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  1. I wish updates were announced on a schedule, its always been '15 min warning' but that can be completely useless if you are busy doing something or in a boss.
  2. If something happens during transfer the 'new' system will rebuild your character so you don't lose it, however it doesn't rebuild your inventory, so all items will be lost. Think yourself lucky though, not that long ago if this was to happen you would be back to level 1 standing on a beach
  3. I hate to be that guy but you wont be compensated for lost tames. Wildcard do not replace tames unless they are lost due to a game glitch (like anti mesh) and even then you need evidence. Boss fights are high risk, if you die or lost connection at any point then you lose everything, we have all been there so this will have to be a learning experience for you.
  4. I just checked my LI base on official and seems fine.
  5. There is no official P2W with some exceptions. Non official servers can have all sorts of mods, kits and currency which you can buy from there websites. Some servers can put you back hundreds to buy all sorts of things. RMT is very popular on official servers with all sorts of top dinos and building materials for sale, its against the TOS but without any enforcement its very low risk so therefore very popular. You could argue that the DLC expansions give advantage but most useful dinos are available in most maps now.
  6. When you select a group (numpad on PC) the group will be displayed on the screen above the action bar and the green chevrons will be above any dino in that group. Then only that group will heed your whistles. So for example, if your DPS group is selected and you whistle move to, all dinos with the green chevron should all run and the other will stay put. Dinos will still obey previous commands if you switch group, so if you had 'follow all' then switched to another group, the previous would still be following you, but now ignore anything else you command until you switch back to them. First things i would try: Make sure the correct dinos are in the correct group, its easy to mess that up. Make sure you are selecting the correct group If any dino has a yellow chevron, it is on 'ignore group whistles'.
  7. This problem isn't as bad as it once was. A time ago if you was to transfer a character and anything went wrong, the destination server crashed or a rollback happened then you would lose it so it really was 50/50 chance. Now wildcard has implemented a system that if such event happens, you character will be rebuilt with backup data, meaning you will recover your character BUT your inventory will be empty and i would put your odds in the 90 percentile of success. The system isn't foolproof and things can still go wrong, but don't let that stop you. Personally i have lost a character a few years ago and i do lose my inventory a few times but i also transfer servers several times a day. If you really want 0 risk then i would create a new character on the server you want instead.
  8. If they are keeping you alive by making it so you don't starve then you can be there for a long time. A lot of people start new, or you can try logging in at stupid o'clock time and punching the wall to try and kill yourself or stay online long enough to starve. Edit: Misread, thought someone trapped you.
  9. Starve bug are usually caused by render. I lost a few dinos raising on the weekend even though some in the same place still had full food and health so who knows. Randomly losing dinos happens a lot, this isn't a fact but I think it has a connection to maewings. The baby uses the maewings to feed as babies, you leave render (therefore putting the dinos in stasis) they should use the trough from juvenile but if the maewing runs out of food and render it back in, the game must calculate that the maewing is out of food whilst the baby was eating therefore the baby is starving and then calculates the time you've been gone to see if the dinos health would have ran out. That also explains why some dinos will be full food and some dead, game must just run through all your babies one by one and asign the food usage, if there isn't enough food to go round then the last few will die. Again, I may be talking nonsense but it's worth a thought.
  10. im trying to find a 450 or 500 on official, if anyone here can hook me up i would really appreciate it.
  11. Looks like ~18 hours it been down. All you can do is have as many people submit report as you can. My Gen server was recently down for 5+days.
  12. I don't think you can level dinos with babies since you cant kill them, you can level them up quite quick with a note run though. You could try splash xp by killing it near the dino you want to level, but i doubt it will be very effective.
  13. Can i add that even though i agree with removing them from the tribe, you will technically own all the there base including the contents leaving them with nothing. You may want to at least give them any personal stuff and tames back, but that's up to you.
  14. I was looking into this a little just to see what is out there (as a disclaimer, i browsed online only, i have not purchased or used any cheat) and some of the cheats are crazy, one in particular removed all textures so the world was wireframe with every enemy highlighted, nothing is hidden. The aimbots can be changed to hit certain body areas, there are speedhacks, all sorts of things. Honestly, to stop these on live servers would be a very big job and i don't think wildcard will be willing to spend the resources on it unfortunately especially whilst developing the next installment which im sure we will see in a few years.
  15. Personally i would like more things that make a survival decisions more important and make you think if doing something or going to a part of the map is worth the risk, like fire causing burns, snow causing frostbite, wounds causing infections accelerated by swamps etc. But i know most people will hate this aspect.
  16. True, but wildcard allow it. INI editing is ridiculous, being able to completely remove leaves/bushes, make water completely clear, remove any torpidity/plant effects, make night/caves into daytime and all the other 'tweaks' is just terrible practice from a developer. Even gamma removes the needs for any lights or torches and makes the night no threat at all.
  17. Ovis for hide? Do they not produce pelt instead of hide.
  18. Anyone remember trying to raise/imprint a giga before cryos?....
  19. They have to be in render, so you need to be online and in base. Also make sure the gacha has a load of fiber in the inventory so it doesn't eat the paste, and remember snail only eat veggie cakes.
  20. For dragon you don't want rex's but either theri's or deinos (in my opinion), but I've done every boss with rex HP at 50k and everything else in melee, if your melee is too low, your dinos will take more damage due to the length of the fight so you need a good balance. For example, if you have capped saddles you can drop the HP a bit and increase melee. If you saddles are <90 a little extra HP wouldn't hurt. If you are using god rex's (anything born with >30k hp and 1.2k melee) then to be honest, they are very capable and most fights
  21. It is designed to slow the game down, that is why only now are we seeing 254 point stats on official, if breeding rates are always high then dinos would be a max point values years ago, so, to prolong the game it makes sense to slow this down. From waiting a couple of mins for something to 'breed', then incubate/gestate, then raise to adult can take anything from maybe a couple of days to a couple of weeks, if this was all done in a day, despite my disapproval of timers, i think i would be bored a long time ago.
  22. It's much easier now with maewings and tek troughs but it is a long boring process, waiting 2 weeks for a giga seeing how it can be gone so easily is just silly. That is why myselfand many others only do most breeding on events and evo's. What i hate even more is the breeding timer, have to wait up to 2 days to breed something im trying to mutate is so annoying.
  23. Not really, if you dont see them do it. If it's a tribe member then you really need to get some discipline in your tribe, otherwise, make sure you turn mating off.
  24. My gen server was down for 5 days before it came back up yesterday, other than reporting it, you can do nothing but wait. https://t.co/SwSqc0jcDN
  25. GenOne 650 has been down since 24th April... so roughly 5 days at time of post.
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