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  1. You need the tekgram to open it or build it so no you wont be able to use it
  2. You can build relationships with people in game offering help, trading, over time you will meet good people but lot more bad. Sometimes you can find visiting a neighbor near to your base can start friendships. But remember ark is a relatively toxic game so don't trust anyone unless you know them well.
  3. Confirmed same bug. My base is surrounded by it and I can't even safely leave the base without risk as already lost some of my best dinos. Needs to be fixed asap!
  4. The only things I find important is plantx traps are great for base defence for both pve and pvp and you should have them pretty much every base. Bear traps for taming is useful if you don't have a pre-built trap ready and want to have a little time to gate around a dino you are trying to tame. Especially for crystal wyverns , karkinos and gigas I find them very useful. As for the rest, they feel a bit gimicky to me and probably have specific uses but I've been playing a long time and never used them much for anything.
  5. post more, answer questions , add to discussions. I dont think it takes long but does use post count.
  6. So doesn't this mean that TE is essentially not important if you are breeding the dino because baby will get 100% anyway? Maybe I've misunderstood your post.
  7. If you wanted the movie to be accurate you would have to have super dark night scenes, excessive bloom and rig the projector in the theatre to pause and skip randomly so you have to waiting 15mins to continue the movie.
  8. As far as i know, if someone can get to your walls then you are gonna likely lose stuff no matter how many layers you have
  9. To be fair I've had a good scout about under the floating islands and shallow rivers around the map and there isn't much at all unfortunately.
  10. Did you transfer to the server and have not downloaded your char yet? Or you already alive on the server
  11. Pvp is very toxic, really it's be in an alpha tribe or don't bother. If your solo it just isn't really worth it on official. There are some good unofficial communities but you may be searching for a while.
  12. You must know the routine by now. They announce the evo after the evo started if it's actually on. That way you can be assured egg timers and maturation alarms are missed....
  13. You can place a foundation under the ceiling if close enough to ground and snap another foundation to that one but as for connecting a foundation to a ceiling it has to be the other way around.
  14. thanks, been waiting to get on because have babies out so imprints will be missed then.. wish we had some heads up when they just change things all the time .
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