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  1. You cant move a platform, if they have already placed it then i think little can be done other than decay timer in PVE. If it is a problem you really may have to move and make sure you pillar around your area to prevent them doing it again. If this tribe is threatening you, it might be worth trying a ticket, but have some screenshots of chat, and the buildings to back it up, then maybe you my get help. Support is a little terrible so dont expect much, worth a shot though.
  2. You was more than likely reported by another player. Having a base in the mesh/rat hole should have rang some alarm bells in your head. I know you said it isn't a mesh spot, but, if you have to use a tame to get to it then it feels a little broken and these often gets patched. It may have been a bit harsh by the GM who was on your case but as said already, its is probably down to there own discretion and if it looked like using the map 'unintended' then they probably just swung the ban hammer at you.
  3. If you are on Steam I would try file verify first. Also disable any mods. As far as I'm aware, this is the core game loading so it may be a hdd or memory issue.
  4. This has been a griefing method for a long time, although I find the dodo drop more annoying. The issue you have is the wait time, on average a meeting can take months and a lot of tribes know this, also seeing as account are cheap to make the risk is very low. They can move the Dino's in a few weeks or just wait for a Dev wipe which is useless on an alternative account as they can just do it again. It's not usually common unless you have a reason though, land dispute, loot arguement etc.. so you need to try resolving the issue with the tribe first. If it's just a toxic clan th
  5. Did they not say it was only available during actual new year? I think its hardcoded to only trigger once and now the winter patch has ended i think you likely missed it. I cannot confirm this however.
  6. No, if this was the case 90% of tribes would be 'banned'. If you was to foundation all around there base and drop a dozen brontos on the building then you may hear from a admin in about 3 months. I wouldn't worry about it
  7. Best at what? Some example would be Stone = Doedi Metal = Anky, magmasaur Wood = mammoth, beaver Bosses = rex, theri rhino, deino... Depends on what you are looking for. Wild tek dinos can be higher level and x dinos are tougher but once tamed they are all the same, its just a skin.
  8. Most caves still have 6x. If your looking on official then it doesn't really matter where you build. The big tribes will find you.
  9. In my server almost every charge node and gas vein is box tribed off... Have to transfer gas and dust in from other servers.
  10. All I've noticed is after around 15 crystals you have to change gacha as they stop producing
  11. You can go up to the surface on a long night cycle so you have more time but its a bit of pain, especially if you are on foot. Without a transmitter i find ab a pain. Depends on your goal, do you really need you tames? remember you cant use tames like, rex, giga and theri anyway.
  12. Was it still level 2250 when you threw it back out?
  13. Probably nobody here will help you with a buggy unofficial server.
  14. You may also want to include; - Level crafting to 150% and the remaining points into weight for best resource production, any more produce more items than resources. - 'Crafted' items give best results so a lot of people use stone pipes or plant y instead of stone. - You can overfill them by thousands of weight by dropping the food (stone etc.) on the floor for them to pick up so they can be left for longer. I would disagree with food leveling as you can give them anything and it will feed them, personally i leave snails near and they eat the paste which keep them alive forever.
  15. Remember they also take extra damage when cryosick
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