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  1. I'm playing it on a 3060 and 4070 and both cards are running well at the moment. I'm in no way defending the game because i feel a lot can be done but it is definitely playable for me
  2. 😧No way, it was all written from the ground up.. remember....... oh
  3. Very common in PVP, if it isn't RMT then it will be an in-game 'rent' , likely element or polymer. PVP in ARK is all about the biggest tribe wins. I know small tribe severs are designed to combat this but unfortunately the playbase exploits everything possible.
  4. I think i've lost about 5 this way now, they would fall through the floor into the void so i placed them on a foundation, same problem, so i then tried a raised ceiling, same. I think its just a coding problem, when the area isnt rendered they opt to explore the vastness of the void, sometimes they can be tracked below the floor, other times they venture too far and get consumed by darkness, never to be seen again.
  5. It seem sarcasm doesn't carry well online 😛 I know that wasn't a viable option
  6. To be fair most game breaking bug need a good few years before they are looked into. There is an easy fix that works on official servers, it only requires a small amount of farming though. A level 400 Oviraptor has 9000 Unreal-units, thats about 30 foundations so when we use this knowledge the answer is simple. Requirements; 900 foundations 900 ceilings 3600 walls Now you simply find a large area to build a 30x30x30 box and make sure you hatch your eggs in the very center of the floor foundation. You are welcome!
  7. Is this an official wildcard server or a rented nitrado server?
  8. \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK Survival Ascended\ShooterGame\Saved\MyPaintings Edit: Sorry didnt see you want microsoft version. Did you try \AppData\Local\Packages\StudioWild.<random numbers>\LocalState\Saved\MyPaintings\
  9. Really? Thats surprising, battle eye doesn't seem to have much use for anything.
  10. Consider also, tribes on your server will hate you for it. It could also be 'game blocking' in the CoC but in the time it take a GM to get to the server if even reported it wont matter.
  11. Platform saddles have always taken tame slots, each one cost 19.
  12. Even if you download it as a package with free ESP, aimbot and speedhack, you will be fine, from my experience, nobody rarely gets banned for anything in this game. They even had a built in console to remove all meshes and various other things until recently.
  13. I'm pretty sure wildcard calculate the employee Christmas bonus by how many people they can pi** off at any given patch.
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