stone traps, dino gates and wooden spikes everywhere.
  23. Translated: Has probado una toallita de dinosaurio? cheat DestroyWildDinos
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