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  1. My current breeding farm has about 50 level 1 females (so I need all best stats on babies to keep them) and my current clean male, I'm getting a single mutation approx every 40 or so babies... It's very low at the moment but I guess I'm unlucky with RNG
  2. Then stop playing. They wont replace your stuff and bugs are part of the game. Every long time player has lost stuff due to stupid bug that shouldn't exist. It isn't going to change
  3. Ark update tips. You have ~15 mins to get home Cryo all babies Make sure you have food and water then lay in a bed. Log out before you are kicked out (5 min before shutdown) Don't transfer Then you may be ok, but usually an ark update requires a hotfix or 2 to fix what they broke. You wont get any lost items/uploads/tames back.
  4. Server rates are 2.5x (harvest, taming, experience) and are not be affected by Evolution Events. They also have 2x maturation, 2x egg hatching, 2x gestation and 50% reduced mating interval
  5. If you plan on playing PvE then you can sometimes find new people in game, its worth trying to start up conversation with people or ask if anyone is new and wants to play with you. PvE is more forgiving to new players and in a lot of servers you will find help to get you started. Just don't go asking for free stuff or you will probably get negative response. Most tribes may not invite you in until you build up some kind of relationship because its high risk inviting a new person in your tribe. If you want to play PvP i would recommend you dont even bother right now if you are new. PvP is
  6. Give Arkpoc a try, you wont find mad mutations or well established tribes. The difficulty curve is much lower than official pvp.
  7. What are you even asking here?
  8. On officials i think anything goes. If devs wont help, C4 and rockets will.
  9. Current rates are; TamingSpeedMultiplier=1.0 HarvestAmountMultiplier=1.0 XPMultiplier=2.0 MatingIntervalMultiplier=1.0 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=1.0 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=1.0 BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=1.0 BabyImprintAmountMultiplier=1.0 HexagonRewardMultiplier=1.0
  10. That's very broad question in pve because you can build almost any base you want in mostly any place. What do you plan on building? Big large base would be easier on a flat plain but with pillars it doesn't really matter much. I personally wouldnt build my main on extinction just because I've had poor server performance, these servers seem to be pillared like crazy and have bad community. I've noticed island servers seem to have a lot of box tribes and suffer performance issues especially on events, though they are a nice place to build. I personally dislike scorched, just not
  11. I hope you have the problem resolved, however, wildcard do not support legacy servers.
  12. I have a large round base that is made by 'meshing' a ton of foundations together, made it a few years back and im still here so i wouldn't worry.
  13. During events server performance understandable is reduced. Breeding has the highest server impact so to aid stability i was thinking about a few things; Reduced tame limit All current tames remain out to prevent loss (so tribe tame could essentially be 500/200 if limit was reduced to 200) but cannot uncryo or hatch until under the limit again much how the limit currently works only a lower value. Egg incubation limit Limit the number of eggs allowed to be incubating ((eggs + gestation) < 20 for example), a lower limit wouldn't effect the vast majority of players but would pr
  14. I think after this last event 3x for extended periods may be all the official servers can handle. they should implement reduced tame limit (to limit babies) and a egg limit which limits how many egg can incubate at once, most player wont ever need more than 20 and it would only effect huge box tribes that throw out hundreds at a time.
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