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  1. When you clone a dino you get the base dino as it was when raised, so no level or imprint bonus. An imprint bonus is a boost the dino get to stats when it is being raised, every 8 hours (depending on events) the person who claimed the dino can 'imprint' which usually involves, walking, feeding or cuddling it and will usually result in a boost to stats mainly health and melee (some dinos might vary) and a 30% reduction to incoming/outgoing damage when ridden by the 'imprinter'.
  2. If you are on steam, i don't think you can add content you already own. You would likely need a new account. What skins do you get? i cant think of any exclusive to the pass.
  3. I'm probably alone on this one but mine is Deinos, they are fun to ride, explore on and take on every boss with monster bleeds, they can climb, they are fast, breed quickly and the only thing that i don't like is the tail swiping me around the room when i get near it 😛
  4. Incubation Time - 1h 25m 42.446s Baby Time - 4h 37m 46.667s Juvenile Time - 18h 31m 6.667s Adolescent Time - 23h 8m 53.333s Total Maturation Time - 1d 22h 17m 46.667s Breeding Interval - 1d 12h - 4d
  5. you can transfer stuff from LI since it launched. And as far i remember you could never transfer flags or tributes.
  6. Looking forward to the 70+ bugs added, crashes, rollbacks fixes that they have promised. Should be nice playing a broken, unstable, glitchy, laggy, fixed game.
  7. The turret damage they do is poor, melee only matter if you are riding it. Personally i go for hp and stam if using them as turrets
  8. Passive, the dino has to be out for combat exp.
  9. Since it looks like you have a relatively small base, could you not just relocate to a quiet spot and not have to deal with this tribe or the lagg?
  10. oh and one thing i just thought of. I have older generation which have less melee on pop/imprint which i can level up fine, when levelled, there melee is higher (around 2100) than the ones i cant level
  11. I will check when i get on next but im sure its around 1900 with imprint I thought this but i have gigas with 253 in melee and level them up fine i think its something around 70 levels i put into melee after it was born with 253 and fully imprinted.
  12. Its a nice idea but on a public server you will struggle to enforce this. If you had a whole bunch of friends willing then it would be a nice idea but this is ark, trust nobody
  13. Has anyone had an issue with shadowmanes or has any ideas what to try. I cannot add any points to my melee stat, everything else is fine and levels up as expected. 20 in total i have tried, they all have levels available after a note run and are not capped. I've tried uploading/downloading. I tried to level them up on different maps. I tried different characters from the imprinter to a new created and also tried on 3 different accounts. i tried to knock it out and try again after it woke up. Can anyone think of something else to try? Got my army ready for some boss slaying but this is holding me up.
  14. Well it takes time. My current line im breeding is going very slow. I have 200 females which i breed roughly every day or two depending on mating timers, out of that 200 eggs i will get maybe 3 mutations and out of those 3 i find about only 1 egg of use to me per WEEK.. There is no way to speed it up other than more breeders but its becoming such a boring process now im in half mind to give it up. This is all on official servers.
  15. I breed scorpians daily and on official can confirm they are breeding fine.
  16. I bet you actually tried that bug that unlocks all engrams and gives you bunch of element by standing in the middle of your base and spamming 'J' didnt you?........ 😛
  17. Depending on its food, it will eat TONS to fill. Load it up on cooked meat and see what happens after an hour or two.
  18. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us
  19. Adults? Only thing i know will starve is gacha babies if you leave render and any other dino <adult without a trough or maewing
  20. You can transfer artifacts so go grab them from another server
  21. A single hive will produce 1x Giant Bee Honey every 45 minutes.
  22. Make sure you search for the server, it had maintenance yesterday so the IP may have changed and it wont appear on your favs
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