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  1. Wandering also 'enables mating' on all dinos. If you want paste your options are; - Space cages so they are out of mating range - Spay them I have around 30 caged snails, i just let them breed, doesn't really make any difference to have a few dead snail around.
  2. Hallo Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Server verfügbar ist, indem Sie die Website Battlemetrics.com aufrufen
  3. Make sure you dont have a group selected (numpad 0). whistles working fine on steam build.
  4. You are welcome, and another note. If you transfer to a server with a character already on it, you will replace it. So be careful.
  5. It's per character. Ascension/imprints are linked to that survivor only, if you make another one, you start from the beginning.
  6. It's funny that PvE players say the exact opposite.
  7. #206 is he ID for green dye and #3 is the ID for green. They are both hex#00ff00 so identical. Not sure why it displays different, but they are the same.
  8. Can happen when teleporting, especially if you ride a dino. No, there really isn't any point, they won't give you anything.
  9. Launch and try the presets, then tweak to your requirements.
  10. It's a performance issue. The same reason holiday event assets are removed after an event. The game limitations are stretched already, the more assets to load/save the worse the already terrible servers will perform.
  11. Unfortunately they are gone. Many people, including myself, have had this and wildcard support will just give you a big middle finger if you ask for help. There is always a risk with transfers. Personally i have more luck using upload to move stuff but its much slower and not completely safe.
  12. It's up. Looks like it hasn't gone down in a long time. If it doesn't appear in your favs try searching the server name instead
  13. I'm not sure what to think about this issue as it probably isn't against the rules but is very annoying. In my server box tribes have built turret towers all over the map, usually around 3 Tek turrets on a pillar and a teleport at the bottom. They are everywhere, my assumption is; it's for missions and seeing as the mission dinos move to different locations it provides help at all spots and helps shoot the mission dinos? Is this common on most servers? Is it just how the game is played now or is it considered 'bad practice'.
  14. I'm such an idiot. Looks like in my haste I dumped everything into the transmitter. Seems easy to do though as the rider position is right above it. Thanks for the replies.
  15. Anyone encountered a bug where the stryder inventory appears empty even though there is items there? I dumped my inventory on my stryder for 'safe' keeping while i attacked something, the weight shows the stuff there but the inventory in empty, it's actually encumbered and cant move, im trying to whip it home so i can try to figure out how to fix this issue.
  16. Cave building is in most cases always blocked in PvE
  17. Nothing will change, as gen2 dies off servers will get better but for now, crashing ever hour, 255 and no wild dinos seems to be normal. Really fun... Also asian servers wont help, The join EU/NA servers because this game is a job, selling top stat dinos, materials and structures for real money will always be a thing and this is the biggest market for them.
  18. Anything <stone can be destroyed by wild dinos. A single foundation will decay in 12 hours and occasionally resource nodes can 'anti-mesh destroy' small structures like gates. What does it the log say happened?
  19. A lot on my servers say they dont get any and i've yet to get any but with such mixed reports, who knows. Ill stick to my air cons after checking if i want the egg first.
  20. They seem to report taking a lot of action against cheaters, i cant find the post but if it true, then it would could be much worse. I think someone needs to go back the board and come up with effective solutions to this problem because as you have said, online pvp is beyond playable. Unless the answer to the problem was, ark 2?
  21. Most of us has heard about the new map coming soon™ I was wondering others views as personally i would love it to be a 'primitive' map up to metal tier but without any tek, including 'tek creatures' (manas, space things etc) just a proper ark original dino map. I love the convenience of tek, but i would love to go back to a dinosaur game, not sci-fi space shooter, which is impossible to play on official now. I don't know if i'm alone on this thought, but does anyone else share this view?
  22. I've tried both high and low levels and didnt see much difference other than QoL. Higher level may carry more before slot cap, of have slightly longer between charging but yield is about the same
  23. 920 is down so often, rollbacks and bugged skiffs all over.. No chance in getting anything done as you don't know when its going to crash.
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